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      We The People...

      By Steve Handwerker                                on a continuum. From formal to customary, regardless   is to support, promote and engage in MEANINGFUL
                                                         the ability to have resources and the capacity exists on   PARTICIPATION, on a consistent basis. Naturally
         On every level, any real                        the spectrum of control where decision making power is   creating and sustaining these connections between
      effort for the Good begins                         the key and ultimate objective.                   personal commitment and willful efforts and a community
      with we the people…YOU                                The continuum of support and consistent efforts are   priority creating a sustainable and conservationist model
      and ME. It only takes one                          the keys to succeeding in this objective. Natural areas   is a long term process. But the journey of a thousand steps
      person to get started. The                         everywhere are under threat by the decimating forces   always begins with ONE, YOU, and ME.
      significance of local and                          of corporate agenda usually greatly influenced by profit
      community involvement                              making and greed. Citizen rights to determine the future      Dr. Steven E. Handwerker Ph.D D.Div, Board Certified
      in any endeavor is historic.                       of their properties and own territories and the natural   Licensed Clinical Psychologist 45 years. International
      The ability and capacity                           areas such as parks and forests are in jeopardy. The   Association for the Advancement of Human Welfare, Inc.
      to keep the environment, for example, the forests,   ability of communities to sustainably meet their needs   (501-c-3 since 1997) Books, Poetry
      healthy as ecosystems, depends on the reality of local or   and improve their living conditions must go side by   and Blog 
      community ownership of the efforts. This reality exists   side synergistically. The ONLY WAY to guarantee this

         Boca Pointe Advisor – VIII from page 6

            8. Being new to Florida I have had difficulty finding      9. Hello Advisor and staff. I am an avid fan of yours and   she is constantly pulling the leash, and this causes severe
         a place that can give me a professional pedicure at a   now need your help. My dog loves other dogs and is very   pain. I have been to many dog trainers and this problem
         competitive price. The problem is due to a birth deformity   affectionate to the point where we think she is always in heat.   persists. What can you advise?
         I only have 8 toes and feel any price I am quoted should   The problem is our youngest son looks a little like a mutt and      a) After doing some checking we found you recently
         be 20% less than the regular rate. Can you give me some   gets unwanted attention from our dog. Any suggestions?  relocated from Alaska and your bio indicates your furry
         advice please as I think I am overpaying.          a) If your son enjoys the attention just let it be.   friend was the lead dog on your competitive bobsled team.
            a) This Little Piggy Went to Market must have been a      b) Does your son encourage these advances from your   First thing we recommend is you stop using the command
         struggle for you as a child with your deformity. We suggest   dog? If he is as difficult to look at as you say, advances from   MUSH!
         you investigate a toe prothesis and although you will now   a dog might be the only attention he gets.      b) We also suggest you get a much shorter leash and
         have 10 toes. It will require the pedicurist to do the same      c) We suggest your son always carry around with him a   only walk your dog in quicksand. This should stop the
         amount of work and therefore you can justify this cost.  fire hydrant. This should deflect attention away from him and   pulling.
            b) We have been advised after consulting with a   to the hydrant. You might always have a mess to clean up,      c) If none of these options solves your problem, try
         toeologist that when missing any toes, the other toes grow   but this should be seriously considered by your family.  walking the dog backwards.
         wider to close the gap on your feet. As a result, the total      d) We have reached out to experts at the Cleveland Clinic      d) As a last resort stop walking the dog outside and
         area from your big toe to your little toe is the same as if you   who have expertise explaining the reason for this attraction.   train her to go inside the house on a potty pad.
         had 10 toes. We feel the price you were quoted is correct.  They have concluded that if your son removes the Milk Bone      Answers to last Column – b, c, cbgb, bb and beyond,
            c) Unless you have a herniated disc in your lower back,   dog biscuits from his pockets, this behavior should stop   aka, ie, sos, bogo, bolo, d, d, aeieo, ccrider.
         we recommend you do your own toes.              immediately.
            d) We have a person on our staff who only has 9 fingers      10. I am a 58-year-old woman with severe back problems.      The author of this Advice Column, Alan Arnold lives in
         but pays the going rate for a manicure and suggests you   I have been dealing with spinal stenosis, herniated discs, and   Southwinds, Meridiana, La Paz, and has a seasonal rental
         just do the same.                               bone on bone problems. I have a hard time walking my dog as   in the Edgewater Estates. 

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