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      Feng Shui

      By Dra. Milagros Gutierrez de Herrera              or received said garment, you MUST evaluate if you have      This activity is advisable to carry out when your state
                                                         really given it the proper use and frequency, so as to place   of mind is ready for it, that is, to execute it without haste,
         Welcome back to the interesting world of order and   it within each category.                     without sadness, euphoria or other emotion that will lead you
      harmony.                                              5.- This work of grouping, classifying and leaving what   later to the culmination, to think that you were too hasty or
         In today’s article we will do a simple and practical   you really use to organize your space is an ABSOLUTELY   light in the decision of classifying a garment or object that
      exercise so that your spaces are charged with positive energy   NECESSARY activity, if you want to give a new turn to your   had a family, sentimental or other value and with it, being
      and that the enjoyment of it is better and more comfortable.  life, in terms of the areas to energize. I remind you that in the   wrongly classified.
         Have you ever wondered why there are places or places   article of the previous month, I explained how the important      This task, apart from occupational therapy, can be the
      that make you feel good, relaxed and you want to stay or   areas of our life are located in our house, premises or other   beginning of changes in many things in our lives, worth the
      come back?                                         room.                                             example:
         Let’s start with our exercise:                     6.- Once the previous task is finished, EVERYTHING      At this time of a pandemic where many people work from
         1.- Place yourself in your home, office, commercial   that is in the “” category has two destinations:  home, which is called “TELEWORKING”, they require
      premises or in the place where you want to start a radical      UNUSED 6th.- Give it away to someone who needs it,   suitable conditions for a optimal job performance. Therefore,
      transformation towards order and harmony.          uses it and is grateful to have it.               that corner, where your new office will be or is, MUST meet
         2.- Once you have decided which place to transform, ask      6b.- DO NOT throw it away, it is preferable to deliver it   the characteristics of its discipline, with an image even
      yourself the following questions:                  to a donation site, so that another person can benefit from   corporate, let’s say so, so that a meeting or meeting with
         2nd.- Close your eyes, take a deep breath and open your   its use.                                the members of the organization, is an investiture projection
      eyes:                                                 6c.- Make a garage sale or offer on the networks, in the   as individual of that work team, to which you belong and
         • What do you see?                              corresponding applications, so that there is a reinvestment   therefore both your superiors and people on your team,
         • What do you feel?                             of the money from the sale.                       observe and even copy that the context it frames is him due
         • What is the color and aroma of the environment?   But you will ask yourself: WHAT ARE WE DOING?   to the function carried out and an example to follow.
         2b.- Now remember a favorite place that you enjoy      Well, apply the ancestral science of Feng Shui, which   If the situation is only of a family nature, evaluate other
      visiting. Do they have something in common with the space   we have been presented in previous articles (see publication   considerations, such as:
      or place where you are now? What would you change about   of November and December 2020) and thus collaborate,      • Use,
      where you are now? Why?                            advise you and that you feel like the energy of the place,      • Number of family members with whom the place is
         2c.- Once the decision has been made answering the   gives you a new air and atmosphere of comfort and well-  shared
      questions in the previous point, you must evaluate the   being, and that it returns to give you peace, relaxation and      • What type of events take place in it,
      objects in three categories: those that you use daily, those   even better spirits and quality of life.     • Materials that make up the room,
      that you use occasionally and those that you have never      We are going to carry out an exercise in imagination, to      • Route for special situations,
      used.                                              illustrate this activity and facilitate the explanation with a      • Decoration and furniture.
         3.- To facilitate the previous classification into three   simple example:                           In short, everything that complements the operation of
      categories, I advise you to divide the objects in a container,      Reflect on how many hours of your life you spend in   the activity of the place, even respecting that if this space is
      name it according to the category, for example:    being in a certain place in your house, say the living room,   shared by several people, that each corner represents who
         • “DAILY USE”,                                  study or kitchen, etc. Take a few minutes to think about what   uses it, impregnating that “micro” or “macro” with their
         • “OCCASIONAL USE” and                          you like and what you don’t like about the place.  personal stamp, place within the environment to impact.
         • “UNUSED” (even if it is new and still has the label of      Make a list if necessary:              Until the next installment.
      the store, etc.)                                      The color, the entry of light, the furniture, the disorder,      Milagros Gutierrez de Herrera, PHD
         4.- This part of classifying and placing in a container!!!   the paintings, decorations, photographs, local implements,
      IS NOT EASY!!! Because when you take each object in your   others.                                      Author Dra. Milagros Gutierrez de Herrera, Feng
      hands, emotions will move that remind you of situations      Take a real test and how you would feel with the changes,   Shui Specialist is a resident of the Plum. Email:
      or events, related to the moment in which you acquired   this is basic and VERY IMPORTANT.  

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