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VOL. 26 NO. 4                                                                              APRIL 2021

                                                             Singer Spotlight

        BallenIsles Charities Foundation Provides Funding To The

          Palm Beach Gardens Police And Fire Rescue Foundation

         BallenIsles Charities Foundation has again set a fundraising record. During their 10-year
      anniversary, the foundation awarded grants of $800,000 to 46 local organizations and over
      $4.6 million since inception. Who could have predicted that? This year’s total includes the
      funding of a special impact grant to the PBG Police and Fire Rescue Foundation’s emergency
      financial assistance fund of $30,000 which helps our first responders and their families.
         The Palm Beach Gardens Police and Fire Rescue Foundation has received funding
      from the BallenIsles Charities Foundation to establish an emergency financial assistance
      fund for police and fire rescue personnel. The $30,000 donation was provided to support
      Palm Beach Gardens first responders in times of extraordinary financial need.
         “This multiyear commitment by the BallenIsles Charities Foundation has allowed us to
      broaden our mission. It allows our Police and Fire Rescue Foundation to reach the next level
      of support for our first responders,” said Irwin F. Edenzon, president of the Police and Fire
      Rescue Foundation.

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                                Art event                                                         FundrAiSing event

        Seventh Annual Wild & Scenic                                                Old Bags Luncheon : There’s

      Film Festival – On Tour Returns                                                        No Going ‘Bag’ Now!

           April 10 With A Virtual Film                                               outside the box” reimagined success! The question was never if there would be an Old Bags
                                                                                      What began as an uncertain, treacherous year for fundraising, turned into a “think
                     Festival Experience                                            Luncheon , it was how. The creative minds at Center for Family Services took a leap of
                                                                                    faith in their community and delivered something so special and so unique; the consensus
         Environmental Awareness Films Connect 180-                                 was astounding.

                                                                                      The focus of the Center’s 60th Anniversary, Old Bags Luncheon Diamond Jubilee, was
        Plus Communities Around The World, Benefits                                 to raise much-needed funds to continue serving the rising needs of mental health services
               Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse And Museum                                  in Palm Beach County. The event also gave back to the community; a community that has,
                                                                                    for so many years, supported the Old Bags Luncheon with silent auction donations and
                                                                                    generous sponsorships. Due to the reimagined design, over 60 businesses on Worth Avenue
         It’s back for a seventh                                                    partnered with Center for Family Services to create an event unlike any other held on Palm
      year and it’s about to get                                                    Beach Island before.
      “wild & scenic!” The
      Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse
      and Museum is excited
      to present the Wild &
      Scenic Film Festival
      – On Tour (WSFF) to

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                                                                                    Laura Moore Tanne, Shawn  Jana Angel,  Stephanie   Judy Harpel, Sonja
                                                                                    Jan                     Schwed, Erin Sykes       Stevens

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