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      Book Review from page 8                            profoundly, computer networks in our times, all revealing   are capable of conveying not merely instincts but
                                                         the complex, yet decipherable functionalities of the brain.  thought. And these thoughts are never lost, but become
      to medical intervention. It can also be noted out that      In his fascinating study,  Livewired, Professor   embedded into the physical structure of the brain. Our
      this approach of a doctor cataloging the symptoms of   Eagleman  of  Stanford  University  shows  how  neural   thoughts become memories which in turn are retained
      his patients has remained the most enduring practice.   network transform electrical impulses or chemical   in one locus as short term, and another as long term
      Fox tells us that Shakespeare’s son-in-law Dr. John Hall   reactions into inanimate thought. He points out that   memories, latent and capable of being impulsively
      was known to have kept copious records that survive, of   the brain is not static, but is constantly implementing   or instinctively called up. Perhaps what the Greek
      his engagements with his patients, continuing today, the   informational input for the purpose of evolutionary   philosopher Anaxagoras described as the universal nous,
      epilogue of each of our visits with our physicians are the   survival. If you were to lose an arm, or even half of your   mind or soul, characterized in Hebrew Genesis as “the
      oral or written recitations, or doctor’s notes.    brain, the impulses will continue to be transmitted and   Lord’s breath” mixing with and revivifying the Chaos.
         We can attest to no shortage of mistaken diagnosis in   will seek a healing and/or activation of other senses to   Might it not be true that the universe itself undergoes a
      the history of medicine. Common in the ancient world   compensate like hearing and smell if one loses sight.   parallel process where thought has been transformed into
      was the near universal view that the heart was the seat   Beethoven after all created his greatest masterpieces after   intelligence in matter that guides the evolutionary process
      of feeling and intelligence. With the advancement of   he became stone deaf and was stimulated by the sounds   including the most basic element of existence: survival
      the instruments of medical science from telescope and   contained in his yet livewired brain. Eagleman moreover   and Natural Selection, and belies the doom gloomed
      microscope to MRI’s, we know that that interpretation   suggests that our dreams themselves are compensations   Second Law of Thermodynamics?
      was mistaken. Among the most promising area of research   created by the brain for the lack of visual acuity in the
      is the behavior of some  eighty six billion brain cells   dark night. The greatest prospect is self-healing whereby      Dr. Ronald J. Meyers is an Emeritus Professor of
      or neurons,  and mapping  their  interconnectivities  is   the brain instructs and induces our cells to correct many,   English. 
      the ambitious goal for the next century. The method of   if not all of our deficiencies.
      transmission was abetted by the engineering development      What  remains  most  amazing  is  how  these  neural
      of telephone networks in the nineteenth century and, more   networks of electrical impulses or chemical reactions   From The Desk Of from page 1

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                                                                                                            When Seconds Count, Count On Yellow Dot
         Two Boca Raton Offices: 151 N. Ocean Blvd. • 21073 Powerline Rd. #63                                  Palm Beach County Fire Rescue’s new Yellow Dot
                                                                                                            program allows first responders access to life-saving
                             THINKING OF BUYING OR SELLING?                                                 medical information about a victim from a vehicle’s
                                                                                                            glove compartment. If involved in a car accident and
                                  WE ARE IN ONE OF THE MOST                                                 unable  to  communicate,  the Yellow  Dot  pamphlet
                                                                                                            provides information such as medication allergies,
                              DESIRABLE MARKETS IN THE U.S.                                                 medical history, and more.
                                                                                                               Visit any Palm Beach County fire station for the Yellow

