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                                                    tip of the tail

      Beach Dangers                                      more fun than watching our furry friends scampering around     Swimming in the ocean: Not all dogs are good

                                                         on the sand and diving into the waves in search of a ball?   swimmers. Certain breeds like pugs and basset hounds
                                                         Unfortunately, there can be many dangers at the beach for   are not good swimmers as they are top-heavy. Before
                                                         dogs. This doesn’t mean we can’t take them, but we do need   allowing your dog to run into the ocean, make sure they
                                                         to be aware of the risks and how to avoid them.   can stay afloat! Also strong winds can cause high waves
                                                           Heat exhaustion: We know temperatures can soar in   and currents. Dogs can get into trouble and even get swept
                                                         Florida in the summer. Sometimes the ocean breeze can   away just like us humans. Don’t let them in the water
                                                         trick us into thinking it is cooler. Be aware that your pet is   on rough days and bring a life vest for your dog to help
                                                         exerting a lot of energy running on sand and may become   prevent drowning.
                                                         overheated which can lead to heatstroke and death. Make     Sand impaction: Most dogs will not eat sand but
                                                         sure to provide a shady place for your dog and make them   there is always the exception. If your dog ingests a large
                                                         lie down in the shade and rest for a bit every now and then.  amount of sand while at the beach it can become stuck in
                                                           Salt water poisoning: Dogs get thirsty with all that   the small bowel and cause an obstruction. Hospitalization
                                                         running around. Do not let them drink the salt water. The salt,   and possibly surgery would be needed in this case.
                                                         bacteria and parasites in the water can make them very sick.     Dog fights: Dog beaches are great places to socialize
        Summer is fast approaching which means a lot of time   The excess sodium can lead to diarrhea and even to severe   with your dog. Most of the time dogs love to interact
      spent at the beach. Many of us love taking our dogs with us   hypernatremia and seizures. Bring plenty of fresh water to   with other dogs. It’s fun to watch the dogs racing around
      when soaking up the sun and relaxing at the beach. What is   the beach and make sure to offer it to your dog frequently.  chasing each other, dashing in and out of the water.
                                                                                                           Unfortunately, problems can come up when a lot of dogs
        SUMMER SPECIAL                                                                                     are together. Dogs have the instinct to form packs and
                                                                                                           will try to create a hierarchy to establish a leader of the
                                                                                                           pack. This can lead to dog fights and sometimes severe
                                                                                                           injuries. Keep an eye on your dog and its interactions
        Trade-In Your Current Medical Alert System and                                                     with other dogs. It is not always play. If you feel that
        Receive $139 Credit Towards the Rolls-Royce                                                        your dog is getting overwhelmed or is in danger, take it
        of Medical Alert Systems.                                                                          out of the situation immediately.
                                                                                                             Jellyfish and foreign objects: Dogs can accidentally
        FALLEN TO THE FLOOR? NEED HELP!                                                                    step on or even pick up and try to eat jellyfish on the beach.
                                                                                                           The sting can be very irritating to the skin and oral mucosa
        INTRODUCING THE NEW LINK+                                                                          and cause gastrointestinal upset and allergic reactions.
        FOR ONLY PENNIES A DAY                                                                             Vinegar can be used to pour directly on a sting on the
                                                                                                           skin. If ingested then take your dog to your veterinarian
                                                              Meet the Link+                               for treatment. Fish hooks and other discarded trash from
                                                               Meet the Link+
                                                                                                           humans is unfortunately something we see regularly at the
                      Link+ is a Life Preserver for                                                        beach. Fish hooks can become stuck in the skin and need
                                                              The Link+ is a Smart Home
                                                               The Link+ is a Smart Home
                Individuals or Seniors Living Alone                                                        to be removed by your veterinarian. Other foreign objects
                                                               Gateway/Hub that integrates
                                                              Gateway/Hub that integrates
                                                                                                           can cause intestinal obstruction if ingested. Symptoms
                                                              all the Medical Devices in the
                                                               all the Medical Devices in the
                                                              patient’s home by using a                    would be vomiting, lethargy and anorexia.
                                                               patient’s home by using a
                                                                                                             Sunburn and paw pad burns: Dogs can get sunburns
        NOT FEELING WELL?                                     touch-free and fully automated               too. Dogs with short hair and light coats can be at risk.
                                                               touch-free and fully automated
                                                              Bluetooth Syncing Process.
                                                               Bluetooth Syncing Process.
        Connect with your physician from the                                                               Make sure to apply sunscreen before going to the beach.
