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       Everythings Changing

       By Judith Levy                                    Food I order in restaurants is either too spicy or tasteless   pandemic done to you? If it has soured you up, then stop and
                                                         and bland. Too much salt or no salt at all. Of course, I   rethink about the price you are paying. We need to get back
          I’m a creature of habit.                       could cook at home but that seldom occurs to me.  to smile again, in spite of the lock up and face coverings.
       I like things to stay the                            No, with this pandemic I insist that we get an outdoor   We need to get back to normal. You weren’t so nice even
       same,  be  what  I  expect,                       table when eating out. Then I find its either too hot or   then? Well, then there’s little hope for you, but you can try.
       but alas, that’s not the case.                    now that the weather is following the calendar, too cold.   Behind each cloud life has a silver lining, reach for it and
       Everything is changing.                           When did I get so picky? What ever happened with go   the sun will shine again. I plan to do it too.
       Manufacturers don’t up                            with the flow, don’t take so much notice, let it roll off
       the price they minimize the                       your back, or just forget it. I find myself more irritable,      Judith Levy is the New York Times best-selling
       size. The package looks the                       more combative, more unwilling to let things go by. I   author of  GRANDMOTHER REMEMBERS, which
       same but there’s less in it.                      grumble beneath my mask and wonder how things have   has sold over four million copies, and the mega best-
       Food I used to love now seems to have a different taste.   changed so greatly and clearly not to my liking.  seller  GRANDFATHER REMEMBERS, published by
       Are they changing their recipe or are my tastes changing?      I’m starting not to recognize me and not to like me so   HarperCollins. 
                                                         much. Where’s the sunny personality I used to have? I
                                                         was always bright and cheery, always ready for fun and
          2021 Mah Jongg                                 a good time. Where has that person gone? Is there going
                                                         to a vaccine to bring her back?
                                                           Has your personality changed? Are you muttering
        Cards  –  Last Call                                at times and irritated easily? What has the election and

          Orders are now being taken for the 2021 MJ Card
                     Standard Card - $9.00
                      Large Card - $10.00

           Send your Check, Payable to ORT America, to:
              Frieda Fishman, 7225 Promenade Drive,
                     Boca Raton, FL 33433
                         Tel: 394-9349
          All cards must be ordered by January 22, 2021 

        Lease Renewals

           Renters- If you plan to renew your lease at Boca
        Pointe, please provide the BPCA Management office
        a copy of your renewal lease and vehicle registration
        prior to your lease expiration date. Both items are
        needed to ensure that your transponder does not
        get deactivated when the lease ends. Please email to
           Thank you! 

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