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Our Village Voice

        VOL. 32 NO. 6                                                                                 JUNE 2021

      Northern Notes                                                                                        Bill’s Box

      Streets, Swales And                                                                                   By Bill Thompson
      Stormwater Management                                                                                 Harley
                                                                                                              “There is no greater
      By Katie Roundtree,                                                                                   earthly  privilege  than  to
      Finance Director, Northern                                                                            have been loved by a dog.”
      Palm Beach County                                                                                     Unknown
      Improvement District                                                                                    A part of my soul died when
        Streets and swales are an                                                                           my Harley died suddenly just
      important part of Northern                                                                            before noon on May 11. Harley
      Pa l m  Be a c h Count y                                                                              was my soulmate, my spirit, my lifeline. Dawn and I grieved
      Improvement District’s overall                     pavement into the storm sewers. These storm sewers not only   together and apart for several days. Weeping over a loss is
      stormwater  management                             collect water from the roadway, but also connect to other   what we all do when a loved one crosses over. Writing of this
      system. The storm sewers                           drainage systems to collect water from yards and subdivisions   a week after, those feelings returned. My heart has suffered a
      located below the street,                          and transport the stormwater to lakes, canals and other outlets.   hurt that will not, and should not, go away. It is said that time
      ditches or swales located along                      As water flows from the streets into the lakes, your   heals. Of this, I don’t think so. But I believe that the universe
      the street, and the roadway itself serve to convey stormwater to   neighborhood lake’s water level may seem to rise quickly during   provides a special place for the souls of our dearest and best.
      designed locations. It is important to understand the basics of   heavy rain, but that’s not likely to last. If the system in your   Each and every Shores dog lover feels what I am saying, and
      how streets and swales are used to convey stormwater, in order   neighborhood is working properly, levels will return to normal   I feel for their losses as well.
      to identify when problems may occur.               soon after the rain has stopped. A more widespread and longer-
      Streets                                            lasting rain event will require more time for local, secondary and   Bill’s Box on page 5
        Did you know that in very heavy rains, some water standing   regional systems to absorb the excess water.
      in streets or swales is part of the flood control design plan and     At times, blockages can occur, which can cause undesired
      is expected? Many streets are designed and built with curbs   flooding conditions and roads to become impassable. Many
      and gutters along the street and storm sewers underneath the
      pavement. The curbs and gutters direct stormwater from the   Northern Notes on page 2

                                                                                 Consider whether or not
                                                                                 you will leave the area if a
                                                                                 storm threatens, where your
                                                                                 nearest shelter is located,
      Hurricane Season Begins June                       create a supply list, and make preparations for pets, boats,
                                                         homes, and other property. One frequently asked question
      1: Be Prepared                                     from residents and businesses is how to trim trees and
                                                         foliage in preparation for storm season. There is a helpful
        As hurricane season approaches, Floridians know that   “Ask the Expert” article on tree trimming do’s and don’ts
      being prepared is the best strategy. Whether predictions   on page 4 of the current issue of the Town Times at https://
      for the upcoming season are active or not, having a plan
      for  your  family, your  property,  and  your  business is     Every family and businesses have different things to
      important.                                         consider when creating their storm plan. For tips and
        Similarly, the Town hopes for the best and prepares for   resources on how to put a plan together, visit the Town’s
      the worst in its storm and severe weather preparations. In   storm page at
      the event of a storm, the Town’s Emergency Operations     You’ll also find the latest Hurricane and Flood Guide,
      Center (EOC), located in the new Police Headquarters   information on drainage maintenance, evacuation routes
      and Data Center building, becomes the hub for essential   and safety measures, important emergency numbers, and
      personnel. The Town’s  new  EOC is  able to withstand   valuable resources from Palm Beach County, the State of
      hurricane-force winds up to 192 mph, and provides a safe,   Florida and the National Flood Insurance Program.
      centrally-located place for Town personnel. Members of
      law enforcement, Town management, communications
      and Information Systems (IS) gather at the EOC to
      manage activities before, during and after the storm.
      The Town’s chief of police acts as incident commander                                                                             Sunday,
      during any emergency, coordinating operations among                                                                               June 20th
      groups of essential personnel to ensure the safety of the
        With  preparation  in  mind,  create  your  family’s  or
      business’ plan before the June 1 start of hurricane season.

                                                                                     REPORT SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY IMMEDIATELY

                                                                                          TO THE JUPITER POLICE DEPARTMENT
                                                                                                           (561) 799-4445

                                                                                                 Use 911 for emergencies only. Lock car doors.
                                                                                                       Do not leave valuables in the car.
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