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VOL. 29 NO. 5                                                                                  MAY 2021

       Chairman’s Corner                                                                    Community Association

                                                                                                    Annual Meeting
       By Barry J. Haberman, BPCA Chair and President

       Celebration Time                                                                           All Village Association Directors Invited

          Hopefully, all families over the age of eighteen have had                              Open to residents who would like to attend
       the COVID – 19 vaccines.
          Now is the time to enjoy Mother’s Day (May 9th). Get                                           Tuesday, May 18th, 2021
       together with your family and start to celebrate life again.                            The Club at Boca Pointe Main Dining Room
          Thank you to all of the first service responders and                                9:30 am Registration • 10:00 am Meeting Begins.
       essential care workers for all that you do for mankind.
          Thank you, Thank you, Thank you………                                                                      Agenda
          May we also thank all of the women and men who have
       served our country. Honor them on Monday, May 31st with a prayer and a blessing.                Year End BPCA Audit Results
          We should also be grateful for the wonderful life that exists in Boca Pointe. I, personally,   Mark Gerstle of Gerstle, Rosen and Goldberg, CPA’s
       want to express my appreciation to all of our residents.                                           BPCA Board Election
      ’Tis The (Off) Season                                                                     Village Presidents will elect BPCA Directors

                                                                                                     for Districts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9.
                                                                                                          and 6 AT Large Directors
       By Justin Mocha, Director of Security
                                                                                                     “State of the Association” Address
          As we head into the offseason in South Florida, here are some security related items   BPCA Chairman/President Barry J. Haberman
       for guests and residents to consider.
          First, the offseason may be busier than usual. With increased access to vaccinations   If you would like to run for an AT Large position,
       and the lifting of COVID related restrictions in Florida, our gate entry statistics have           please contact our office.
       rebounded back to normal levels over the past couple of months. Additionally, we have
       seen a large increase in realtor traffic through the gates showing properties and of course   We ask that all attendees please RSVP the BPCA Management office
       the associated traffic with preparing and renovating properties for sale and after sale.
          Our gatehouses and roads may be as busy as they are during the season, at least for   561-395-7551 so that appropiate social distancing measures
       a time, and I urge residents to plan accordingly. Drive safely and please list your guests   may be observed. Masks are required. 
       whenever possible in order to reduce delays at the gatehouse. Gate Officers will make
       courtesy calls to homes when a guest or vendor is unlisted- but this is a courtesy that is
         Second, if you are leaving town this offseason, ensure you have a local contact who  BPCA Treasurer’s Report
       not performed if the line of cars is backed up.

       can assist with accessing your home during an emergency. Update your ‘away’ contact
       information in the event we need to get ahold of you during an emergency. Make sure your   By Harvey Kaplan
       alarm system is functioning and your home is secure—forward your mail and newspaper
       subscription.                                                                 As Treasurer of Boca Pointe Community Association I
          And remember, if you do sell your home at Boca Pointe (or purchase one!), Boca Pointe   am pleased to report on several developments which have
       Community Association must be contacted so we can update our resident files in a timely   favorable financial implications for the residents of Boca
       manner. If you are renting out your residence, in addition to approvals from your village   Pointe. The recently negotiated contract with Comcast provides
       association, BPCA must also be notified, again, in order to update our files. Having accurate   each village receive a one-time signing bonus and incentive
       owner and tenant information is crucial to smooth operation at the gatehouses.   payment of $125 per residence. Checks in the amount of
                                                                                  $125 times the number residences within the community have
         Please Help                                                              already been sent to each village to use as they deem necessary.
                                                                                  Please note that every single dollar received from Comcast has
                                                                                  been passed on to each village in its entirety.
           Prior to COVID, Boca Pointe residents were donating their extra clothing to the      On another matter of importance, the $6M loan used to
        homeless. The homeless shelters are now able to accept clothing again. Please bring   finance the renaissance project will be retired later this year nearly two years ahead of
        any clean clothing that you would like to donate. The drop off location is the BPCA   schedule. By exercising fiscal responsibility the Board successfully accelerated paying
        office located at 6909 SW 18th St. Suite A120 in the Boardwalk shopping plaza. Due   down the loan by increasing the amount of the monthly payments. This achievement
        to the generosity of Boca Pointe residents, many homeless have been given very much   will save the Association nearly $750K annually in debt servicing expenses and give
        needed clothes. Let’s continue helping those less fortunate. Thank you!!   us greater flexibility when preparing future budgets. Please be assured the Board is
                                                                                  totally committed to keeping monthly fees as low as possible without compromising
                                                                                  the high quality of services our residents have come to expect. 

                                                                                    Watch Your Speed!

                                                                                      Speeding fines were suspended due to COVID-19 but have
                                                                                   resumed. Fine schedule: 6-20 mph over the limit $50 and more
                                                                                   than 21 mph over the limit $100. Please obey the posted speed
                                                                                   limit signs and drive safely! 
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