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Page 6, PGA C.A.N.!                                                   June 2021                                                                                                                                                     June 2021

      Town Of Jupiter News

      By Ilan Kaufer,                                   grateful  for  the  support  of  my  efforts  to  get  the  bond   Beach Renourishment Shore Protection Projects
      Jupiter Vice Mayor                                referendum in front of voters a few years back. With your      The  Town  Council  approved  a  30-year  interlocal
         Happy  June  everyone.                         support we got my strategic initiative on the ballot and it   agreement  between  the  Town  of  Jupiter  and  Palm
      As  the  temperatures                             passed with over 70 percent support. Now with this first   Beach  County  to  complete  shore  protection  via  beach
      increase  make  sure  to                          purchase we are able to preserve some pristine waterfront   renourishment projects.
      keep hydrated and protect                         and wetland wildlife habitat. Thank you for the support
      yourself  from  too  much                         for the bond effort which enabled this purchase and future   No Place For Hate Day Proclamation
      sun.  Always  important                           opportunities.                                        Last month I sponsored a resolution proclaiming May
      to  stay  healthy!  I  hope                                                                          14 No Place For Hate Day in Jupiter. Our community is
      everyone  has  a  great  start                    Proposed New Town Hall Building                    an amazing place to live and work, and we must continue
      to the summer.                                       In April, the Town Council reviewed initial concept   to fight against hate in all forms.
                                                        proposals  for  a  new  Town  Hall  Building.  The  Town      As always please contact me with any comments or
       Green Space Acquisition – Taylor Property Purchase   Council directed staff to bring contracts for architectural   questions at and follow me on Facebook
      Approved!                                         and engineering services for the project to a future Town   at or on twitter @
         In April,  the  council  approved  the  acquisition  of   Council meeting.                        Councilorkaufer.         GRAND OPENING
      approximately  7.88  acres  of  green  space  off  North
      Delaware. This would be the first green space purchased
      with the green space bond voters approved in 2019. The
      property includes waterfront and wetland habitat. I am

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              Improvement District

           Why do some yards flood after large quantities                          Open 7 Days a Week
        of rain? The simple answer is according to most                        Mon. - Sat. 7:30am - 7:00pm • Sunday 7:30 am - 6pm
        approved drainage designs, some water is meant          4129 W. Blue Heron Blvd. • 561-530-3121
        to be temporarily stored in public recreational                           (Located West of I-95 next to Burger King)
        areas, yard swale and streets. The excess surface
        water slowly drains to community lakes or on-site
        ponds via street and yard drainage grates and/or
        via swales, ditches and canals. The more complex
        answer is that each yard is different. Some yards
        have drainage swale areas. These are areas that         CAMPBELL AND KARLIK, P.A.
        are sloped to catch water and filter out pollutants
        as water is absorbed into the ground. Some yards                             ATTORNEYS AT LAW
        direct water to the community drainage system as
        run-off with very little water retained in the yard.
        Familiarize yourself with how your yard was built
        to determine how water drains from your home.                          Wills • Trusts • Estate Planning • Probate
                                                                                  Taxation • Real Estate • Corporations

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