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      Behold, The Truth!

       By Judith Levy                                    is cheating, should you tell her the truth? I understand      You know her grandchild is taking her for a financial
                                                         if you don’t want to lie, but is silence such a heavy   ride, but is that your business? Are your grandchildren
          W ell,    you’ve                               package? Perhaps you can just change the subject when   perfect? You think so, but is that the truth?
       unburdened yourself and                           difficult and painful revelations are about to surface. In      A comedian once said, “Don’t believe the hype about
       regurgitated out “the truth”                      the end your friend will not appreciate your kindness in   the truth. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be.”
       to the dismay in everyone                         revealing the problem in her marriage because now that      I was told that if someone says he wants the truth,
       in your immediate world.                          she knows, and she probably knew even before you told   he’s a liar, because no one wants the truth. Sometimes
       Now do you feel better?                           her, she feels constrained to act and given a choice she   the truth is very painful, it can be a dose of bile that’s
       I  doubt  it.  Somethings,                        preferred to let that sleeping dog lie.           indigestible. I think people who hide behind “Well, that’s
       although true, are better                            Do  you  like  this  dress  she  asks? Yes,  tell  her  the   the truth.” really have a bit of a cruel nature. If you can
       left unsaid. If what you are                      truth if it looks awful on her before she buys it, but not   be right or be kind, be kind, and remember they always
       about to reveal will wound someone, cause an eruption,   if she’s already wearing it. Just shake your head and   shoot the messenger.
       rip open up a long-lost family secret that should be left   murmur something that passes for an okay and then go
       dead and buried, don’t do it. Consider keeping your mouth   on to something else. In politics, they call skirting the      Judith Levy is the New York Times best-selling
       shut. Must all truths hit the light of day? I say no.  truth, diplomacy. Countries would constantly be at war   author of  GRANDMOTHER  REMEMBERS, which
          Now I’m talking about personal truth, not government   without it. Neighbors and even close friends might find   has sold over four million copies, and the mega best-
       truth which is nearly impossible to come by. So, does   life a little more agreeable when they use a smaller dose   seller  GRANDFATHER  REMEMBERS, published by
       anyone really want the unvarnished truth? No, they will   of truth when hurtful subjects surface.   HarperCollins. 
       tell you they do, but they do not. If your friend’s husband

                                                                                         Vine Trivia Uncorked

                                                          By Laura Berrio,                                     Standard serving sizes of all alcohol beverages – beer,
                                                          Freelance Writer/Blogger                         wine, and liquor – are equal in alcohol strength and effect
                                                             1. What  temperature                          on the body.
                                                          should red wine be stored at                        7. What type of wine has the lowest calories?
                                                          and served at?                                      Dry and low alcohol content wines are the lowest in
                                                             Red wine should be stored at                  calories … although I would rather drink what I like and
                                                          55 degrees in a wine refrigerator                cut calories somewhere else!
                                                          or cellar. Red wine should be                       8. What happens to red and white wine as they age?
                                                          served at room temperature                          Red wine gets lighter in color and white wine gets
                                                          … to clarify … not room                          darker in color.
                                                          temperature here in Florida!                        9. How much pressure is there in a bottle of
                                                          Room temperature in a nice cool wine cellar …70 degrees.  Champagne?
                                                             2. What color grapes are used to make white wine?     The pressure in a bottle of champagne is 90 pounds
                                                             Red grapes!                                   per square inch, about three times that in your automobile
                                                             3. How many grapes does it take to make a bottle of  tire.
                                                          wine?                                               10. Are you scared to open a bottle of Champagne?
                                                             On average it takes 736 grapes to make one bottle.  Now you have a reason to be! How fast does a cork
             Transponder                                         4. How many bubbles in a bottle of Champagne?  travel when you open it?
                                                            Almost 58 million!

                                                                                                             A flying cork can travel up to 50
                                                            5. Is the practice of walking on grapes (think I Love  miles per hour.
                  Trouble?                                Lucy) still used in wine making?                    ~Cheers
                                                                                                             ~Keep the conversation going and
                                                            It is! Usually when producing small quantities of high

                                                          end port wines.                                  the wine flowing!
                                                                                                             Follow the Vine on Instagram
                                                            6. What has the highest alcohol content: wine, beer
           TRANSPONDER FEES                                 or whiskey?                                    @VineVibeUncorked.
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