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VOL. 22  NO. 10                                                                          OCTOBER 2020

      Historic Number Of Military Jets To Fill Skies

      On Veterans Day Weekend At The Stuart Air Show

         The Stuart Air Show is                          Demo Team, F-16 “Viper” Demo Team, F-22 “Raptor”   and Jerad LaRue. The “Race the Runway 5K” is back
      back in 2020 to highlight                          Demo Team, and F-35 “Lightning II” Demo Team.     by popular demand, allowing runners the chance to race
      performances from more                                Not all the excitement will be exclusively in the   through Martin County Airport in the hours before the
      elite  military  fighter  jets                     air! Stuart Air Show patrons will get to experience an   show on Sunday, Nov. 8. Runners will watch the sunrise
      than ever before.  This                            incredible Freestyle Motocross (FMX) show, which will   over the show’s aircraft in this special experience.
      beloved regional event was                         include a motorcycle jumping over a moving aircraft.      “The Masessa family looks forward to being able to
      sidelined last year by heavy                       There will be three FMX shows each day: two on the   memorialize him at this special event,” says Jeff Masessa,
      flooding, which was preceded by the tragic pre-show crash   crowd’s side of the air field and one on the tarmac. The   Dr. Masessa’s brother. “Stuart will always be home to Joe;
      of Dr. Joseph Masessa. The Stuart Air Show is returning to   three FMX performers will be Cody Elkins, TJ Tiffany,   it’s his final resting place.”
      the skies Nov. 7 and 8.
         This  year,  in  addition  to                                                                     Stuart Air Show on page 2
      assembling rare aerial military
      performers, we will be honoring
      the memory of  air show                                                                               Mary’s Home
      performer, Dr. Joseph Masessa,
      who passed away when his
      plane crashed at Witham Field                                                                         Grateful For
      hours before the 2019 show was
      set to start.
         The show’s featured fighter                                                                        Inclusion In
      jets are air combat aircraft that
      have not performed at the same
      event in the United States for                                                                        Baby Shower
      the last eight years, making this
      year’s lineup truly something
      special. In addition to the U.S.                                                                      By Jackie Holfelder
      Air Force Heritage Flight                                                                                Mary’s Home is delighted to be one of the fortunate
      and USASOC Black Daggers                                                                              honorees in The Treasure Coast’s Largest Baby Shower,
      Parachute Team, spectators will                                                                       currently being presented by the Pathfinder Financial
      enjoy the A-10 “Thunderbolt II”                                                                       Group of Thrivent Financial.
      Harbour Ridge Yacht

      & Country Club Recognized

      For Environmental Excellence

         Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club is pleased to   integral part of their operating principles long before it
      announce that Audubon International is recognizing them   became an accepted option. Their leadership has already
      for 20 years of certification as an Audubon International   brought many benefits to their community over the past
      Cooperative Sanctuary through its commitment to    20 years and will continue to do so long into the future.”
      environmental  stewardship  and  efforts  to  maintain  a      To reach certification in the Audubon Cooperative
      comprehensive environmental management program     Sanctuary Program (ACSP) for golf courses, a course must
      focused  on  wildlife  and  habitat  management,  water   maintain a high degree of environmental quality in several   Brianna Cruz with Brody, Rosie and Wesley making
      conservation,  resource  management,  and  outreach  and   areas  including:  environmental  planning,  wildlife  and   donations to the baby shower.
      education.                                         habitat management, outreach and education, chemical
         “We’re  very  proud  to  count  Harbour  Ridge Yacht   use reduction and safety, water conservation, and water      Mary’s Home, Elev8hope, Helping People Succeed,
      &  Country  Club  among  our  members,”  said  Christine   quality management. After designation, courses must go   and CareNet Pregnancy Services of The Treasure Coast
      Kane,  CEO  at Audubon  International.  “They  made   through a recertification process every three years.  are being recognized by the principals of Pathfinder
      environmentally sustainable golf course management an      Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club is one of 868   Financial for the services they provide to expectant
                                                                                 courses  in the  world  to be   and current mothers in the community. Between them,
                                                                                 designated as a certified   these agencies help mothers celebrate the birth of their
                                                                                 ACSP golf course. Through   children with dignity and joy.
                                                                                 participation in the ACSP      The goal of Mary’s Home is to provide all pregnant,
                                                                                 for  golf,  Harbour  Ridge   homeless women with support and guidance so they
                                                                                 Yacht & Country Club has   can become self-sufficient and make good choices for
                                                                                 been involved in numerous   themselves and their children.

                                                                                 Harbour Ridge Recognized   Mary’s Home Grateful on page 2
                                                                                 on page 3
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