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      Boca Pointe Advisor – VI

      NOT YOUR TYPICAL                                   you clean out your desk before you make this request.  a DNA sample and trace Daisy’s lineage. This will give
                                                                                                           you valuable background information as a first step.

                                                           b) Probably best to find a new job or new best friend.
      ADVICE COLUMN                                         c) Slip a happy pill in her morning coffee – this should   While you are doing this, we suggest before you receive
                                                         improve the dynamics of your relationship.        any further visitors you cover her mouth with duct tape
      By Alan Arnold and staff                              d) Let her borrow your American Express Black card   and put her in a closet. Most birds are afraid of closets
                                                         for a day or two. We feel certain you will no longer be   as they are very fearful of mothballs.
         Welcome readers to our column. We have been flooded   treated as her subordinate.                    b) Whenever she exhibits bad behavior, punch her in
      with many questions. We will do our best to reply in a      2. I cannot seem to lose any weight. I have a serious   her beak and tell her no dessert if she continues to mis-
      timely manner.                                     eating disorder and have tried just about everything. I   behave.
         Before we start our column there have been some   had to pay for three seats on a plane recently and bring      c) End her subscription to the Berlitz language course
      residents who have questioned my qualifications as well   my own seat belt. Can you give me some advice. Some   “Cursing in Yiddish.” It seems that Daisy has enrolled in
      as the staff as to our experience in providing advice. As   fellow passengers thought I was a manatee and objected   this class.
      the founder, CEO, COO, CFO, and HMO, I would like   to me even boarding the plane. I need help badly.     d) Waterboard her every time she curses. She may start
      to take this opportunity to share my personal background      a) You  first  need  to  find  out  if  this  problem  is  a   cursing at you but hopefully she will come to her senses.
      and experience in this field.                      physical or mental disorder. Your thyroid and pituitary      4.  I  have  made a  practice of  attending  seminars  at
         My professional education consists of graduating at   gland should be examined by your doctor. It might be as   nice restaurants to get financial advice but also enjoy
      the top of my class at The Wharton School of Business   simple as getting the proper medication.     a free meal. I find this has cut down my food expenses
      at the University of Pennsylvania. I obtained a doctorate      b) You might want to stay away from buffets for a   significantly. But I have lost a fortune in Enron, MCI,
      degree in Human Psychology from Harvard and then   while.                                            Arthur Anderson, and numerous other stocks. Do I have
      went  to  Oxford  University  in  England  on  a  Rhoades      c) Overeaters Anonymous is a group you should join.   grounds to file a lawsuit against these firms giving
      Scholarship. After that I lectured around the world and   Most of the members are obese and you will feel much   advice?
      taught the very first classes in psychodrama at Stanford   better  being  with  other  people  twice  your  size. After      a) Unless you were guaranteed to make a profit, you
      University.  I  am  also  a  black  belt  in  karate,  have  a   the meeting, stay away from the danish and donuts they   don’t have a leg to stand on. If you only have one leg,
      master’s degree in marine biology, and spent most of   provide as a snack.                           well that is a whole different story.
      my early 30s as a Navy Seal where I was deployed to      d) After  consulting  with  some  experts  in  this  field      b) We suggest cut your losses and fake food poisoning
      Somalia to resolve the threat of pirates attacking ships   we have been informed of a fool proof diet that is 100%   during your next meal and sue for pain and suffering.
      off the eastern coast of Africa.                   guaranteed to result in weight loss. The advice is you can      c) Only go to seminars offering Kobe beef. Since this
         After  a  successful  career  as  a  Navy  Seal,  I  was  a   eat anything you want, anytime you want, and as much as   is a very expensive cut of meat, wear a long trench coat
      cranberry bogger for a few years and then devoted many   you want – just do not swallow. Your cheeks might get a   and smuggle out as much beef as possible. Sell on Ebay
      years studying the mating habits of loggerhead turtles.   bit puffy, and you might get severe bulging in the throat   and you should do very well.
      Soon after that I was an undercover inmate at Sing Sing   area, but well worth it to get to your desired weight.     d) Stay away from seminars at Red Lobster, Denny’s,
      Prison in Ossining New York where I spent considerable      3. I am sure this is a first for any advice column. I have   Pancake House, and any diner. This is a red flag as no
      time with inmates on death row. I was also a contributing   a mynah bird that I love dearly. The problem is the bird   advice is worth suffering through meals at these locations.
      editor on the TV series Criminal Minds. I co-authored 11   curses at some visitors and it is extremely embarrassing.      5. This is a very personal problem but since my name
      of the early James Patterson books. And I am a world-  And curses in English and Yiddish. I had a rabbi visit   will not be made public, I will tell you what I am dealing
      renowned spelunker. Since I have spent so much time   the other day and the bird called him a loser and a putz.   with and hopefully you can provide me with some help.
