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      The Arc Of Palm Beach County Celebrates Change

        Change is in the
      air for The Arc of
      Palm Beach County.
      At a private event, the
      nonprofit announced
      plans to merge with
      Seagull  Services.
      The Arc’s  Board
      Chair Kurt Gehring
      recently hosted the
      outdoor gathering
      at his home in Palm
      Beach Gardens.
        As champagne
      flowed and sparklers
      lit up the night sky,  Champagne and sparkler
      The Arc’s President                                Josephine and Dr. Pierre Dorsainvil  Kurt Gehring, Kimberly McCarten  Ricardo and Amy Young
      and CEO Kimberly McCarten shared her vision to build
      acceptance for people with disabilities. Together, the
      agencies will be able to expand programs and serve more
      families. The merger is expected to be completed this fall.
      About The Arc Of Palm Beach County
        The Arc is changing the conversation around disabilities
      by defying definitions, inspiring possibilities, and improving
      the lives of the people we serve, their families, and
      our community. Since 1958, The Arc has envisioned a
      community where every person feels welcome, connected,
      and accepted.
                      Photos by Tracey Benson Photography

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