                                                                                                           Using a veterinary dog specific sunscreen is best but you
        comfort of your home.                                                                              can use a children’s sunscreen that goes on clear and dries
          Remote Patient Monitoring
          Remote Patient Monitoring
        » Avoid Unnecessary Trips to the ER or Doctors Offices                                             on contact. Avoid zinc oxide and salicylic acid.
          Our unique remote monitoring gateway allows Health Care Providers and Healthcare
          Our unique remote monitoring gateway allows Health Care Providers and Healthcare
        Saving you Hundreds of Dollars!                                                                      As we know the sand can get very hot in the summer.
                                                                                                           If the sand is too hot for us to walk on, than it is too hot
          Systems to track and monitor multiple vital signs of patients with chronic conditions
          Systems to track and monitor multiple vital signs of patients with chronic conditions
        » Link+ is Ideal for Anyone Suffering from:                                                        for your dog. Pets paw pads are thick but they can still
          remotely using our proprietary HIPPA compliant & FDA cleared device, the Link+.
          remotely using our proprietary HIPPA compliant & FDA cleared device, the Link+.
             • Diabetes                                                                                    get burned. On these days, take your pet to the beach
                                                                                                           earlier in the morning or in the evening when the sand
             • High Cholesterol                                                                            temperatures are not so high.
                                                                FREE RPM kit includes the Link+,             As you can see, there are a lot of things to be
                                                                FREE RPM kit includes the Link+,
             • High Blood Pressure                              Blood Pressure Monitor, SPO2,   FREE       considered to keep your beloved pet safe at the beach.
                                                                Blood Pressure Monitor, SPO2,
                                                                Glucometer, Scale & Thermometer
                                                                Glucometer, Scale & Thermometer
                                                              Blood Pressure Monitor  FREE       SPO2      Don’t let the dangers keep you from enjoying one of our
                                                                                Health Reports             favorite summer activities here in Florida. Just be aware
        FEATURES:                                            » Immediate Vital Sign Warnings               and cautious so everyone, including your furry friend,
                                                                100% reimbursable by Medicare,
                                                                100% reimbursable by Medicare,
                                                                Medicaid & Private Insurance Plans
                                                                Medicaid & Private Insurance Plans
        » 24hr Response System                               » Fall Detection Alert                        has a good time.
                                                                                                             Established in 1981, Palm City Animal Medical Center
        » 24hr Heart Monitoring                              » GPS Location Services                       is dedicated to providing the best possible care for your
                                                                Fully automated alert system notifies
                                                                Fully automated alert system notifies
                                                                call centers/providers in case of
        » 24/7 Professional Call Center                      » Travel with Link+                           pets. With focuses on compassionate care in surgery,
                                                                call centers/providers in case of
                                                                decline in patient’s health condition      physical therapy and rehabilitation, preventative medicine,
                                                                decline in patient’s health condition
        » Medication Reminders                               » Daily Reports to Give to Your Doctor        extensive diagnostics, and emergency service, Palm City
        24HR RESPONSE SYSTEM:                                   2-Way Audio/Video between the              Animal Medical Center combines exceptional medical
                                                                2-Way Audio/Video between the
        Individuals or seniors living alone always feel safe knowing that help is just a call away.        care with a caring philosophy for pets and their owners.
                                                                patients & the providers directly
                                                                patients & the providers directly
                                                                                                           For more information, call (772) 283-0920, visit www.
                                                                from the Link+
                                                                from the Link+
        The 24hr response feature will advise you of the immediate medical attention you may      or find us on Facebook
        need. Your physician will be able to view your vital signs if necessary.                           at
                                                                                                                          Answer for
                                                                                                                     Crossword Puzzle
        Eliminates  Eliminates  2-Way      GPS     Medication   3G/4G    Call Center  Customized  Trigger
                                                                         Call Center
          Tablets  Bluetooth  Audio/Video  Location  Reminders  Cellular  Platform API  Reports  Alerts
                                                                        Platform API
                      LiveCare, 252 W 37th Street, 17th Floor, New York, NY 10018   •   (800)-993-4233
                      LiveCare, 252 W 37th Street, 17th Floor, New York, NY 10018   •   (800)-993-4233
        »  Wear it as a Necklace                        »  Stay in Touch with Family
        »  When Leaving your Home Connects              »  Your Doctor can Talk and See
          with 4G Cellular or Wifi                        you with a phone Call
        »  Has Fall Detection                           »  Free Monthly Medical Reports
                                                             Office: 561.278.2222
                   MERICAN                                       Fax: 561.921.0501
                                                       601 N. CONGRESS AVE.  |  SUITE 113A
                       Stay Connected                        DELRAY BEACH, FL 33445
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