                         CALL ROBIN TODAY FOR THE MARKET VALUE OF YOUR HOME                                 Dot pamphlet and car sticker. Please fill out the pamphlet,
                                                                                                            place it in the glove compartment, and stick the sticker in
                                                                                                            the lower left-hand corner of the rear windshield.
                                                                                                               To  request  a  presentation  about  the Yellow  Dot
                                            PENDING                             6676 QUIET WAVE               program, please call 561-616-7051.
                                                                                                            Adopt-A-Road Program
                                                                                 TRAIL 55, LISTED              The county’s “Adopt-A-Road” Program encourages
                                                                                    AT $699,000             businesses, individuals, and nonprofit organizations to
                                                                               Centrally located, impeccably   adopt an area of the county’s roadway for litter control.
        Robin Donegan                                                         bedroom, 2-1/2 bath townhome      Groups are required to pay a $200 fee, and in return,
                                                                               maintained, 2100 square foot 3
        REALTOR                                                                 in Boca Pointe built in 2017.   the county installs two signs to recognize the adopting
                                                                                                            entity and provides the group with safety training and
        (561) 451-6615                                                                                      cleanup equipment. The program requires four roadside
                                                                                                            cleanups each year over two years.                                                                                     Adopt-A-Road has proven to be a highly effective
                                                                SOLD   7508 LA PAZ, APT. #202               public-private partnership that allows residents to make a
          COMMITTED TO PROVIDE OUTSTANDING                      SOLD   11880 SW SAILFISH ISLES WAY          positive statement for a clean, attractive community with
                   REAL ESTATE SERVICES.                        SOLD   11648 PAMPLONA BLVD.                 some recognition.
                                                                SOLD   7659 CINEBAR DRIVE
           CALL ROBIN TODAY FOR A MARKET                        SOLD   7635 CINEBAR DRIVE                   Free Meals for Kids and Teens
           ANALYSIS OF YOUR HOME’S VALUE.                       SOLD   7890 BLACK ONYX LANE                    Summer BreakSpot provides a nutritious breakfast,
                                                                SOLD   23265 MIRABELLA CIRCLE N             lunch, snack, or dinner at no cost to children 18 and under
                                                                                                            while school is out for the summer.
                     (561) 451-6615                             SOLD   6601 HAWAIIAN AVENUE                    Last year, when schools were closed due to the
                                                                SOLD   7233 PROMENADE #302
                                                                SOLD   7872 SEVILLE PLACE #2404             pandemic, Summer BreakSpot sponsors served nearly
                                                                                                            74 million meals at over 4,000 sites statewide. Find a
        “dedicated to Results”                                              SOLD 7917 Travelers Tree Dr.    Summer BreakSpot at convenient places like area parks,
                                                                            SOLD 4776 Sierra Lane
                                                                                                            libraries, and churches.
          Boca Pointe Resident & equity MeMBeR                              SOLD 22991 Clear Echo Dr, #86      To find a location, text “FoodFL” to 877-877, dial
                                                                            SOLD 23291 FeatherPalm Ct.
                                                                            SOLD 22652 Esplanada Circle W.   2-1-1 or visit
                                                                            SOLD 7675 Via Grande            Animal Fosters Desperately Needed
                                                                            SOLD 7880 Travelers Tree Dr        Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control and
                                                                            SOLD 6670 Villa Sonrisa
                                                    SOLD                    SOLD 7647 Cinebar Dr. #24U      Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League are in dire need of
                                                                                                            foster parents.
                                                                            SOLD 7460 La Paz #106
                                                                                                               Currently, the shelters have more than 1,000 animals in

                                                                            SOLD 7379 Panache Way
                                  Selling all          Caravelle                                            their care and are looking for 100 additional foster homes.
                                                                                                            The Foster Program aims to help as many animals as
                                   of Palm            3/3 2 car garage         SOLD                         possible by providing love, care, and temporary housing
                                   Beach &              $595,000                                            until they are ready for their forever home.
                                   Broward                                                                     To  learn  more  about  the  organizations’  foster
                                                                                   BOCa GlaDeS
                                    County                                   2/2 Condo Updated, lake view!  programs, please visit Palm Beach County Animal Care
                                                      SOLD                     Great Location!! $269,000    and Control, or Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League.
                                                                                                               Please contact our office if you require assistance

         Ilene Polito                           3/3 1 Car Garage. Stunning!   PENDING                       at 561-355-2204 and/or email me at  rweinroth@
         (561) 302-6669                                                             3 Bdrms + Den
         ILENE@BOCAHOME.COM                      PENDING                        2 Car Garage $595,000                    Attention
                                                                                   Golf Course view
         Dedicated to Results                                                   SOLD                                   Boca Pointe

            I make you feel right at home              PaNaCHe                                                          Residents!
           because customer satisfaction                Updated
               IS my highest priority!                  $460,000               3/3 Updated $585,000                  Flatten All Your Boxes!
                                                                                                                Our recycling trucks do not pick up your cardboard boxes
                                                                             with regular refuse....lost revenue for residents of Boca Pointe. 
                                                                                                             if they are not flattened. Instead, they go to trash and are burned
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