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      New Study Finds Linkage Between Childhood Diet

      And The Health Of Your Micro Biome In Adulthood

      By Tina Fernandez                                  against pathogens (Gut Microbiome - an Overview |   -  Group #1: Fed standard diet, no access to the running
                                                         ScienceDirect Topics, n.d.)                       wheels.
         “You are not only what you eat, but what you ate as      In thinking about what factors in our everyday lives   -  Group #2: Western diet, no access to the running wheels.
      a child!”                                          impact our microbiome, the main two of relevance are diet   -  Group #3: Fed Standard diet, access to the running
         A new study by the University of California Riverside   and exercise. Interestingly, gut bacteria can be altered in   wheels.
      suggests that childhood eating habits may have a long-  as little as twenty-four hours, with some studies showing   -  Group #4: Fed Western diet, access to the wheels.
      term impact on the health of your gut as an adult.   how a period of consumption high in fat & sugar leads      The results of this experiment indicate that diet,
         The  microbiome has  emerged  as  a  strong  topic  of   to a reduction in bacterial species in your gut (David   exercise, and (in this case) linetype affect running and
      interest for many scientists recently. Since animals and   et al., 2014). A high-fat diet has been shown to cause a   food consumption patterns, which in turn impact the gut
      bacteria have coevolved over time, they have forged   higher rate of amino acid metabolism and enzymes in the   microbiome. The mice involved in the experiment were
      complex relationships between host and symbiont.   oxidative stress response, which is most likely a reaction   observed for 6 weeks, then given a 25-day washout period
      Our gastrointestinal tract is inhabited by a plethora of   to the lack of proper nutrients within the gut as a result   (about ~6 human years) in order to reevaluate their gut
      different  bacteria. To  put things  into  perspective,  the   of these dietary habits (McNamara et al., 2021).   microbiomes and determine if the juvenile eating habits had
      gut microbiome expresses 3.3 million prokaryotic genes      The purpose of this study, led by UCR evolutionary   a long-term impact on microbiome health after aging.
      (corresponding to the diverse bacteria), while the human   physiologist  Theodore Garland, was to evaluate the      While the results to this experiment are credible, a lot
      body expresses only 20,000 eukaryotic genes (NIH,   long-term  impact  a Western  diet  (high  fat  and  sugar)   still remains elusive. The takeaway, as Garland says, is that
      2012). The human gut microbiome is composed of four   and exercise would have on the adult microbiome of   “You are not only what you eat, but what you ate as a child!”
      main phyla (groups or categories) of bacteria: Firmicutes,   mice (the test subjects). Because mice are biologically
      Bacteriodetes, Actinobacteria, and Proteobacteria (Gut   very similar to humans, they are good models to use.      Belizário,  J.  E.,  &  Napolitano,  M.  (2015).  Human
      Microbiome - an Overview | ScienceDirect Topics, n.d.).   The study used a total of 165 male mice in their juvenile   microbiomes and their roles in dysbiosis, common diseases,
      The bacteria have a variety of functions; they break down   age period coming from two different lines. First, the   and novel therapeutic approaches. Frontiers in Microbiology,
      nutrients from the food we eat, regulate metabolism, and   High Runner (HR) lines, which were selectively bred   6, 1050.
      provide enhanced immunity through a variety of complex   for high voluntary wheel-running behavior (more likely      David, L. A., Maurice, C. F., Carmody, R. N.,
      mechanisms. In addition, many of the fermentation   to exercise voluntarily), and then the four control (C)   Gootenberg, D. B., Button, J. E., Wolfe, B. E., Ling, A. V.,
      byproducts such as acetate, propionate, and butyrate in   lines. From the HR mice, four sub-groups were created   Devlin, A. S., Varma, Y., Fischbach, M. A., Biddinger, S.
      the GIT provide energy for epithelial cells and protection   and evaluated:                          B., Dutton, R. J., & Turnbaugh, P. J. (2014). Diet rapidly
                                                                                                           and reproducibly alters the human gut microbiome. Nature,
                                                                                                           505(7484), 559–563.
                                                                                                              Gut Microbiome—An overview | ScienceDirect Topics.
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