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      Book Review

      Tarot and Jewish Mysticism                                                                           tradition in the counting of the Omer over the forty nine
                                                                                                           days between Passover and Shavuot. A practitioner of
      Mark Horn. Tarot and the Gates of Light, A Kabbalistic Path                                          divination, he offers his guidance in affairs of the Tarot
      to Liberation. Rochester, Vermont: Destiny Books, 2020.                                              and has written his book Gates of Light for the uninitiated.
      The Zohar, Pritzker Edition, volume II, Translated and                                               Tarot embraces the occult and renders it in visualization
      Commentary  by  Daniel  C.  Matt.  Stanford:  Stanford                                               in  contrast  to  the  Kabbalah  which  derives  from  an
      University Press, 2004.                                                                              intellectual tradition that proscribes visual art. The Tarot
      “The heavens declare the Glory of God, and the filament                                              Major Arcana offers a deck of pictured cards fraught with
      showeth his Handiwork.” Psalms 19.1                                                                  layers of symbolism, embracing the metaphysical and
      “There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio,                                                 physical that elude the common reader.
      than are dreamt of in Your Philosophy,” Shakespeare’s                                                   The mystical tradition is universal, even the term
      Hamlet                                                                                               Kabbalah in Judaism, Cabala in Catholicism and Qabalah
      “He sent His Signs and Wonders into your Midst. Psalms                                               in Islam reveal a common search for truth and embrace
      135.9                                                                                                Meditation as the path to virtue, illumination, and union
                                                         and Arthur Schonberg in music all of whom embraced   with the divine. Mark Horn argues for the correspondence of
      By Dr. Ronald J. Meyers                            the occult. More recently, I have enrolled in study of the   the revelations of the Sephirot to Oriental symbolism such
                                                         Zohar with Dr. Daniel Matt, translator and principal editor   as the Hebrew hieroglyphic alphabet, Chinese ideograms,
         I first became familiar                         of the comprehensive Pritzker Zohar, which has whetted   the Chakra followed both in Hinduism and Buddhism, Yin
      with notions of  Tarot in                          my intellectual curiosity.                        and Yang. Just as we have recently seen diverse approaches
      connection with my studies                            Though Professor Matt treats with some skepticism the   to vaccine development that are dissimilar, but ultimately
      of modernism in the arts                           relationship of Tarot to the Jewish mystical tradition, Mr.   achieve a similar successful result. Viruses themselves
      and literature which evolved                       Mark Horn who contemporaneously was raised Jewish   inhabit the occult, and perhaps can be said to render as
      in  the  salon  of  Madame                         suggests a significant connection between the two. Both   many varieties as the mystical experience.
      Blavatsky at the turn of the                       Tarot cards and the Jewish mystical tradition evolved in      Professor  Matt  acknowledges  that  in  an  important
      nineteenth century as she                          the Middle Age from a search for and belief in spiritual   sense, the Jewish mystical tradition draws upon diverse
      taught Theosophy,  Jewish                          sources.  Mr.  Horn  has  derived  much  meaning  in  his   sources, like Islamic Sufism, Hinduism, and Buddhism,
      Mysticism,  and  embraced                          life from the two traditions; after delving into Oriental
      Tarot divination; her salon became a source of influence   meditation, he came to appreciate the Jewish meditative   Book Review on page 5
      of the occult, oriental mysticism in T.S. Eliot’s Wasteland,
      poetry of William Butler Yeats, Wassily Kandinsky in art
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