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      Book Review

      Medical Science: Ancient &                                                                           humours of black and yellow bile, phlegm and blood,
                                                                                                           mirroring the so-called four essences of earth, air, water
      Modern                                                                                               and fire. Bloodletting would be prescribed to overcome
                                                                                                           this imbalance; as well as other disabused information
      Robin Lane Fox. The Invention of Medicine, From Homer                                                such as identification of disease as a factor of the season.
      to Hippocrates. New York: Basic Books, 2020.                                                         Perhaps most interestingly, the Hippocratic approach
      David Eagleman. Livewired: The Inside story of the Ever-                                             stressed the proper deportment of the doctor practitioner,
      Changing Brain. New York: Pantheon Books, 2021.                                                      to cultivate what we still refer to as “bedside manner,”
      “I will apply all regimens for the benefit of the sick                                               advising him to show good manners, be properly scented
      according to my ability and judgment, but if they are                                                and avoid telling jokes, so as to allay the anxieties of
      for harm or injustice, I will obstruct them to the best of                                           the patients, perhaps most relevantly to guard against
      my judgment.” from the Hippocratic Oath (5th century                                                 misuse and abuse of his authority, to avoid evil. The
      B.C.E.)                                                                                              case studies that were undertaken by Hippocrates and his
      “I am a little world made cunningly.” John Donne’s Holy                                              associates were extolled later by Aristotle and the great
      Sonnet V (17th Century)                                                                              physician Galen, and found a basis of medical treatment
                                                         no records of successful treatments.  The notations  for two millennia, as an empirical, fact driven approach
      By Dr. Ronald J. Meyers                            reveal that few lives, if any, were saved. The fallacious
                                                         theory of humours ascribing disease to imbalance of the   Book Review on page 9
         The connection between
      theology and medicine                                                                       Paid Advertisement
      was one that can be clearly
      documented in the ancient                                   Avoiding Probate on Your Home
      world and, to be sure,
      continues to maintain a
      significant influence                                                                                Life Estate Deed has very specific legal language in order to be
      through modern times.                               By Martin Zevin, Attorney                        effective; therefore, do not attempt to do this on your own.
      Oxford Professor Emeritus                              There are several ways to avoid                  Even with the Enhanced Life Estate Deed, there are risks,
      Robin Lane Fox suggests                             probate on your home when you                    particularly if your child has a bankruptcy, outstanding judgment
                                                                                                           or undergoes divorce. The worst risk, however, is if, God forbid,
      that Homer himself was knowledgeable about medicine,   die. If you are single, there will            your child dies before you or with you in a common accident. Your
                                                          be probate when you die unless
      as he was in all matters relating to humanistic society   you choose one of the following            child’s estate would then become the owner of the property once
      (like politics, religion, sociology, psychology,  etc.)   options. If you are married and            you died, which would result in probate being required. Thus, the
      which he displays in his poems (e.g. healing remedies,   own your home together, your                main purpose of the Life Estate Deed is not accomplished.
      surgeries, and attendance on wounds), reflecting the   surviving spouse will not have                   The best way to avoid probate on your home is to do a
                                                                                                           Revocable Living Trust. When you sign the Revocable Living
      approaches  of  the  eighth  century  B.C.E. According  to   probate; however, there will be         Trust Agreement, you also sign a Deed transferring the property to
                                                          probate when the second of you
      the  historian  Herodotus,  the  advanced  civilizations  of   passes away, unless one of these options is done.  you as Trustees of your Trust. You are able to keep your homestead
      the  ancient  world  like  Egypt  and  Babylon  also  had  a      Let us assume that you own your home jointly with your spouse   exemption, maintain complete control of the property during your
      primitive medical understanding, knew about bandaging   and that you have two children. Both of you desire to have your   lifetime and make amendments to your Trust without changing the
      wounds, understood and undertook surgery and herbal   two children inherit your home equally when you both pass away.  Deed. There are no risks involved, since your children’s names do
                                                                                                           not appear on the Deed. The only disadvantage of the Revocable
      remedies, though often mixed with divine incantations.      The first option would be to add the names of your two children   Living Trust is that it will cost more money in attorney’s fees. When
                                                          to the Deed as joint tenants with right of survivorship. This is not a
      These are contained in what is known as the Babylonian   good idea. It would affect your ability to claim your full homestead   you discuss the options with your attorney, you should discuss
      Diagnostic Notebook,  and  surviving  ancient  Egyptian   exemption. In addition, you lose control of your property and   the difference in fees between the Revocable Living Trust and
      papyri. Associated with King Hezekiah in the same eighth   can only sell it if your children both agree and sign all closing   the Enhanced Life Estate Deed. You can then determine whether
      century was the Book of Remedies, thought to derive from   documents. If you wanted to take one of the children off the   it is worth saving the money and taking the risks involved in the
                                                                                                           Enhanced Life Estate Deed.
