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VOL. 28 NO. 12                                                                         DECEMBER 2020

      Chairman’s Corner                                                                                     From The

      By Barry J. Haberman,                                 2020 was a beyond stressful year for many of us, especially
      BPCA Chair and President                           due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Let us take the next few weeks   Manager
                                                         to relax, reflect, catch our breaths and prepare for whatever
      Holiday                                            challenges face us in 2021.During this holiday season, please take

      Wishes                                             the time to thank those who volunteer on the many boards and   By Kathleen
                                                         committees whose work helps to make Boca Pointe a prestigious
                                                         place to live. Volunteers give of their time freely and communities   General Manager
         Nearly a whole year has                         such as ours could not flourish without them. We at Boca Pointe
      gone by and 2021 is just                           are constantly changing and adding features to our overall look.      As 2020 draws to a
      ahead of us. How quickly                           The staff and volunteers work tirelessly to achieve this.  close, I would like to
      times goes by as we age                               All too often, it’s easier to vocalize our complaints and   take this opportunity to
      gracefully. As we come to                          criticisms instead of giving praise and showing appreciation for   thank each of you for
      the close of this year, the Board of Directors and Staff of   someone’s efforts. Maybe if we all try to do better at showing   the continuing honor to
      the Boca Pointe Community Association led by myself   kindness, we can reap even greater blessings for all who live,   serve  as  your  General
      as Board Chairman and Kathleen O’Donovan, as your   work and play here at Boca Pointe.                Manager at Boca Pointe.
      Community Association General Manager, want to wish      My wife Gail and I look forward to a healthy next year      This year has brought
      you a peaceful and blessed holiday season.         and wish everyone a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season.   some challenges to us all, from working/schooling
                                                                                                            from home, social distancing and getting outdoors
      Protecting Yourself From Scams                                                                        safely and as often as possible. Where the word zoom
                                                                                                            once referred to speed, now we associate it with video
                                                                                                            conferencing for meetings and communicating with
      By Justin Mocha, Director of Security              asking you for account numbers or personal information.  friends and loved ones.
                                                            • Credit card companies have fraud protection built-in; be      In spite of 2020, your Board of Directors has
         The Federal Trade Commission received over 1.7 million   suspicious of anyone asking you to pay for a service or product   successfully negotiated a new Comcast contract,
      reports of fraud in 2019, with reported losses totaling over   via wire transfer or gift cards.       reduced costs for holiday lighting, performed repairs
      $1.5 billion. This is the third year over year increase in fraud,      • Have your mail forwarded or held when you are out of   and maintenance projects throughout the property and
      nationally. Florida is among the Top 3 in reported fraud cases   town. Your mail may contain information a scammer can use to   continued with the business of keeping Boca Pointe a
      relative to state population. Locally, PBSO reports an increasing   steal your identity.              beautiful and thriving place to call home.
      number of fraud cases reported in the county, and fraud is the      • Check banking statements regularly, and pay attention to      It is a pleasure to work with the Directors of the
      most common criminal activity to affect Boca Pointe residents   your billing cycles. If you do not receive a regular bill in the mail,   Master Board, Committee  Volunteers and  Village
      being 10x more common than theft or vandalism, and 100x more   it could be a sign someone has taken control of this account to   Directors who so generously give their time providing
      common than burglary and robbery.                  use it for nefarious purposes.                     insight, ideas, and a vision for the future of Boca
         The following are some guidelines to follow which could      • Use complex passwords for online accounts, especially   Pointe.
      prevent you from becoming the next victim:         e-mail and banking. Preferably passwords which do not contain      My team and I will continue to provide the residents
         • Do not share personal or financial information over the   elements of your birthday or any other easily discovered event   of Boca Pointe with the utmost level of service, we
      phone unless you initiate the call. Scammers may have the   or anniversary. A scammer compromising your personal e-mail   look forward to the new year with a positive attitude,
      ability to ‘spoof’ the phone number of a bank or other legitimate   address could conceivably gain access any account to which the   dedication and excitement for what is to come. We look
      institution—do not trust your caller ID. Banks will never ask   e-mail is registered.                 forward to bringing back our regular events, such as
      your PIN over the phone.                              Of primary importance: if you feel a situation is strange or   the Spring and Fall shredding and flu shot clinic and
         • Scammers will often try to get you to make a decision in a   uncomfortable, say so! Legitimate institutions will be able to   we look forward to seeing you in person very soon.
      hurry. Before giving up money or personal information, talk to   answer all of your questions satisfactorily and will not hesitate      On behalf of Lisa, Yvonne, Justin, and myself we
      someone you trust.                                 if you ask to continue the conversation at another time.   wish you a Happy Healthy Holiday Season and look
         • Most banks and financial institutions will never contact      The FTC features common scams and alerts at: http://www.  forward to serving you in the New Year. 
      you directly and request personal information. Be suspicious of Stay up to date on threats
      any calls or e-mails purporting to be a financial institution and   and report any scam or fraud attempts to local authorities. 

       Trash Collection                                  Watch Your Speed!                                             The Boca Pointe

                                                            Speeding fines were suspended due to Covid-19 but   Community Association
          There will be NO trash pick up on Christmas Day.   will resume in January 2021. Fine schedule: 6-20 mph
       Trash will be picked up on your next normal trash   over the limit $50 and more than 21 mph over the limit   Wishes Everyone a
       removal day.                                     $100. Please obey the posted speed limit signs and drive
                                                         safely!                                                  Healthy and Happy
                                                                                                                     Holiday Season!

                                                                                                               The BPCA office will be

                                                                                                              closed on December 25th

                                                                                                                    and January 1st. 
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