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Our Village Voice

        VOL. 32 NO. 1                                                                            JANUARY 2021

      The Shores HOA Compliance                                                                             Bill’s Box

      Activities Update                                                                                     By Bill Thompson

                                                                                                            What can we say about 2020?
      By Art Cummings                                    without financial punitive consequences.             What do we expect for our
        It has been a little over a year since the Shores of Jupiter     To date, there are a handful of residents who have   new year, 2021?
      Board of Directors approved invoking the State Statute   failed to correct their violations and after over a five-    The good, the bad, the ugly.
      720.305 and enabled the Shores of Jupiter management   month notification process have now been assessed fines   What does 2021 hold for us?
      company to enforce those in violation of declarations of   up to $1,000.                              We believe hope is eternal and
      covenants, articles of incorporation, bylaws, or any other     Results are everything: As a result of the April efforts   that we must not lose hope,
      rules that have been properly instituted by the board.  it was recognized a significant improvement in aesthetics   even in the face of certainty
        What have we learned? In taking the liberty in   with roofs and driveways and sidewalks cleaned.    that the COVID-19 virus will continue to escalate due to lax
      speaking for the board, these are some of things that have     Sidewalks: It has now been clarified that enforcing   safety precautions through gatherings during Thanksgiving
      occurred as a result of taking the unenviable course to   cleaning sidewalks is not possible as they belong to the   and Christmas. Risk takers endanger themselves and others.
      pursue punitive, monetary fine actions for inaction from   Town of Jupiter. However, notices sent in April resulted   Pretty simple. Authorities have failed in areas such as Florida,
      violations:                                        in most of sidewalks being cleaned and there were at   to extend and hold firm restrictions and requirements, all
        There are volumes of residents who did not correct   least 200 notices sent regarding that specific issue. The   intended to contain the spread and stop unprecedented deaths
      identified issues from the first 30-day notice requiring   board has contracted a pressure washing company to clean   in America and the world. Science and rational, responsible
      certified mail notices and more follow-up inspection tours   all homeowner’s sidewalks and will review the results/  people’s behavior can render this virus no longer a clear and
      by our management company. During the first 100 percent   aesthetic impact to determine if this is something to   present danger. That goal cannot be achieved overnight, thus
      community inspection there were over 150 violations   include in future budgets and remove it from any notice   we remain, patiently contending with the hand dealt.
      notices for discolored/dirty roofs and driveways alone.  process for compliance.                      Santa Came Early
        The good news is as a result of the April 2020 actions     COVID-19: It has been recognized that a few       I had no idea. My friend next door, Ross, sent a note
      over 95 percent were corrected before the fine committee   homeowners were adversely affected by the pandemic   inviting me to join other neighbors to await the arrival of
      was to meet to make decisions regarding assessing up to   and that was recognized and acknowledged and grace   Santa. I thought he meant Christmas Eve. Then on Saturday
      $1,000 fines.                                      periods were provided for a temporary time in order for   evening, Dec. 19, he sent another text asking whether I
        The program has resoundingly achieved success. Prior   the homeowner to recover from any medical or financial   was coming out for Santa. I looked out front and saw our
      to inception, there were many residents who simply   challenges.                                      Lake Bend Tribe gathered around a firepit in his driveway,
      ignored a first notice, second notice and multiple follow-                                            distancing of course. Everybody, as it turned out, knew of
      up notices. The fine process no longer allows inaction   HOA Compliance Activities Update on page 2   the event. For me oblivion has become my watchword.
                                                                                                            Santa came in the guise of Jupiter firefighters in a caravan
      Northern Notes                                                                                        of vehicles, lights flashing, sirens blaring, shouting Merry
                                                                                                            Christmas! The Jupiter Fire Department drove all through
      Gopher Tortoises                                   maintain a stable temperature                      The Shores carrying the joy message. Our kids and adults
                                                                                                            were delighted. By then, our tribe was enjoying the night life
                                                         and also protect them from                         and greeted our heroes heartily.
      By Katie Roundtree,                                extreme temperatures and fire.                       How did this happen? I subsequently learned that Shores
      Finance Director, Northern                         Here in south Florida, they are                    homeowner, Kristi Parker, is the coordinator of the event in
      Palm Beach County                                  active all year round, where                       terms of posting the event notice on our new website, which
      Improvement District                               in colder parts of Florida, they                   she created and set into action. Kristi worked with Beth White
        Gopher tortoises are one of                      remain in their burrows during                     of Realtime, our property management firm, to have an eblast
      five North American tortoise                       cold winter months. Gopher                         to homeowners for whom we have an email address. As the
      species and is the only tortoise                   tortoises are considered keystone                  procession passed by, I heard a familiar laugh. It was Kristi’s
      found naturally east of the                        species because their burrows   Photo by Lucas Schaffer,   husband, Barry, riding on a flatbed shouting Merry Christmas!
      Mississippi River. It is a state-                  provide shelter and serve as   NPBCID              It was a statement of Esprit De Corps.
      designated threatened species                      refuge for more than 350 other
      in Florida and is found in parts                   species such as burrowing owls, mice, indigo snakes, rabbits,   Bill’s Box on page 3
      of all 67 Florida counties. The                    opossums, foxes, gopher frogs and invertebrates.
      gopher tortoise is about nine to                     Because of their burrowing needs, they prefer well-drained,
      eleven inches long when fully grown and is a tan, brown or gray   sandy soils found in habitats such as longleaf pine sandhills,   HAVE A SAFE  &
      color. Juveniles tend to be lighter brown and yellow-orange in   scrub, pine flatwoods, dry prairies and coastal dunes. They are
      color. They are identifiable by their stumpy, elephant-like hind   also found in urban areas, as many of their natural habitats have    HAPPY NEW YEAR
      feet and flattened, shovel-like forearms covered in thick scales.   been developed by humans. A habitat with well-drained soil,
      These shovel-like forearms are used to dig large burrows for   abundant plants for foraging and open sunny areas is the ideal
      homes.                                             location for gopher tortoises. Gopher tortoises are herbivorous   Monday, January 18th
        As their name insinuates, gopher tortoises spend almost 80   and feed on low growing plants. They may drink water pooled
      percent of their time in burrows. Burrows average about fifteen   after rainstorms, but most of their water needs are supplied from
      feet long and about six and a half feet deep. Gopher tortoises   the plants that they eat.
      are ectotherms, meaning they depend on their environment
      to maintain their body temperature. Their burrows help to   Northern Notes on page 3

                                                                                     REPORT SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY IMMEDIATELY

                                                                                          TO THE JUPITER POLICE DEPARTMENT
                                                                                                           (561) 799-4445

                                                                                                 Use 911 for emergencies only. Lock car doors.
                                                                                                       Do not leave valuables in the car.
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