      underground in the dark, it has given me an incredible   I  almost  dropped  dead.  Please,  any  suggestions  are   I have a bladder problem and experience leakage at
      perspective into the dark side of the mind.        welcome. Her name is Daisy, and she is a rescue bird.   the worst possible times. I have been to many doctors
         I feel my background in these varied behavioral      a) Yes,  indeed  a  new  one  for  us.  Rescue  animals   but cannot get the help I need. Please, I welcome any
      disciplines has afforded me a unique insight into human   are very tricky. You never know what you are getting.   suggestions.
      behavior. It was shortly after my prison experience that   There is a new app we suggest you download. It is like
      I decided to help others and created this advice column but exclusively for animals. Sign up. Get   Boca Pointe Advisor – VI on page 7
      which has been syndicated in over 1500 national outlets.
         So,  I  trust  the  above  re-assures  everyone  that  my
      staff and I are well equipped to offer sound, professional
         OK – Let us get at it!!                                                         Vino With Sting!
         1. My best friend and roommate just became my boss
      and has been treating me like we never had a friendship.
      I am very uncomfortable in this new situation. How can
      I deal with this?                                   By Laura Berrio, Freelance                       for returning Il Palagio to its previous glory. Now, every
         a) Ask for a raise, dental insurance, more vacation   Writer/Blogger                              August, Sting holds a party for everyone to celebrate and
      time, and the opportunity to work from home. Make sure      Who wants to go to Italy                 thank them for their support. They eat, drink wine and of
                                                          and stay at Sting’s Tuscany                      course he sings a few songs!
                                                          Estate and Vineyard?                                (I want to be on this invitation list!)
                                                            You can rent out the entire
                                                                                                             Sting has named the wine produced from the vineyard
             In Memoriam                                    estate, main house, guesthouses                  after some of his hit songs … (Message in a Bottle, Roxanne,
                                                          and grounds for up to 500
                                                                                                           Sister Moon) just to name a few.
                      Evelyn F. Goodman                   people! When I checked on the                       Sting said, “A wine is like a song – it has a story to tell.”
                                                          price, it appears to be a case of,
                                  Evelyn Goodman was      if you have to ask, you can’t                       Sister Moon has been listed as one of the top picks by
                               born January 21, 1932 in                                                    Wine Spectator Magazine.
                               Brooklyn, NY. She passed   afford it!                                          You can travel to Italy to check it out, or run to your
                               February 13, 2021. Evelyn      It all began when Sting and his wife Trudie were looking   favorite wine store!
                               and her husband Al were    for a summer home in Italy. They found a run-down estate      Try a few and message me on your favorites!!
                               married in 1956 and had    that formerly produced honey, olive oil and wine. They      ~ Cheers
                               65 beautiful years together   bought the property, Il Palagio, because of the view! Then      ~ Keep the conversation going and
                               and raised  their family   they began a decade-long project of bringing the estate,   the wine flowing!
                               in Trumbull,  CT. They     vineyard and olive groves back to life.
                               moved to Boca Raton, FL                                                        Follow the Vine on Instagram
                               in 1994 where they have       Sting invited all of the neighbors and town locals to   @VineVibeUncorked.
                               happily resided for the past   the farm shop on the estate for a party to share their plans
                               27 years. Evelyn was a                                           Paid Advertisement
                               proud wife, mom, grandma
                               and great grandma. She
        was smart, beautiful, warm, classy and funny. Always
        fashionable and elegant, a bright light in the world! Evelyn   Serving Palm Beach and Broward County ª
        was a great story teller and engaged all that were in her
        presence. She also had a passion for painting and captured   YOUR BOCA POinte neiGHBOR AnD ReALtOR
        a landscape, architecture or people in beautiful ways.
          Evelyn  and  Al founded a company  in the 1970s     Providing you with exceptional service and possessing unrivaled expertise
        which grew and became one of the largest in the US,                    of the Boca Raton and Delray Beach markets.
        in its niche of advertising.  Evelyn found the world                           Celebrating 40 Years In Real Estate
        of business challenging  and  rewarding.  She was a
        graduate of Brooklyn College with a BS in business.                            experience does matter... Realtor since 1981.
          Evelyn’s greatest joy in life was her family. She is
        survived by her husband Al, sons and daughter-in-laws,                              CALL FOR YOUR FRee COnSULtAtiOn
        Steve and Kim and Marc and Joyce, six grandchildren,                           Prudence J. (PJ) Carswell
        Alexsey, Blake, Chase, Jared, Josh, Kelcy and a great-                         Licensed Real Estate Advisor • Licensed CAM
        grandchild, Beckham.                                                           two office locations to
          Evelyn is greatly loved and missed by her family                             serve you in Boca Raton
        and friends.
          Donations to be made in Evelyn’s name to                            & Delray Beach
        to plant a tree or to a charity of your choice.                         Direct: 954-242-4260
                    Paid for by the Goodman family                    
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