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                                                local happeNiNgS

      Screaming Reels And Family                                                                           prizes for first, second and third will be awarded to the teams
                                                                                                           with the heaviest of each species, as well as a cash prize for top
      Fun! ARC Of Martin County                                                                            junior angler, and top lady angler.
      Invites Anglers To Seventh                                                                             Well supported by many area businesses, even nonparticipants
                                                                                                           are encouraged to check out the silent auction and raffle
      Annual KDW Fishing                                                                                   opportunities. Online bidding makes it easy to shop from the
                                                                                                           comfort of home!
      Tournament                                                                                             The ARC of Martin County, (Advocates for the Rights of the
                                                                                                           Challenged) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated
        Anglers of all ages are invited to fish the ARC of Martin County                                   to empowering children and adults with I/DD through residential,
      Seventh Annual ARC KDW Offshore Fishing Tournament on                                                vocational, educational, behavioral, and other healthcare
      Saturday, June 19 in Port Salerno, Fla. This will be a perfect     Make it a vacation and stay awhile! In addition to being a   services. “Our goal,”  said ARC President and CEO Keith Muniz,
      celebration for Father’s Day weekend while benefiting children   proud sponsor of this year’s tournament, Pirate’s Cove Resort   “is to provide support, assistance and training that will enhance
      and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  & Marina is offering a discounted room rate of only $79 per   the abilities for children and adults with disabilities to thrive each
        Fresh air, the outdoors, fishing, and fun are the main   night to registered participants if booked between May 1 and   day and achieve their fullest potential.”
      ingredients this year as you join the ARC of Martin County   June 1 (taxes/fees not included). No boat? No problem! Limited     “Without the support from our many partners, such as Publix
      in celebration of their Seventh Annual ARC KDW Fishing   fishing spots will be available on Safari 1 Deep Sea Fishing for   Super Markets, PepsiCo-Frito Lay, Boars Head, U.S. Sugar, H.E.
      Tournament in support of over 400 children and adults with   only $100 per angler that includes rod, reel, bait, tackle and one   Hill Foundation, and many other area businesses, we would not
      intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) across the   dinner ticket for the awards ceremony.   be able to provide many of the supports that we currently do that
      Treasure Coast. In addition to kingfish, dolphin and wahoo,     Team entry fees are $200 if registered by June 4, or $250 after   empower individuals with I/DD challenges to achieve their full
      newly added categories of grouper and snapper ensure   that date, which includes a bucket full of goodies per team and   potential,” Muniz said.
      diversity for anglers of all types! A captain’s meeting on   four tickets to a gourmet barbeque dinner at Saturday evening’s     For more information contact Tish Gelineau at the ARC
      Friday evening, June 18, will kick off the one-day tournament   awards ceremony. Additional anglers can join in the fun for $50   of Martin County, 2001 S. Kanner Highway, Stuart, Fla.,
      on Saturday, June 19, with all activities based out of Pirate’s   each and family/friends are welcome to purchase additional   at (772) 283-2525 or or visit www.
      Cove Resort & Marina, in Port Salerno, Fla.        awards dinner tickets for only $25 each. $7,500 in total cash

                                                          BooK review

      The Hummingbirds’ Gift:                            of nature – a fragile, delicate creation consisting of a big

