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VOL. 31 NO. 4                                    FAX 561-624-9088 • E-MAIL                                           APRIL 2021

      PGA POA Jottings

      By Dawn Levinstein,                                can ensure the information is updated. Remember to include   There were some areas of rust and deterioration on the decks
      PGA POA                                            your PGA Address when you respond.                and a couple of the spring animals are damaged so please stay
         Hi! I’ve missed you!                            ANNUAL MEETING AND ELECTIONS:                     away from the play equipment. The Board is in the process
      Hope everyone is staying                              The PGA POA held the annual meeting (with masks,   of selecting new equipment for BOTH Marlwood Park and
      healthy and continuing to                          social  distancing,  sanitizers  and  other  protections  in   Burwick Park but it has to be manufactured and installed so
      use caution to help prevent                        place). In the PGA Resort Ballroom with the potential   it will be a while. Residents may take children to Marlwood
      the spread of the COVID-19                         to seat approximately 1,000 people, we spaced seating   Park until we are able to have both play areas replaced.
      virus.                                             to accommodate 300. There were 73 property owners in      Benches: The POA used to have an “In Honor Of”
         Many of the seasonal                            attendance so here are some updates for those who did not   program where property owners could purchase a tree, plant
      residents and renters were                         attend:                                           or bench in Masters Park. The program was discontinued
      back this year which is                               Election Results: Please welcome Ginny Luongo, Jack   years ago but the benches and plants remain (of course).
      one reason why the POA                             Hughes and Sam Boyd back for another two year term and   The benches that were supposed to be all recycled lumber
      office continues to work remotely. We apologize for any   welcome new Board member Bill Health. It was a good   and aluminum had one metal component that failed and
      inconvenience but we are trying to protect you (and us)   election with nine candidates. Thank you to all who ran   cannot be placed so the benches are being replaced within
      and keep everyone healthy. We appreciate your continued   for election – the residents of PGA National are lucky to   approximately the next 30 days.
      cooperation.                                       have so many dedicated and qualified people wanting to   ABOUT THE MONEY
         Directions for getting a vehicle barcode; lease, sale and   serve the community. Many candidates will be joining POA      The Board is currently working on the budget for the
      ARC applications; and other information and updates can   Committees and will hopefully run again in the future.  2021/22 fiscal year. The new assessment notices will be
      be found on the POA website ( and of      Community Improvements: The POA Board of Governors   mailed June 1 and the assessment to PGA POA will be due
      course you can always call our office at (561) 627-2800 if   have tentatively selected an artist to design the sculpture   July 1. For the past few years, the annual assessment has
      you have questions or need assistance.             planned at the “ellipse” at the main entry to PGA National.   remained at $740.00 but at this time it appears there may be
      PLEASE UPDATE YOUR INFORMATION:                    I’ve mentioned it and some other projects for more than   a need for a small increase. The Board deferred this last year
         The POA now has the ability to send PGA property owners   a year but the virus and other factors slowed the process.   due to the pandemic and they are doing their best to prevent
      notices via email. It is NOT the Board’s intention to regularly   Over the next few months, the POA will share the design   an increase this year, but it might be unavoidable.
      send email blasts but there are sometimes matters that are   with all the residents. Funds for this work and the PGA   HAVE A GOOD SUMMER
      important to share quickly so please be sure we have your   Blvd enhancements still on the long range plans, have been      For seasonal residents who are returning to your ‘northern’
      email address(es). You can drop a note at the POA office   collected in the annual budget’s Capital Improvements line   homes, don’t forget to have someone available to secure
      with your name, PGA address and your email address or   item.                                        your property in case of a storm. It is also critical that you
      you can email same to me at DawnL@LangManagement.     Playground: Those in residence probably noted that the   remember to set your alarm (which you should always do
      com and please copy so we   playground in Burwick park has been closed for 2 months.   but certainly while you are away!).

      Commissioner’s Update

      Sound Water Strategies                             according to the South Florida Water Management District.   and local stakeholders in achieving restoration of our
                                                         Rainfall mainly recharges the aquifers, but they also receive   critical resources. The county, along with local districts
      By Commissioner                                    water from lakes, streams and groundwater flows.  and  municipalities,  has  requested  more  than  $2.8M  in
      Maria Marino                                          The C-51 Reservoir project – 15 years in the making –   appropriations this year from the State Legislature toward
         Water resources in Palm                         is under construction on Southern Boulevard near 20 Mile   projects to benefit the Loxahatchee River, including:
      Beach County are part of                           Bend. This reservoir will store excess storm water for later      • Sawfish Island Restoration
      a complex, interconnected                          distribution during the dry season. Additional benefits will      •  Seminole Avenue  and  Pennock  Industrial  Park
      system, and decisions                              include enhanced flood protection and water quality, and   stormwater improvements
      made at the regional, state                        will help combat saltwater intrusion and provide other      • Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse Outstanding Natural Area
      and federal levels can                             environmental benefits.                           Living Shoreline (erosion control)
      dramatically affect local                             Two main environmental initiatives this project will      • Loxahatchee River Mile Six Gap Closure and Oxbow
      communities. While Florida                         serve are the restoration of the Lake Worth Lagoon and   Restoration Maintenance (preventing saltwater intrusion)
      averages five feet of rainfall                     the Loxahatchee River Watershed Restoration Project. The      • Sims Creek Preserve Hydrologic Restoration
      per year, it is essential that                     Northwest Fork of the Loxahatchee River is one of only      • Section Seven Drainage Improvement Project
      we support strategies to store, filter and send water to critical   two rivers in the state and the only river in South Florida      • Loxahatchee River Sediment Study
      facilities, drinking water resources and wetlands, and reduce   with the national designation as a Wild and Scenic River.      In February, the county  commission unanimously
      what is lost to tide.                              These delicate ecosystems are vulnerable to harmful algae   passed a resolution urging the state to implement specific
         Most of the fresh water we use in South Florida comes   discharges from Lake Okeechobee and saltwater intrusion.   activities to help improve the quality of water resources
      from surficial aquifers and the Floridan Aquifer system. The   Having reservoirs, stormwater treatment areas and flow   including grant programs, technology, collaboration on the
      aquifers are composed of multiple layers of porous rock and   ways over wetlands allows us to send clean water east to   implementation of projects, and supporting SFWMD to
      supply approximately 90 percent of the state’s drinking water,   the lagoon and gradually north to the Loxahatchee River   identify and prioritize additional funding. The commission
                                                                                 Watershed. Sending filtered   also approved a resolution urging Congress to fund the
                                                                                 fresh water in, and keeping   U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Central and Southern
                                                                                 saltwater out, is what helps   Florida Flood Resiliency Study, and to appropriate funding
                                                                                 fresh water aquatic species   for the implementation in the Army Civil Works program,
                                                                                 thrive in their habitat.  in partnership with SFWMD, for flood and storm damage
                                                                                   Palm Beach County is an   reduction.
                                                                                 active partner with the South      These partnerships are vital to executing sound water
                                                                                 Florida Water Management   strategies and I look forward to reporting on further progress
                                                                                 District  (SFWMD),  the   as these projects move forward.
                                                                                 Florida Department of        Please contact me if I can assist you at (561) 355-2201
                                                                                 Environmental Protection   or by email at
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