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                               Weathering the storm with peace of mind.

                                     There’s never been a better time to move to La Posada. Inside our gated community in the heart of
                               Palm Beach Gardens, you’ll fi nd an expansive oasis of beautiful views and 5-star service living. Choose from four
                             residential options and 18 different fl oorplans, surrounded by the best-in-class hospitality and healthcare standards to
                                support and advance our wellness mission. Conveniently located in a non-evacuation zone, we take hurricane
                         preparedness seriously and our residents don’t have to worry about packing up and getting on the road in dangerous weather
                           conditions. La Posada is also equipped with two generators that can power all critical components and essential services,
                            meal preparation, and important life-saving healthcare equipment. Our safety protocols require a designated La Posada
                           associate team to remain on campus before, during and after a storm to ensure the safety of our residents and associates.
                                         Being thoroughly prepared is the key to successfully facing any storm that comes our way.

                                                   That’s the promise of Kisco Confidence.                   ™

                                                                                          The Deluxe         1 Bedroom, 1.5 Bath

                                                                                          Lifestyle Interiors

                                                                                          • Enhanced architectural styling
                                                           Bedroom                        •  Wood paint grade baseboards and door casings
                                                           13'-6" x 14'-6"                • Luxury vinyl wood plank in living areas
                                  15'-6" x 23'-6"                                         •  Carrara-style porcelain tile in entry, kitchen and bathrooms
                                                                                          •  Designer-selected light fi xtures with Decora  switches
                                                                                          • Elegant master bedroom with private bath
                                                  Kitchen                                 • Stackable washer and dryer
                                                     x 11'-9"
                                                  9'-1" x 11'-9"  Closet  Closet
                                                     x 11'-9"
                                                     x 11'-9"
                                                                                          Your Designer Kitchen
                                               Pantry    W /D
                                                              Lin.                        • GE appliances
                                                                                          • Quartz countertops
                                              Breakfast           Master  Bath            • Full-height designer-selected cabinetry
                                                Nook                                      • 24” Carrara-style tile fl ooring
                                       Entry                                              • Dual compartment stainless steel sink
                                                 Actual room dimensions may vary slightly.

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