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Page 2, Viewpointe                                                 September 2020

      A Short History from page 1                           Upkeeping of the special carpet-like, hybrid grass that   present a feeling of openness that beckons visitors to
                                                         covers the median and both sides of Powerline Road  want to see more. Likewise, the well-groomed streets and
          One village has two pools                         Supervising access control to the villages     houses surrounding the club make the country club more
          Three villages have clubhouses                    Supervising gatehouse operations               inviting as well. A symbiosis exists between the two, and
          Two villages have their own tennis courts         Supervising roving patrols                     both organizations strive to maintain it.
          The oldest and first village is Caravelle         Publishing the ViewPointe newspaper               Here we are almost 40 years later. From a large bean
          The youngest village is Pointe 100                Updating and supporting the Boca Pointe website  farm and acres of Florida forest primeval, we have Boca
          The estimated population of BP (no census has been      Conducting all the business that accrues to a 29 village   Pointe, a vibrant, active community with amenities that
       taken) is about 9,000 in 4,139 living units.      association.                                      catch the eye of all who traverse Powerline Road. The
          The two  Assisted Living communities add an       It is not uncommon in Florida for a developer to   working residents among us look forward to coming home
       additional 921 living units                       fail…bankrupt before the completion of its planned   to the quiet greenery of Boca Pointe.
          Governing these 29 villages, two assisted living   construction. One such incident occurred in the area      Our seasonal owners leave remorsefully and return
       communities,  commercial  entities,  and  other  facilities   where Costa del Sol and Costa Brava now stand. Original   with enthusiasm. Those of us who are fortunate enough
       is the BPCA (Boca Pointe Community Association). Its   plans called for a nine- hole golf course to be built and   to enjoy a year-long residency very much appreciate
       authority to do so is contained in its Declaration, articles   a six-story high-rise condo building, with boat slips on   the lifestyle and amenities that Boca Pointe offers. To
       of incorporation, and bylaws. A 15 member Board of   the Hillsboro canal for residents who were interested in   that end, the unsung heroes, past and present, are the
       Directors is chosen by the presidents of the village   boating. The high rise was actually partially completed   volunteer boards and committees of the villages and
       associations. The board hires a management company,   but was torn down by the developer that followed. Today,   master association who have kept the community moving
       whose personnel include the COO (Chief Operating   285 living units occupy that space.              forward. We thank them for their services and wish them
       Officer) of Boca Pointe. Each resident pays maintenance      It is pretty much agreed that the presence of the   success in their future deliberations and actions.
       fees to its village association, which in turn pays a certain   country club, The Club at Boca Pointe, adds to the overall
       amount to the BPCA to perform its duties as the master   attractiveness of BP. Its lush greens, fairways, and lakes      Harold Katz R.Ph., Edgewater Estates 
       association. It’s budget for the year $5.476 million.
          Duties of the BPCA include:
          Maintaining the landscape that is not owned by the
          Maintaining approximately 2.7 miles of roads and
       walking paths
          Upkeeping of the medians along 18th St.

                   All Residents!

             Please keep garage doors

             closed. Your security begins
             at home!

        Lease Renewals

          Renters- If you plan to renew your lease at Boca
       Pointe, please provide the BPCA Management office
       a copy of your renewal lease and vehicle registration
       prior to your lease expiration date. Both items are
       needed to ensure that your transponder does not
       get deactivated when the lease ends. Please email to
          Thank you! 

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