      Wonder, Beauty, And Renewal                        heart, nine internal air pockets, hollow bones, and legs
                                                         so slender they have been described as “thread-like.”
      On Wings                                             Since the shimmering beauty of many hummingbirds
                                                         is already legendary, I offer the following brief excerpt
      By Nils A. Shapiro                                 as just one small taste of how much more about these
                                                         mini-marvels of the skies awaits you in these pages:
      How  Does  One  Describe                             “Alone among birds, they can hover, fly backward,
      Perfection?                                        even fly upside down. For such small birds their
        I sensed it the moment I                         speed is astonishing ... a male Allen’s hummingbird,
      came across this small (5-                         for instance, can dive out of the sky reaching sixty-one   500-mile span above the Gulf of Mexico in a single flight!
      1/8” x 7-1/4”), “keepsake”-                        miles per hour, plunging from fifty feet at a rate of more   Unable to feed at any point across the Gulf, they are near
      size, slender book with its                        than sixty feet per second – and pulling out of his plunge,   starvation by the end of their flight and must find sustenance
      elegantly designed cover                           he experiences more than nine times the force of gravity.   immediately.
      – a volume so perfectly                            Adjusted for body length, the Allen’s is the fastest bird in the     Author Sy Montgomery describes how she first became
      suited  to  its  subject:  the                     world. Diving at 385 body lengths per second, this hummer   interested in these unique birds, when she met a dedicated
      jewels  of  the skies,  the                        beats the peregrine falcon’s dives at 200 body lengths per   woman, Brenda Sherburn La Belle, who is associated with
      tiniest birds in the world.                        second – and even bests the space shuttle as it screams down   a California wildlife hospital, WildCare, that has rescued
        And when I noted the name Sy Montgomery – the    through the atmosphere at 207 body lengths per second.  infant and orphaned hummingbirds and raised them until
      award-winning author of more than 30 books, many of     “Hummingbirds’ wings beat at a rate that makes them   they can be released into the wild. In The Hummingbirds’
      them international bestsellers about the creatures of land,   a blur to human eyes, more than sixty times a second. For   Gift, Sy takes us, step by step – complete with color photos
      sea and sky with whom we share this planet – I knew that   centuries, people deemed hummingbird flight pure magic.   – through the rescue and survival of Maya and Zuni, two
      this was one I would want to share with my column’s   Until the invention of the stroboscope, scientists could not   orphaned hummers, from their naked, featherless first days
      readers. Right then and there, I turned to the jacket’s front   understand how hummingbirds hover. With a flash duration   – a size almost as small as a dime – and what it took to keep
      flap just intending to find out what the book was about ...   of one hundred thousandth of a second, the stroboscope   them alive, to the day they entered the skies.
      and, before I realized it, standing in place I had read the   finally revealed the motion of wings that had been too fast     It is a heartwarming, beautiful story, as only Sy – who
      author’s introduction and a few more pages, and decided   for other cameras to capture.”             was there to witness this mini-miracle – could describe it
      that what I had already learned about the remarkable life     Try for a moment to imagine a wing beat of 60 times per   for us. One that has motivated my wife, Linda, and me to
      of hummingbirds was alone worth the price of the book!  second – over and over again, as the hummingbird moves   hang in our home garden three hummingbird feeders (each
        I should have known that, in Montgomery’s hands,   from flower to flower all day long, hovering over each   with places for five birds to feed at a time), and to have now
      there was so much more to treasure here. After all, The   one as it drinks the nectar with its long beak. The energy   added several flowering “hummingbird” plants from the list
      Boston Globe refers to Montgomery as “a combination   required is enormous, which is why hummingbirds have   that Sy has thoughtfully included in the book as being those
      of  Indiana  Jones  and  Emily  Dickinson,”  because  of   large hearts, and why they must feed every 20 minutes in   that attract these wonderful flying jewels.
      the beautiful writing style in which she describes her   order to survive.                             We look forward to feeding, and seeing, them. You
      adventuresome experiences. These include being chased     And think about this: There are tiny hummingbirds that   should look forward to reading this book as soon as possible.
      by a silverback gorilla in Africa; hunted by man-eating   migrate from Mexico to Alaska, and that cross the entire   It is a perfect joy.
      tigers in India (which was the subject of a  National
      Geographic TV documentary); working in a pit with
      8,000 snakes; being undressed by an orangutan in Borneo;
      swimming with piranhas, electric eels and dolphins in the
      Amazon, visiting with octopuses                                                  Aligned
      in the ocean, and more.                                                            with
        Readers of this column will
      remember reviews of several of
      Montgomery’s  books,  among                           Home • Auto • Boat • RV • Life
      them:  The Soul of an Octopus                         Flood • Business • Commercial
      (a bestseller in 25 countries);
      How to Be a Good Creature;
      The Magnificent Migration about
      the vast wildebeest herds in the                                      Mary-Beth Zipsir
      Serengeti; and most recently,                                        Agent in Charge
      Condor Comeback.
        Now, she shifts her focus                                          O: (772) 233-4444
      from the condor – the bird with                            
      the largest wingspan in North
      America – to one which, among                                          It's our policy that you know yours
      its approximately 240 species in
      the Western hemisphere, has a total
      body size that can measure just
      over two inches! But in so many
      ways the hummingbird is a miracle
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