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      Feng Shui

      By Dra. Milagros Gutierrez de Herrera                 Following the order of ideas with the activators, we have:  this ancient science, whose popular name is arowana fish,
                                                           ❏ Salt Lamps, today there are true works of art made   its price is quite high, due to the fame it has acquired in the
         Welcome back to the world of Feng Shui.         with this mineral, colors and shapes.             last thirty or forty years, due to the fact that people with a lot
         In this issue we want to thank the emails sent by the     ❏ Feng Shui spheres, they are obtained in specialized   of power acquisitive are its most assiduous buyers, bringing
      neighboring members of the community and their questions.   stores, they are spheres of faceted crystals, that is, with   this as a consequence its greater demand and therefore cost,
      This exchange allows us to help people who raise questions   several faces, there are them of different quality, from cheap   it should be seen as a true investment.
      and particular situations to improve and “harmonize”   to true art jewels.                              Recapitulating our article, we must bear in mind the
      their spaces. In this installment we want to respond to     ❏ Plants, whose leaves are not arrow-shaped or sharp.   following recommendations.
      some proposals that have come to us, for example, in the   Remember the wood element.                AVOID:
      installment of the previous month, we worked on the area of     ❏ Pictures that symbolize abundance, such as: A painting     ❏ Disorder
      children. Today we want to talk about the area of abundance.  or photograph, whose image is of numerous foods (dining     ❏ Trash cans
      AREA OF ABUNDANCE:                                 room), or coins, bills, clients, people in business meetings     ❏ Broken things
         The area of abundance is a very important area in   but with a happy face for the deal achieved.    ❏ Damaged objects
      people’s lives, understanding that abundance has a varied     ❏ Container or bowl with real coins, gold, silver, real     ❏ Invoices that you have not paid
      connotation depending on the interests and needs of   or fantasy jewels, imagine the treasure chest, which we have     ❏ Returned checks
      each human being. Which means that while some want   seen in movies. The coins should not be dirty, wrinkled,      In short, everything that permeates the negative of wealth
      to harmonize their area of abundance for their economy,   scratched bills, just like the rest of the items. Just think that   and abundance in our lives When you use the principles and
      others want to optimize their businesses, either, having more   you are preparing a treasure box.    specific cures of Feng Shui, you must keep in mind a positive
      customers, more advertising, improving their products,     ❏ Money Frog is a very powerful symbol, used by people   attitude and with faith in what is aspired to improve and
      greater sales, in short, a whole range of options to adapt   who are highly believers in this ancient science. You will   harmonize, and thus attract wealth and abundance.
      them to each requirement.                          be able to appreciate them in homes or businesses, whose      Choose the colors and activators that you like according
         In this order of ideas we are going to locate the area   abundance is energized by this figure.   to your decoration, way of life, without exaggerating the
      of abundance in the left area of your house or business     ❏ Money Tree, another symbolic figure, whose use is   cures, remedies or improvements.
      premises, at the back of the place, standing at the entrance   very much in vogue because its meaning is in accordance      BALANCE SHOULD ALWAYS BE YOUR GUIDE
      of the door.                                       with the premise “MONEY GROWS ON TREES”, it is also   WHEN APPLYING THE FENG SHUI CURES.
         Once the zone of abundance is located in the space   widely used because of what it represents. It exists mainly      Until the next installment, wishing you a better quality
      to be harmonized, we must be clear about our objectives   with citrus fruits, bills or coins, in the image and likeness of   of life and with it a better mental health.
      regarding abundance, as we pointed out in the previous   the fruits that the tree will bear.            Do not hesitate to contact us to tell us about your
      paragraph. Starting from being clear about the purposes,     ❏  Fish aquarium, widely used in many spaces, both   experiences when applying the cures or for a diagnosis.
      we must begin to carry out the cures due to that area.  family and commercial, since the fish keep the water moving,
         Colors to raise energy in the area of abundance:  thus allowing the energy not to stagnate. I suggest the use of      Author Dra. Milagros Gutierrez de Herrera, Feng
         Green                                           goldfish, orange, and the colors already recommended. There   Shui Specialist is a resident of the Plum. Email:
         Brown                                           is a species of fish, highly appreciated by the followers of 
         This range of colors is due to the fact that the dominant   Serving Palm Beach and Broward County ª
      element in this area of abundance is WOOD. As a natural
      product, since it comes from the plant kingdom, it is   YOUR BOCA POinte neiGHBOR AnD ReALtOR
      something that gives life, so it is recommended, if it is real
      wood, it is even better. However, if it is not within reach of   Providing you with exceptional service and possessing unrivaled expertise
                                                                               of the Boca Raton and Delray Beach markets.
      the person, it is not imperative either.                                         Celebrating 40 Years In Real Estate
         As activators of the energy of the abundance zone, we
      recommend the following, which in some cases are already                         experience does matter... Realtor since 1981.
      present in many homes or businesses.
      Activators:                                                                           CALL FOR YOUR FRee COnSULtAtiOn
        ❏ Water fountains in motion, clarifying that under no                          Prudence J. (PJ) Carswell
      circumstances it should be stagnant water. If the fountain                       Licensed Real Estate Advisor • Licensed CAM
      is not going to be used because they are going on a trip,                        two office locations to
      the battery dies, or any other accident, the water MUST                          serve you in Boca Raton
      be replaced by fresh water, because the idea behind this                         & Delray Beach
      activator is the flow of water, which runs like a river, stream,          Direct: 954-242-4260
      lake that empties and is renewed.
         Here I want to stop because I have an anecdote with          
      the water sources, some years ago I recommended this
      cure to a person for his zone of abundance and everything
      improved considerably, even better than expected, but the
      water source stopped working due to wear and tear of the                                                        Norbert Graber, R. Ph.
      use and abuse, and even lack of proper maintenance, since                                                      and Lynn Graber, R. Ph.
      the waters do not always have the required quality.
         Therefore, the wheel of abundance suffered a decrease
      in energy and therefore there were changes, which made
      them contact me again to make a new diagnosis, the result
      of which is the aforementioned.


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