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       Boca Pointe Advisor – VI from page 6              help you get through these hard times. We feel the interest      c)  He  should  have  read  the  fine  print  on  the  deli
                                                         rate of 23% is a bit high, but at least this is an option for   coupon which excluded lean meat of any type. It stated
         a) You might want to consider a double layer of N95   you to consider.                            a No Return Policy for fatty deli sandwiches.
      masks at the point of leakage. Since the fit of the masks      8. Our daughter has told us she wants a sex change      d) Deli meats are usually fatty. Suggest next time he
      can be adjusted this might be a solution.          operation. She told us she feels like a man in a woman’s   order tuna or egg salad. And we were wondering if you
         b) If you experience soil damage to your clothing, just   body. We have no idea what to do as we are clueless with   got charged for the knish?
      let it be and if asked, just tell anyone, as a love child of   what is happening today with sexual identity problems.      Another advice column will be out next month. Some
      the 60s, you tie dye all your clothing which would explain   We need some professional help.         answers to prior questions: c, b, w, l, p, c, c, c, abba, kcdc,
      the discoloration, staining and soil patterns. Just say it      a) If your daughter drinks, spits, gambles, curses, and   acdc, lmnop, eieio, zztop. Hope you are doing well with
      with a straight face.                              smokes cigars, she most likely is a man in a women’s   getting the correct answers. We look forward to our next
         c) Try a holistic approach to solve your problem since   body.                                    issue with more expert advice. Until then, please stay
      regular treatment has not worked. Check out this website      b)  Based  on  this,  see  if  her  insurance  covers  this   safe, wear masks, and social distance.
      for names of leakage mitigation doctors in your area –   procedure and proceed accordingly.                               c) To really find out her true sexual identity – give her      The author of this Advice Column, Alan Arnold lives
         d)  Travel  everywhere  you  go  by  horseback.  The   a choice of replacing the 140 pairs of shoes in her closet   in Southwinds, Meridiana, La Paz, and has a seasonal
      saddle will prove to be very helpful. No leakage will be   with all new designer shoes, or free beer for 3 years. We   rental in the Edgewater Estates. 
      detected at all. Just might be hard to find a water trough   think her choice will provide her real identity.
      and hitching post in Boca. Might want to consider moving      d)  Find  out  if  she  shaves  her  legs,  underarms,  and
      to Davie or Wellington.                            face. Body parts with excessive hair should help identify
                                                         her real sex. Also see if she has any Playboy magazines
         6. My son is responsible for changing all the light   hidden under her bed. If so, it is safe to assume she is  Hadassah
      bulbs  in  all  Motel  6s  in  Broward  County.  In  a  recent
      site inspection one bulb was not working and that was   more male than female. This requires further medical
      the reason given for his on the spot termination. He has   treatment.                                 Geula-Atid Chapter and
      been the VP of Light Bulbs for about 2 years and now      9.  My  husband  and  I  just  rescued  a  dog  from The
      must deal with this during COVID times. Was his firing   Humane Society. We were told the dog would not present   L’Dor V’Dor Group
      unreasonable?                                      a problem barking and would be a wonderful companion.
         a) We checked with Senior Management at Motel 6   In the two weeks we have her she constantly barks and
      Corporate Headquarters and they told us this problem has   is a real nuisance. What should we do?        Hadassah, the
      occurred many times and they must have all lights on all      a) Put the dog in an Amazon carton and bring her back   Women’s Zionist
      the time. So, it appears his firing was justified.  to Kohls. Just do not include your name. Amazon will   Organization
         b) One of our staff visited your son at his home to   sell the dog on Prime.                       of America,
      get his version of events and saw 117 mattresses with      b) Dogs bark. Cats meow. Kangaroos hop. You and   inspires a passion
      the  Motel  6  logo.  We  think  this  problem  goes  way   your husband should seek help asap.       and commitment
      beyond light bulbs. Count your blessings he is not in jail      c) Put a cue card in front of her when she barks that   to its partnership with the land and people of Israel. It
      as mattress theft is a federal offense with a minimum   says  in  big  bold  letters  –  NO  BARKING!!! This  has   enhances the health of people worldwide through its
      sentence of 5 years.                               helped others who have contacted us with the same   support of care and research at the Hadassah Medical
         c) To offset the loss of income, we suggest your son   problem.                                    Organization  in  Jerusalem.  Hadassah  empowers  its
      sell these mattresses to the My Pillow Guy and market      d) Start giving her cat food and buy a box and fill it   members and supporters, as well as youth in Israel and
      them as My Mattresses.                             with kitty litter. We guarantee your dog will stop barking   America, through opportunities for personal growth,
         d) Your son might want to open a bed and breakfast   and start meowing!                            education, advocacy and Jewish continuity.
      via VRBO. Since he already has the beds, he is halfway      10. My husband made such a scene last week at the deli      Did you know??? Hadassah supports three Youth
      there.                                             that I was so embarrassed I had to stuff a potato knish in   Villages in Israel. These are home to immigrants and
         7. My husband and I prepaid for a trip before COVID   his mouth to shut him up. He ordered a lean corned beef   at-risk children in Israel. Druze, Bedouins, Arabs and
      changed the world. It has been almost a year and we still   sandwich and it was very fatty. He ate the sandwich but   Israel youth live and learn together.
      cannot get our money back. We are on a fixed income   complained to the waiter that it was not what he ordered
      and count every penny we spend. Can you help us get   and insisted the waiter take the charge off the bill. The         JOIN US!
      our money?                                         waiter told my husband he could have done that but since       Call: Susan 561 208-1632
         a) The  name  of  the  travel  agency  you  used  should   he ate the sandwich there is nothing he could do. My
      have been a red flag. Fly by the Seat of Your Pants travel   husband had a temper tantrum. Did my husband have a    JOIN our BOARD!
      agency leads us to believe you will never see your money   legitimate beef?                                      Call: Marge 904 347-6383
      again. Sorry.                                         a) We happen to have a deli expert on our staff and
         b) Instead of counting your pennies, you should have   consulted with her for advice and she mentioned the order   STAY HEALTHY ... STAY WELL 
      been counting your dollars. Sorry.                 should have been very lean, not just lean. The fault is
         c) Consider drinking again as this money is basically   with your husband.
      gone. Sorry.                                          b) The other problem is your husband ate the sandwich
         d) We found a company that can loan you money to   and also pocketed some sweet n low. He has no case.

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