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      Lighthouse ArtCenter from page 4                   wool and silk to create                           range of color combinations. Throughout her career, she
                                                         clothing, accessories,                            made many costumes for Broadway, and one of her first
      Andrea Huffman                                     artwork,  and  jewelry. A                         customers was Yoko Ono. A variety of colorful garments
        A  mixed-media  fiber  artist  inspired  by  nuances  in   silk  nuno  felted  swing               will be available.
      nature,  the  interdependence  with  every  aspect  of  the   jacket and gowns will be               Kirk Ke Wang
      natural  world  and  its  relationship  to  humanity.  She   available at the gallery.                 Kirk  Ke Wang,  professor  of  visual  arts  of  Eckerd
      creates works of art on fabric with tactile and dimensional   Jacquelyn Roesch-                      College and a Board director of the Ringling Museum
      qualities. Her work integrates various media, including   Sanchez                                    of Art, is a painter, sculptor, photographer, mixed-media
      drawing, painting, printmaking and digital imagery, with     Knitware  designer  and                 artist, as well as an educational software developer. He
      machine and hand stitching to embellish each image.   colorist, Roesch-Sanchez’s                     was born in Shanghai, China, and received MFA degrees
      Huffman’s mixed-media decorative art quilts will be on   work is about color and                     from  the  Nanjing  Normal  University  in  China  and
      display at the gallery.                            combinations of color that                        University of South Florida. Ke Wang’s “Landscape of
      Muffy Clark Gill                                   form spectrums. She creates                       Human Skins” exhibition will be available at the gallery.
        An award-winning artist who translates her memories   hand-loomed knitted works
      using mixed-media, photography, and shibori to create   including, limited edition
      visual  imagery.  On  display  will  be  her  mixed-media   scarf/shawls,  one-of-a-
      applique and shibori art quilts.                   kind clothing, and unique
      Leeann Kroetsch                                    wall and ceiling works.
        A Tampa Bay fiber artist whose work is recognized   Using a knitting loom and
      for  richly  layered  texture  and  unique  surface  design.   pre-dyed  rayon  thread,
      Leeann infuses a recipe of hot water, soap and agitation   she  creates  fabrications   Muffy Clark Gill Bleeding
      to transform fiber into sculptural shapes. Leeann sculpts   that incorporate a limitless   Love 2020 mixed media  Nashville’s

                                                                                                                Wine Country

                                                                                                                Will Have You


                                                                                                            By Laura Berrio,
                                                                                                            Freelance Writer/
                                                                                                              Tennessee has long
                                                                                                            been known for whiskey
                                                                                                            and country music, and
                                                                                                            now for its award-winning
                                                                                                              There are more than 50
                                                                                                            wineries and 30 varieties
                                                                                                            of  grapes  grown  in
                                                                                                            Tennessee. This budding
                                                                                                            industry  across Tennessee  is  attracting  tourists  and
                                                                                                            supporting local farmers. This Southern state is known for
                                                                                                            sweet wines, not hard to believe since this is the birthplace
                                                                                                            of sweet tea!
                                                                                                              Over the years, the Tennessee wineries have won many
                                                                                                            awards and developed some excellent dry wines to expand
                                                                                                            their offerings.
                                                                                                              While perusing some of the quaint towns surrounding
                                                                                                            Nashville, I found a winery that was a unique combination
                                                                                                            of Nashville meets Napa Valley! Kix Brooks (Brooks &
                                                                                                            Dunn) and partners opened a winery just south of Nashville,
                                                                                                            Arrington Vineyards, in 2007.
                                                                                                              Arrington Vineyards is a beautiful hillside winery with
                                                                                                            gorgeous views, tasting room, and wine club. You truly
                                                                                                            would think you were transported to Napa. They have
                                                                                                            events such as jazz and bluegrass on the lawn and weekend
                                                                                                            bonfires depending on the time of year. For peak grape
                                                                                                            viewing visit in July or August before harvest.
                                                                                                              What makes their wine unique is that it is aged in French
                                                                                                            and American oak barrels
                                                                                                            for one year and then aged
                                                                                                            an additional six months in
                                                                                                            a very special Tennessee
                                                                                                            charred white oak barrel.
                                                                                                              My  favorite  of  the
                                                                                                            Arrington wines is
                                                                                                            Antebellum Red (retails
                                                                                                            for about $32).
                                                                                                              Antebellum Red is a
                                                                                                            medium-bodied red wine
                                                                                                            with  notes  of  cherry
                                                                                                            cola, leather and a hint of
                                                                                                            Tennessee whiskey.
                                                                                                              When you are planning
                                                                                                            a visit to Music City, don’t
                                                                                                            forget to check out this great spot and set
                                                                                                            up a tasting to find your favorite!
                                                                                                              ~ Cheers
                                                                                                              ~ Keep the conversation going and
                                                                                                            the wine flowing!
                                                                                                              Follow the Vine on Instagram @

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