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      Commissioner’s Update

      Hurricane Preparedness 2021                        and first-aid supplies, paper goods and a full prescription of your   power, this will prevent melting. Put that ice in a plastic tub and
                                                         required medications, keeping important documents secured in   keep it in the freezer. Take all of those recyclable water bottles
      By Commissioner                                    a waterproof container can save you time and aggravation later.   you have around the house and fill with tap water and any other
      Maria Marino                                       Cleaning supplies, tools, and of course, candles and/or flashlights   container you can seal. This saves you from having to buy an
        With hurricane season                            and batteries are essential.                      overabundance of plastic water bottles. Your dishwasher, washer
      around the corner, it is                             • Be informed – along with monitoring local radio, television   and dryer make great storage places for items you want to keep
      important that we remain                           and social media, you can sign up for ALERTPBC, the county’s   dry if you experience water intrusion. I remember once filling
      mindful of preparation. After                      emergency notification system, that will quickly provide you with   my dishwasher with my heirloom china. If you are a diabetic
      the past year of stocking up                       critical information in severe weather, unexpected road closures,   or have any medications that need to be kept cold, please make
      on toilet paper, paper towels,                     missing persons and evacuation of buildings or neighborhoods.   sure to have enough ice in a cooler to keep your medicines cold
      cleaning products and hand                         You can specify where you want the message sent. By   should you lose power. Have a phone charger you can use in your
      sanitizer, we cannot neglect                       downloading the free PBC DART app on your smartphone,   car, especially if you do not have a landline phone. Lastly, be a
      our hurricane supply kits.                         you will have immediate access to up-to-the-minute emergency   “check-in buddy” with your friends and family so that everyone
        I  can  already  hear  the                       information, and you can report damage following a storm event.  will know who is safe.
      collective groan, made worse by recent news reports from the     • Get involved – our emergency managers like to say that     Remember to complete all major cutting of vegetation,
      National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration about moving   preparedness is a responsibility we all share, and this is so   including tree removal long before June, which means that you
      up the season start date by a few weeks. The storm season of   true. You can volunteer with organizations that activate during   should focus on this type of property maintenance between
      2020 was the sixth in a row in which named tropical storms   disasters such as American Red Cross, The Salvation Army,   December and April. If your trimmings exceed the allowable six
      developed before the official start on June 1.     United Way, Medical Reserve Corps, and the Community   cubic yards at the curb for unincorporated areas or beyond what
        Palm Beach County has the resources you need to prepare and   Emergency Response Team (CERT). CERT is a community-  your municipality allows, Solid Waste Authority can arrange
      respond. Our Division of Emergency Management is your go-to   based organization of residents who learn how to take   for removal of vegetation at a rate of $8 per cubic yard. For
      for the latest information on matters you should consider, such   emergency response actions in safe ways until the professional   more information about debris removal, visit https://www.swa.
      as your flood zone, evacuation zone, emergency shopping list,   emergency responders can respond. The Division of Emergency   org/153/Before-During-and-After-the-Storm.
      FEMA tips for storage of food and water, shelters, gas stations   Management has trained over 3,200 CERTs throughout     If you have specific questions or concerns about the
      and grocery stores with generators, and the list goes on.  Palm Beach County in disaster preparedness, response, and   accessibility of the Official Palm Beach County Hurricane
        From the county’s webpage at  communications.                         Planning Guide, we have trained individuals available to assist
      publicsafety/dem/Pages/Preparedness.aspx, you can explore   Things I’ve Learned Along The Way        you. Please contact public affairs directly at (561) 355-2754, or
      links to find out how you can best prepare, based on your personal     Although you may have insured your valuables, take pictures   via email at As always, if I can
      situation. The basic steps include:                of them and if you can, move them to a safe place. Make sure to   be of assistance to you, please call me at (561) 355-2201 or send
        • Make a plan – devise your own disaster plan including   remove your ice from the icemaker and turn it off. If you lose   an email to
      where you will wait out a storm, what you will do with your
      pets and whether a loved one requires the care of a special needs
        • Build a kit – in additional to nonperishable food, health
                                                            Introductory Massage                                 $59

        It’s The Law!

        Did You Know That, In


        By Adam S. Gumson, Esq.
          A durable power of
        attorney designates an                                  561-745-1002
        Attorney-in-Fact to make
        certain financial decisions                               654 West Indiantown
        for  the  incapacitated
        person, such as handling                                Road, Jupiter, FL 33458
        banking  and  stock                            
        transactions, the sale of
        real estate or handling tax
        or insurance issues.
          There is no Community
        Property.  Courts  follow  the  doctrine  of  equitable
        distribution when dividing marital assets. With both
        distribution methods, each partner walks away with some
        share of marital property. The difference between the two
        methods is how the court determines each partner’s share
        of marital property.
          A corporate name must contain the word corporation,
        company, or incorporated (or the abbreviation Corp., Co.,
        or Inc.) so as to clearly delineate that it is a corporation
        instead of a person, partnership or other type of business
          A guardian is appointed by the court to make decisions
        on behalf of a child or other incapacitated person (the
        ward) with the ward’s best interests in mind.
          Jupiter Law Center is a private neighborhood law
        firm located in the RiverPlace Professional Center, 1003
        W. Indiantown Road, Suite 210, Jupiter, Fla. (561) 744-
        4600, The firm provides peace of
        mind by solving problems with integrity and compassion
        in the areas of estate planning (wills and trusts, powers
        of attorney, health care surrogates, living wills, probate
        estates, succession planning, contracts and purchase/
        sale agreements), family law (divorce, paternity, child
        support and time sharing, alimony, property distribution,
        modifications,  collaborative  law,  pre/post  nuptial
        agreements) and real estate (community association law,
        residential and commercial transactions, deeds, closings).

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