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VOL. 29 NO. 1                                                                            JANUARY 2021

      Chairman’s Corner                                                                                     Watch Your Speed!

       By Barry J. Haberman,                                Hopefully, the COVID-19 pandemic will decline with
       BPCA Chair and President                          the available vaccines and we can get back to the Great      Speeding fines
                                                         Boca Pointe Lifestyle.                             were suspended due
       The New Year                                         This year our new Holiday Lighting Program is   to Covid-19 but will

       2021                                              fantastic. It creates an uplifting feeling in these trying   resume in January 2021.
                                                                                                            Fine schedule: 6-20
                                                            During this New Year, please take time to thank those   mph over the limit $50
          We hope ever yone                              who volunteer on the many boards and committees. The   and more than 21 mph
       had a Merry Christmas, a                          staff and volunteers work extremely hard to effectuate   over the limit $100.
       Happy Hanukkah and will                           the many changes that have occurred in Boca Pointe.  Please obey the posted
       have a Healthy and Happy                             My wife, Gail, and I look forward to the good changes   speed limit signs and
       New Year.                                         in this forthcoming year and wish everyone – Happy and   drive safely! 
          A whole year has gone by and 2021 is here.     Healthy Holiday Cheer for this New Year. 
       Speeding And Traffic Hawk                                                                            In Memoriam

       By Justin Mocha, Director of Security             limit information automatically printed on them beginning
                                                         sometime in early January. Without further ado:       Larry London past Chairman of the BPCA for 6
          As most of you are aware, Boca Pointe has implemented      If you are speeding on Boca Pointe Drive, Via De   years passed away December 24, 2020. Larry was the
       several procedural and technological measures to reduce   Sonrisa Del Norte, or Promenade Drive,  you run the   driving force behind the Renaissance Project at Boca
       speeding on our main roads. The two big technological   risk of being subject to a penalty, including fines and,   Pointe, and served on the Master Board of Directors
       measures are our static Radar Signs which capture   eventually, suspension of your gate access device(s).  and Budget & Finance Committee.
       speed data on our roads 24/7, and Traffic Hawk—the      1st and 2nd violations are subject to a $50 fine from 6      He is survived by his wife Karen. 
       autonomous radar solution which is deployed by patrol   MPH to 20 MPH over the posted speed limit, or $100 if
       and can take photos and video of speeders.        the vehicle speed is greater than 20 MPH over the posted
          I am thrilled to report that these systems have produced   limit.
       a measurable impact on speeding frequency on our roads.      3rd and subsequent violations result in a 90 day
       Comparing 2018 speeding data to 2020 speeding data, we   suspension of the household’s  Tag Master devices,
       see a 30-50% reduction in speeding frequency (depending   meaning entries will need to be made through the guest
       on the road) and a 80%+ decline of vehicles speeding 20+   lane for the duration of said suspension.
       MPH or more. This data is after adjustment for reduced      Please spread the word! Our goal is to reduce speeds
       traffic due to COVID into account.                on our roads and promote safer driving habits among all
          I know we can drive this number even further. Please   our neighbors, guests, vendors, and employees.
       keep in mind the following regarding  Traffic Hawk      If you have any questions about this program you may
       enforcement and speeding on our roads. Let your guests   contact me directly at (561) 672-3309 or via e-mail at
       and vendors know. Our Fast Passes should have speed 
      From The Manager

      By Kathleen O’Donovan,                             others see the lizards as a scourge on the environment      You may see Redline’s technicians on property, they
      General Manager                                    and an invasive species damaging foliage, ornamental   are comprised of off duty firefighters, police and retired
                                                         plantings, leaving droppings which carry salmonella and   marines.
         Living in Florida, we                           generally creating a nuisance.                       If you have any questions or concerns, please do not
      all share our space with the                          This past year, Boca Pointe has experienced considerable   hesitate to contact us in the management office. 
      green iguana, a non-native                         damage due to the iguana
      species that has grown out                         population boom on property.
      of control in the tropical                         The Association has engaged     The Board of Directors and the staff
      climate of the Sunshine                            a licensed trapping service,
      State. While some of our                           Redline Iguana to address the               of the Boca Pointe
      residents are happy to                             issue throughout the common
      share their territory with                         areas of Boca Pointe, in early          Community Association
      the reptiles believing they fit in with our tropical vibe,   2021.
                                                                                    would like to wish all of our residents

                                                                                               a very Happy New Year!!

                                                                                        May it be filled with Love, Peace,

                                                                                           Good Health and Prosperity!

                                                                                                      Happy 2021!!! 
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