      Hebrew prescriptions going back to Moses, or even Noah.   Deed, you would be unable to do so. If one of your children files      During this current time of “social distancing,” I have been
                                                          for bankruptcy, has an adverse judgment or files for divorce, your
      It is recorded that the prophet Isaiah was his pharmacist   property could be subject to liens or other legal action. Therefore,   consulting with clients via phone, e-mail and regular mail. In the
      who prepared a poultice containing fig cakes as healing   I recommend against a Deed with your children as joint tenants   past, my free initial consultation would normally be a personal
      for the king. Though some Jewish scholars suggest that   with right of survivorship.                 meeting.
                                                                                                             Please feel free to call me for a free phone consultation regarding
      Hezekiah actually suppressed these earthly remedies as      The second option is a Life Estate Deed. There are two types of     any issues pertaining to Wills, Trusts, Deeds, Probate, Power of
      contradicting the efficacy of absolute trust in the God   Life Estate Deed: regular and Enhanced (also referred to as Lady   Attorney or Health Care Surrogate. I am also available for a free
                                                          Bird). The regular Life Estate Deed requires that your children join
      Yahweh to heal, earning him the sobriquet “the good.”  in any sale or other changes on the Deed; therefore, you have lost   consultation regarding personal injury claims or to explain car
         All sources account the evolution of medicine from   control and cannot take your child’s name off the Deed if you choose   insurance coverage. Call me at 954-569-4878. My address is 3275
      theological origins. The opening of the Iliad encounters   to do so. The Enhanced Life Estate Deed gives you the sole right   W. Hillsboro Blvd., Suite 204, Deerfield Beach, Florida 33442.
      the presence of a plague believed to have originated   to sell the property during your lifetime or make any other changes   My web site is and my e-mail address is
      due to a breach against the god Apollo. Later on at a   to the Deed without the permission of your child. The Enhanced
      conclave among the Olympian gods, Zeus proposes that
      such medical disruptions occur as punishment for the
      ethical failures and lapses of men, also a principal point
      of view espoused in the Hebrew Bible. Fox asserts that the                                                      Norbert Graber, R. Ph.
      advancement of medicine was a principal achievement of                                                         and Lynn Graber, R. Ph.
      the Age of Pericles. The “Epidemic” doctors associated
      with the medical profession, named for Asclepius the god
      of medicine, presented case studies which have survived
      until today, and reveal the approach through empirical
      observation and notation. Hippocrates, Fox argues, was
      both a historical individual and a figure of fiction and
      myth like the Biblical Joseph. Thought to have been born
      on  the island  of Coz in 460  B.C., he  travelled among
      the Greek islands mainly Thasos, seeing patients and
      describing their condition with the objective of curing
      them. Fox argues that Hippocrates may well have been
      among other doctor-writers who left a significant record
      of their case studies, as well as wide ranging studies On
      Glands, On Ancient Medicine, On Breaths, and most
      significantly On Prognostication. From these eye-witness
      accounts, we can decipher the illnesses of the time,
      like mumps, polio, malaria, tuberculosis, epilepsy, and
      afflictions of madness; significantly ascribed to causes                                                                        FREE
      rather than to divine interventions.                               Family Owned & Operated                                 LOCAL DELIVERY
         Professor Fox argues that the craft of medicine would   SERVING BOCA POINTE AND OUR COMMUNITY SINCE 2001                  Free for prescription
      not have occurred but for the respect for scientific                                                                            drugs only
      knowledge and activated by knowledge of Rhetoric     •  Easy Prescription Transfer      •  Prescriptions Filled Fast
      and Democracy. He sets the context and shows how     •  All Medicare Part D Plans Accepted •  Professional Compounding   FAST, FRIENDLY SERVICE
      the  dramatists Aeschylus,  Sophocles,  and  Euripides   •  Most Private Insurance Plans For   •  Orthopedic & Surgical   SPECIAL ORDERS WELCOME
      depicted those current medical practices in their work;   Prescription Drugs Accepted     Supplies
      but more firmly argues that the Historian Thucydides was   Including United Healthcare  •  Nebulizers & Supplies       HIGHEST-QUALITY MEDICINES
      most likely to have been influenced by the Hippocratic      and Tricare                 •  Compression Stockings           & HEALTH PRODUCTS
      scientific approach. His prognosis of the civil wars                               561-391-6336
      between Sparta and Athens, the subject of his study, was
      not unlike like the prognosis of the cause and effect of a                      22191 Powerline Road • Boca Raton
      disease.                                                           SW Corner of Palmetto & Powerline • Mon-Fri 9am to 6pm • Sat 9am to 3pm • Closed Sun
         In reality, one  could  point to the  many failures  of                     
      the Hippocratic, aristocratic clan. There are virtually
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