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      Book Review from page 4                            represented in the Sephirot from the points on the compass,      Tarot today is the mundane practice of prophecy concentrating
                                                         to the beginnings of the universe, history, colors, astrology,   on learning from the errors of the past, for the present, and as
      all of which complement and reveal parallels to Jewish   alchemy, outline of human body parts, and representation   a guide for the future, which the cards are thought to reveal.
      mysticism. The notion of the Kabbalah derives from the   of Biblical figures, and so forth.          The people who seek its guidance likely are seeking diurnal
      Biblical  prophet  Ezekiel  who  divined  the  Chariot  that      The work is rife with theological content, as the Sephirot   advice, should I take this job, leave my spouse, undertake a new
      connects the path of heaven and earth. The ten Sephirot   present various clusters and pathways, emanations that   relationship, renovate my home (as in Feng Shui), or move. There
      are energy forms representing many meanings such as   lead to mystical enlightenment likened to the Big Bang   are parlors a many in South Florida and Boca Raton, and Mark
      ten virtues like Beauty, Love, Wisdom, Understanding,   which transformed energy into matter and continues to   will add you to his following. Meditation practices as well can
      Power, etc. Perhaps the most distinctive characteristics of   mutate matter into energy. The work is very much indebted   be found on a handful of apps. The Palm Beach Post lists among
      Jewish mysticism is the idea of the feminine principals,   to the allegory contained in the Song of Songs as well as   choice of weekend entertainments: hiring someone to perform
      the Shechinah and the Binah, which elevate the role of   the prophetic writings. The Lord himself is perceived as   Tarot readings for about $300 an hour which you can locate on
      the feminine. The presumed author is Moses de Leon, a   wedded to Shechinah, the female principal which embodies   Yelp.
      thirteenth century Jewish scholar residing in Spain where   the Earth, Moon, Queen, Apple Orchard, and King David      for Nikki
      similar idea prevailed such as the service of the troubadour   himself is linked, as well, to the Kingdom of Shechinah.
      to his lady, the knight to his lord, and the Cult of Mary. The      The Zohar teaches the virtue of following the lessons      Dr. Ronald J. Meyers, a resident of La Paz, is an Emeritus
      original ideas were said to be put forth in Palestine by the   of the Torah. But it also contains the element as a guide   Professor of English. 
      first century scholar, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai.     to life and to prophecy, including necromancy, magic,
         The  Pritzker  Zohar  is  essentially  a  commentary  on   and  invocations  of  divine  oracles.  Practical  Kabbalah
      the Torah, drawing upon a multitude of sources from the   century in the work of the Baal Shem Tov (Master of  Watch Your Speed!
                                                         continued to evolve in Judaism through the eighteenth
      prophetic and Biblical writings, and the second volume
      deals with third and later chapters of the Book of Genesis   the  Good  Name  i.e.  God  )  some  would  say  becoming
      depicting the lives and careers of the Patriarchs, Abraham,   more  secular and  even  hedonistic  in its  emphasis  on
      Isaac  and  Jacob.  Father Abraham  in  Professor  Matt’s   a life of joy and celebration; in the twentieth century,      Speeding fines were suspended
      translation and commentary, is a Knight of the Faith in   the  Lubavicher  Rabbi  Menachem  Mendel  Schneerson   due to COVID-19 but have
      undergoing the perfectionism that will designate him as the   expanded the Kabbalist outreach, in terms of messaging   resumed.  Fine  schedule:  6-20
      leader of the Jewish people. He has mounted the rungs of   and merchandising items like red bracelets invocation   mph over the limit $50 and more
      the Sephirot much in the way that a Hindu pursues Chakra,   of the evil eye to ward off demons and has achieved   than 21 mph over the limit $100.
      a Buddhist treads the path to Satori. But for Abraham, his   remarkable success as an evangelical mission.  Please obey the posted speed limit
      fidelity is the service of God. The implication is that the      Mr. Horn’s book takes the form of a meditation on the   signs and drive safely! 
      life of virtue will lead to a reincarnation after death. The   teachings of the Zohar in a very personal way reconciling
      Rabbis are engaged in going about the business of their   himself to his gay predilection, in interpreting the Tarot as
      daily life and sharing insight as they talk and confer about   wedded to Jewish mysticism. He concedes that though there
      the relationship between the worldly and otherworldly.   is no specific evidence of the connection, “nevertheless
      Father Abraham extricated the inhabitants of the world   there is surprising convergence between the structure   Lease Renewals
      from idolatry and introduced them to the worship of the   of Tarot deck early interpretations of the cards, and
      blessed One. His example of devotion and modesty can be   Kabbalistic interpretation about the Tree of Life and the      Renters- If you plan to renew your lease at Boca
      seen as a continuing example for Israel and all mankind.   Sephirot.” He cites his own instruction from the merchant   Pointe, please provide the BPCA Management office
      Isaac also followed his father’s example of goodness and   in the Six of Pentacles, he must balance his life’s goals;   a copy of your renewal lease and vehicle registration
      humility, in particular of a son paying ultimate devotion   while the illustration on the Eight of Pentacles teaches that   prior to your lease expiration date. Both items are
      to his father. Jacob is the progenitor of the twelve tribes   he must subsume his ego to climb the corporate ladder. The   needed to ensure that your transponder does not
      of the Jewish people. Not only have they mounted the   ten of Pentacles indeed explicitly subsumes the structure   get deactivated when the lease ends. Please email to
      supernal steps, but each of the Patriarchs is associated   of the ten Sephirot, and some cards even depict Biblical
      with a specific Sephiro, Abraham with Love, Isaac with   scenes such as Jacob’s dream of the ladder of Nine Swords      Thank you! 
      Power, Jacob with Beauty. There are numerous symbols   ascending to heaven.

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