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VOL. 31 NO. 6                                    FAX 561-624-9088 • E-MAIL                                            JUNE 2021

      PGA POA Jottings

      By Dawn Levinstein,                                Governors needed to increase the assessment but deferred   used over one ear or the volume lowered so that you can
      PGA POA                                            it in consideration of the many residents who were out of   hear warnings. Everyone must share the same sidewalk;
         Hi all! Summertime is                           work due to the virus and related restrictions. Your Board   there are no bicycle paths in PGA National. Please be
      officially  here  and  I  hope                     of Governors work hard to ensure that the PGA National   courteous and be careful!
      we will soon be able to see                        community is well maintained and remains competitive      With the exception of vehicles specifically designed
      your smiling faces and that                        with newer communities. Of course, you all know that   for the disabled, motorized equipment is not allowed on
      COVID-19 will be a distant                         PGA National is the best place to live!           the sidewalks. We are seeing more ‘electric bicycles’; they
      memory. Yes, I know I keep                            The PGA POA annual assessment will be $765.00 this   are prohibited on the sidewalks.
      saying this but I’m hoping if                      year. The notices were mailed June 1st so if you don’t have      Section 6.14 of the PGA POA Rules states, “Golf carts,
      I say it enough it will come                       your assessment package by June 15th, please contact the   mopeds, gopeds, gocarts, scooters and other motorized
      true! Seriously, I hope all of                     POA office for a duplicate coupon.                equipment  are  not  allowed  on  pedestrian/bike  paths,
      you are well and are doing                            The other reminder is regarding sidewalks within PGA   sidewalks, parks, parking areas or grass and swale areas
      what you need to in order to stay healthy.         National. We  all  learned  to  be  courteous  and  to  share   except in the course of maintenance duties….”
         I have only two minor things to mention this month   by first grade so please re-live your childhood (heaven      Thank you for abiding by the deed restrictions under
      but don’t worry I will surely ramble on again next month.  knows I do) and alert pedestrians when riding a bicycle   which you purchased your home and for being courteous
         First,  a  reminder  that  it  is  time  for  the  PGA  POA   and coming up behind someone. Headphones, ‘ear buds’   to your neighbors. Remember to practice smiling: we will
      Annual Assessment due on July 1st. Last year the Board of   and other devices that detract from hearing should only be   soon see it without the mask!
      Commissioner’s Update                                                                                 Northern Notes

      Community Policing                                 a  sense  of  safety  in  neighborhoods,  and  improving
                                                         overall quality of life. Community policing and problem
      Is A Partnership                                   oriented initiatives guide their approach to communities.   Streets, Swales And
                                                         This policing strategy involves identifying and analyzing   Stormwater Management
      By County Commissioner                             specific  problems  that  are  increasing  crime  risks,  and
      Maria Marino                                       developing effective solutions.                    By Katie Roundtree,
         Florida’s  lar gest                                These strategies are common among municipal law   Finance Director,
      counties  spend  between                           enforcement  agencies  as  well. At  a  recent  policing   Northern Palm Beach
      32  to  41  percent  of  their                     forum I attended in April at the FAU campus in Jupiter,   County Improvement
      annual  budgets  on  law                           law enforcement officials from across the north county   District
      enforcement.  Palm  Beach                          area emphasized how community police officers invest      Streets  and  swales
      County,  the  third  highest                       themselves in becoming part of the local community.  are an important part of
      populated  county  in  the                            Community policing deputies devote considerable time   Northern  Palm  Beach
      state with nearly 1.5 million                      to interacting with residents and developing partnerships   County  Improvement
      people,  and  the  largest  in                     with neighborhoods to weed out crime, build community   Di st ri c t ’s  ove ra l l
      area – spanning more than                          pride, and assist those in need. They attend neighborhood   stormwater management
      2,300 square miles – currently allocates approximately   meetings  and  report  on  local  crime  activity,  elicit   system. The storm sewers
      43  percent  of  its  general  budget  for  services  provided   feedback from residents on issues they observe in their   located below the street, ditches or swales located along
      by  the  Palm  Beach  County  Sheriff’s  Office  (PBSO).   neighborhood,  and  make  suggestions  on  how  to  solve   the  street,  and  the  roadway  itself  serve  to  convey
      These services include policing, court and county facility   problems. Issues may include traffic problems such as   stormwater to designed locations. It is important to
      security, and staffing and management of corrections in   speeding  vehicles  and  parking  in  unauthorized  areas,   understand the basics of how streets and swales are used
      the Main and West County Detention Centers.        illegal dumping, drug activity, and burglaries – vehicle   to convey stormwater, in order to identify when problems
         Northern  Palm  Beach  County’s  unincorporated   burglary being the fastest growing crime in the past several   may occur.
      areas receive law enforcement services through PBSO   years. The deputies also work collaboratively with other   Streets
      District 3. District 3 is under the command of Capt. Pete   county  agencies  including  Code  Enforcement  and  the      Did you know that in very heavy rains, some water
      Palenzuela and encompasses approximately 102 square   Solid Waste Authority to clear up properties that become   standing in streets or swales is part of the flood control
      miles from Belvedere Road north to the Martin County   havens for criminal activity.                  design plan and is expected? Many streets are designed
      line, and includes the entirety of Commission District 1      Building these partnerships with residents provides the   and built with curbs and gutters along the street and storm
      communities. In cases of emergencies, law enforcement   deputies with direct lines of communication to help report   sewers underneath the pavement. The curbs and gutters
      agencies will send officers to other jurisdictions to assist,   crimes or thwart it before it increases. It does not stop there   direct stormwater from the pavement into the storm
      under mutual aid agreements.                       however. Community policing deputies go out of their   sewers. These storm sewers not only collect water from
         The philosophy by which PBSO District 3 operates   way to help with neighborhood events, back-to-school   the roadway, but also connect to other drainage systems
      is  that  mutual  trust  between  the  community  and  law   supply drives, and most recently during the pandemic,   to collect water from yards and subdivisions and transport
      enforcement is essential in reducing crime, establishing   with feeding programs.                     the stormwater to lakes, canals and other outlets.
                                                                                   Be c om e   a   pa rt ne r      As water flows from the streets into the lakes, your
                                                                                 with  your  local  law     neighborhood lake’s water level may seem to rise quickly
                                                                                 enforcement officers. It is   during heavy rain, but that’s not likely to last. If the system
                                                                                 a great investment in your   in your neighborhood is working properly, levels will
                                                                                 community.                 return to normal soon after the rain has stopped. A more
                                                                                   Please contact me if I can   widespread and longer-lasting rain event will require more
                                                                                 be of assistance to you by   time for local, secondary and regional systems to absorb
                                                                                 calling (561) 355-2201 or   the excess water.
                                                                                 send an email to mmarino@
                                                                                       Northern Notes on page 2
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