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Page 12, Viewpointe                                                 January 2021
      Boca Pointe Advisor Issue III

         We hope you have enjoyed the past issues and some of   be the only way to end these obnoxious commercials.  homeless person and move on to a new relationship.
      the advice we have provided has proven to be helpful. We      a) We can recommend 2 waiters from Frank and Dinos      d) Just tell her you want to move in with her and forget
      have gotten much feedback so far and will try to address   that have been out of work due to the virus. Suggest you   what others think.
      the most common concerns we receive. It is clear the   contact them to discuss some options. As a side note, they      4. A few weeks ago, I enrolled in the EMS program
      effects of COVID has presented a variety of problems   both are very experienced in waterboarding as well as   offered by Boca Pointe so I could learn to be helpful in
      for many of us.                                    using pillows to silent witnesses. If my pillow is as good   case of an emergency. I am a bit hesitant to continue
         So…here we                                      as it claims to be, the My Pillow guy could be silenced   since one of the other volunteers has come on to me and
      go!!                                               very quickly.                                     I am very uncomfortable being in his presence. During a
         A quick follow                                     b) We  know  another guy  who just  got  released  on   routine mouth to mouth resuscitation drill, he tried to slip
      up from last issue.                                parole who did some Black Ops work for the CIA and is   me his tongue and I almost went into convulsions. I still
      It appears many                                    looking for part time work. You cannot contact him. He   want to learn these rescue techniques but do not think I
      residents have                                     will contact you. Place an ad in The Viewpointe looking   can. Confused and bewildered. How should I handle this?
      gotten themselves                                  for an experienced dog walker. He will reply and identify      a) Continue with the course. If this mutant tries this
      in a pickle by                                     himself as The Pooper Scooper. Good luck.         again, bite down on his tongue like it is a giant piece of
      hoarding toilet                                       c) We have a friend, who has a friend, who knows this   day-old brisket. That should put an end to it.
      paper. We  wish                                    guy that is a member of the APS – Anti Pillow Society.      b) Go to your supervisor and tell him what happened.
      to share a photo                                   This group might be able to help you.             Explain you are open minded and not a prude but the only
      from one resident                                     d) Order a million of everything he makes and have   time you want tongue in your mouth is deli night at The
      that uses the toilet                               it shipped to a fake address.                     Club.
      paper as chips in                                     3. I recently met a lovely woman who I am crazy      c) Fill your mouth with lima beans. Next time this
      their poker game.                                  about. We connected right away and have spent a lot of   happens, he most certainly will start gaging when he gets
      So maybe this                                      time together. The only problem is she is homeless. We   a mouthful of beans. Really, does anyone, anywhere enjoy
      might work for  Disclaimer – any resemblance to    connected just by accident in Sugar Sand Park and we   the taste of lima beans?
      you. Just play to  any person living or dead is purely   have been seeing each other for the past 6 months. What      d) Next time you practice this drill with him, make
      lose!!!!          coincidental.                    is nice about this relationship is she always comes to my   sure you have a wad of hot spicey cayenne black pepper
         1. My husband                                   place, so it is easy for me and I save on gas. Also, after a   on the tip of your tongue. When he opens wide, you’ll
      is virtually driving me crazy. He is hard of hearing and   date, I can drop her off just about anywhere. But I have   know what to do.
      refuses to buy hearing aids. He has said “What?” over   not introduced her to my friends yet because I am very      5. My wife and I were recently invited to my nephew’s
      600 times last week alone. Just to give you a sense of   concerned, they might not accept her and also make fun   wedding. It is one of those destination weddings where the
      the problem, we live in Palomar and he plays the TV so   of me. What should I do?                    venue is in Dubai. We rarely travel beyond Costco these
      loud we have gotten calls from people who live in El      a) If all your friends are homeless this should not even   days so we cannot possibly attend. Also being on a fixed
      Dorado complaining about the noise. He is so stubborn   be an issue                                  income, the airfare alone would not be affordable. And
      and refuses to deal with his problem. You are my last      b) Do not tell your friends she is homeless. Just tell   then there is the virus. Furthermore, my nephew is asking
      resort – help me please!                           them she has multiple properties and rarely stays in the   all guests that do not attend to send them a minimum gift
         a) We suggest you disable all your TVs and blame it   same place twice.
      on a power outage.                                    c) Might just be best to fix her up with another   Boca Pointe Advisor on page 13
         b) Rewire all remotes to delete the volume control and
      set all TVs to closed caption in Spanish
         c) Pretend you are talking to him, even shouting, but
      make no noise. Just move your lips.
         d) Hard wire all TVs so he only gets the Martha
      Stewart channel.
         2. I am about to take a shotgun to my TV the next
      time I see an ad for My Pillow. I cannot take it anymore.
      Every time I am watching a show it is interrupted every
      2 minutes with this ad. My pillow this, my pillow that.
      How can we put this guy out of business which seems to

        How To Add Your

        Guests To The Gate

       By Yvonne Rivera, BPCA Administrative Assistant

          The Boca Pointe Community Association offers a few
       different methods to add guests to your visitors list, so please
       ensure that you add your guest BEFORE they arrive. If your
       guest is not on the list, they may be denied without a phone
       call being placed to get your approval. Phone calls are placed
       as a courtesy depending on how busy the guard is when they
          To add a guest to your visitor list, you have several options:
          • Website-                    Do you know a family member,
          • Cell phone app- Download ABDI/Gate Access from the
       app/play store                                      friend or a neighbor in need of
          • Access Control- Call 561-395-3392 or leave a voicemail
       message at 561-395-3369                             Home Health Care?
          The advantage of using or the app is the
       ability to:                                                                                                               Get 4 hours of free care
          • Add a guest for the day or permanently                                                                               if you mention this ad
          • Remove a guest
          • Send a pass with barcode                      Home Health Aides / Certified Nursing Assistants / Registered Nurses  to assist you with:
          • Receive notification of guest arrival
          If you have any questions regarding access methods,   • Personal Care      • Companionship     • Respite Care      • Alzheimers & Dementia Care
       please call the Boca Pointe Community Association 561-           • Medication Management     • Transportation     • Meal Preparation
       395-7551.                                                        • Light Housekeeping      • Grocery Shopping      • Post Surgery Care

       All Airports               All Cruise ports                                     Complimentary In-Home Consultation
                     rides Anywhere
                                                                           Care provided in the comfort of your Home, Hospital, or Facility
          Fran and steve richards
                     car service                                 We accept All Long Term Care Insurance Policies and Private Pay – Affordable Rates

         after every   561-750-5055 Office                      Family owned and operated. Boca Resident for 30+ years and Boca Pointe Members.
                                                                              CALL TODAY:  561.740.8667
                   561-654-5088 Fran
                    boca pointe residents                                            
                    reAsonAble rAtes                                                  Florida Licensed and Insured NR# 30211558, NR# 30211706
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