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      Manage Stress                                                                                          Looking Forward

      With Exercise & Laughter                                                                               With A Smile

      By Oris Martin,
      Fitness Director – Acts Retirement Life Communities                                                    By Judith Levy

         What does exercise and laughter have in common?                                                        Everyday  I  get  up
      They’re both great stress busters!                                                                     looking forward to a
         It’s said that laughter is the best medicine. However,                                              bright day and in short
      as life gets more complicated it’s becoming increasingly                                               order I’m shot down. I
      more complicated to find relief in laughter. Laughter is                                               try to plan out my day,
      a way of expressing humor or joy that has numerous                                                     but there’s little to plan
      physical benefits.                                                                                     and hardly anywhere
         Laughter stimulates the major organs by increasing                                                  to go. Other than the
      oxygen intake to the heart, lungs, and muscles. In addition,                                           supermarket or an
      it stimulates the brain to release more endorphins. It                                                 occasional dinner, out of doors of course, my day
      also strengthens the immune system, relieves pain, and      Getting physical activity every day is another great   consists of household chores and phone calls to and
      improves mood, all while helping people to manage stress   way to cope with stress. As with laughter, when you   from people I’d forgotten I ever knew and though
      by easing tension, relaxing the muscles, and lowering   exercise, your brain releases chemicals that make you feel   I’m pleased they thought of me, I’ll probably never
      blood pressure.                                    good. Aerobic exercise such as walking outdoors or on   see or speak to them again. So, I’m trying to look
         At the same time, it decreases the levels of the stress   the treadmill, cycling or spinning classes, swimming laps,   forward but to what and to when?
      hormone cortisol, which when elevated interferes with   and dancing can also help you release built-up energy      I know I’m in a funk, but there doesn’t seem to
      the parts of the brain that manages emotions. Cortisol   or frustration. Find something you enjoy that gets you   be a vaccine for that. Well, good news I’m finally
      is also thought to be a factor in the development of   moving and do it for at least 30 minutes on most days.  getting my COVID vaccine today. My husband got
      heart disease, cancer, and dementia, because it increases      Mind body exercise such as Yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong   his injection a month ago from the VA. They wouldn’t
      inflammation in the body and interferes with the immune   are also very effective at reducing stress. They all use   give it to me even though I told them I’m married
      system, putting us at increased risk for disease.   slow controlled movements and breathing techniques to   fifty-two years and that surely makes me a veteran.
         Studies show that the benefits of laughter can be long   help slow your heart rate and lower your blood pressure.     Hooray, I finally received my first COVID shot!
      term, and over time it increases personal satisfaction,      What if you combine exercise and laughter? Wouldn’t   Not easily. I had to go to a park on Sample Road
      lessens depression and anxiety, and makes you feel   that be the perfect combination? Laughter yoga does   and go on a journey that was non-ending. I travelled
      happier.                                           just that. In these classes, people practice laughter as   in my car what seemed to be miles and miles, stop
         If you do not have a natural sense of humor, here   a group, and although it may seem strange at first,   and go. I thought the place for this shot must be in
      are some things that you can do to cultivate humor and   participants soon loosen up and find themselves laughing   Philadelphia. Finally, I got there and some kind lady
      laughter. First take another look at the very situations that   spontaneously.                         gave me an unnoticeable pinch on my shoulder and
      cause you stress and try to find humor in them. Keep a      If laughter is the best medicine, and exercise is good   voila I was protected. Now I was required to wait
      stock of movies, cartoons, and books that you find funny,   medicine, together they’re a winning combination that   fifteen minutes to be certain I didn’t have any adverse
      and go to them when you need a humor boost.        can provide years of good health and happiness.    effects, which thankfully I didn’t. The only effect I
                                                                                                             had was a sense of protection and freedom from fear
                                                                                                             which wrapped its arms around me, and it felt so
           Advertise in This Newspaper! Call 561-746-3244                                                    good. So, I’m urging everyone, ignore how irritating
                                                                                                             it is to get on your computer at ungodly hours only
                                                                                                             to find you are cut off and you need to get up again
                                                                                                             another morning to go through this awful rigmarole
                                                                                                             or call again to a line that’s perpetually busy, I say
                                                                                                             do it! The rewards you will feel when you finally
                                                                                                             accomplish this daunting task will be worth the effort,
                                                                                                             I promise, and it will bring peace of mind to your
                                                                                                             family too.
                                                                                                                So now, I’m looking forward to eating out, still
                                                                                                             outdoors of course, still wearing my mask, and
                                                                                                             socially distancing, and looking forward to hearing
                                                                                                             how my grandchild is doing back at school, and just
                                                                                                             feeling much better about the future. All this from a
                                                                                                             little pinch, with no after side effects for me at all,
                                                                                                             just a dose of the good life lurking around the corner.
                                                                                                             So, cheer up and please look forward too.

                                                                                                                Judith Levy is the New York Times best-selling
                                                                                                             author of GRANDMOTHER REMEMBERS, which
                                                                                                             has sold over four million copies, and the mega best-
                                                                                                             seller GRANDFATHER REMEMBERS, published by
                                                                                                             HarperCollins. 

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