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VOL. 13 NO. 5                                                                                  MAY 2021

      Paddling Against Breast Cancer

        The Lighthouse Dragons                           one for 10 paddlers, plus a                       cancer survivors with a healthy and emotionally supportive
      dragon boat team celebrated their                  coach and steerer. The team                       outlet from the rigors of their recovery. Please consider
      fifth anniversary by moving into                   has participated in dragon                        supporting our mission with a tax-deductible donation. No
      a new home base. Lighthouse                        boat races both locally and                       act of generosity is too small to make a difference. Donations
      Dragons are thrilled to relocate                   internationally.                                  can be made via Pay Pal to Lighthouse Dragons or through
      to Bert Winters Park on Ellison                      You  can  join  us  for  a            
      Wilson  Road. They  share  the                     complimentary introductory
      space with North Palm Beach Rowing Club and Shifting Gears   paddle.  No  experience
      United, an adaptive kayak team serving disabled veterans.  is  necessary  –  we  will                 Mary Imle Of
        The Lighthouse Dragons provide breast cancer survivors   train  you  and  provide
      physical and emotional support as well as a tight bond of   equipment. Reserve a seat
      friendship through the sport of dragon boating.    for Wednesday evening or Saturday morning session at   Jupiter Honored
        Dragon boating is an ancient sport, and there are teams all
      over the world. In 1996 a Canadian doctor proved the efficacy     The Lighthouse Dragons are eternally grateful to our main
                                                         sponsor – Jupiter Medical Center. We also welcome support
      of dragon boating in combating lymphedema in breast   from the community for our mission of providing breast  During National
      cancer survivors. Additionally, his research emphasized
      the empowering effects
      of learning something                                                                                 Volunteer Week
      new and the sisterhood
      of survivors.
        The Lighthouse                                                                                        In honor of National
      Dragons have a roster of                                                                              Volunteer Week, Jupiter
      60 members, male and                                                                                  Medical Center is
      female, including both                                                                                honoring Mary Imle, of
      breast cancer survivors                                                                               Jupiter, for her more than
      and team supporters.                                                                                  40  years  of  volunteer
      The team has two                                                                                      service to the hospital.
      dragon boats, one for 20                                                                              Imle,  93,  joined  the
      paddlers and a smaller  Spring 2019                                                                   hospital’s  Auxiliary
                                                                                                            group  in  1980  first
      ACCF Annual Golf Tournament                                                                           serving in the gift shop
                                                                                                            helping them organize their inventory.
      ‘Swing To Achieve’                                                                                      She found a gift shop with no records, no pricing
                                                                                                            policy, and a very limited inventory – “only candy bars,
                                                                                                            and at least 50 salt and pepper shakers,” Imle recalled.
                                                                                                              Cash was kept in a cardboard box, and a muffin tin
      Presented By Northern Trust,                                                                          held the change. Imle had no retail experience, but her
      Raises Over $16,000 To Benefit                                                                        first friend in town ran a gift shop in Tequesta, and she
      Achievement Centers For                                                                               helped Imle set up a proper shop and even shared some
      Children & Families                                                                                   inventory with her. Imle ordered the shop’s first cash
                                                                                                            register, and had the volunteers trained to use it.
        Achievement Centers for Children &                                                                    A year later, Imle convinced the Auxiliary’s president
      Families (ACCF) raised over $16,000 at                                                                to let her create a new position at the front desk to greet
      its Second Annual Palm Beach Par-3 Golf                                                               people and help direct them to the proper location within the
      Tournament, presented by Northern Trust,                                                              hospital. Up until the pandemic, she volunteered five days a
      at the Palm Beach Par-3 Golf Club, on                                                                 week both in the main lobby and in the family waiting area.
      Saturday, April 3.                                                                                      When asked about her favorite job, however, there was
        Attendees  enjoyed  a  day  of  golf,                                                               no hesitation: “Greeter is my absolute favorite job.”
      raffles,  contests,  and  ocean  views  that                                                            Even in the midst of the COVID pandemic, Imle finds
      benefited  Achievement  Centers  for                                                                  ways to volunteer. Every month she collects donated
      Children & Families, a community-based                                                                items from her neighbors and arranges for Jupiter Medical
      nonprofit  supporting  hundreds  of  local                                                            Center’s Thrift Shop truck to come pick them up.
      children  and  their  families  annually  by                                                            Reflecting on her years of service, Imle says she is
      providing access to a variety of programs                                                             grateful for the privilege of being a part of the growth
      year-round.                                                                                           of Jupiter Medical Center. She gives thanks for the
                                                                                                            regular training that volunteers receive, which enables
                                                                                                            the volunteers to better serve our community.
                                                                                                              “It is that sense of community that sets Jupiter Medical
                                                                                                            Center apart,” Imle said. And most of all, she is grateful
                                                                                                            for the many lasting friendships that have blessed her
                                                                                                            many years at the hospital.
                                                                                                              When not volunteering at the hospital, Imle is serving
                                                                                                            as president of the resident council at Mangrove Bay and
                                                                                                            leads the water aerobics class when the activities director
                                                                                                            is unavailable.
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