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VOL. 29 NO. 8                                                                             AUGUST 2021

      From The Manager

      By Kathleen O’Donovan,                                Third violations by any vehicle registered to a residence   community and the Florida Homeowners Association
      General Manager                                    in any calendar year will result in the suspension of all   Act and the fines and penalties adopted by the BPCA
                                                         automatic gate entrance devices for that residence for   Board of Directors. While the process is informal, the
         In  April of 2017, in                           ninety (90) days. Access will be granted through guest   committee does ask residents and others who come to
      response to complaints                             lanes only.                                       meet with it to remember to address the facts concerning
      from homeowners the                                   Residents will be responsible for speeding fines   the violation. The committee does not make, change or
      Voting Members of the                              of their guests as defined in the Boca Pointe Master   selectively enforce the rules of the community, nor does
      Bo c a  Poi n t e  Ma st e r                       Documents.                                        it decide what methods BPCA, Sub-Associations or our
      Association adopted a                                 A Grievance Committee has been established to   Security Officers should use, or how much time they
      Resolution permitting                              uphold or vacate any fines that have been levied by the   should spend on the enforcement of these rules.
      fines for speeding on the                          Board of Directors under this Resolution. The function of      The Board of Directors of BPCA along with the Access
      roadways of Boca Pointe.                           the Grievance committee is to afford residents and others   Control Committee, and the Sub-Association Presidents,
      The Resolution has been in full effect since 2019. The   who receive violations notices, the opportunity to present   appreciate your support and urge you to comply with the
      Resolution states:                                 evidence or reasons as to why they believe the violation   BPCA homeowner documents and updated amendments.
         The speed limits on BPCA roadways are as follows:  was improperly issued or should not be enforced. This      Please understand that our mission is to preserve the
         30 mph      Boca Pointe Drive                   is an informal process, where five (5) resident members   quality of our community and security of our residents,
         25 mph      Via de Sonrisa del Norte            of the committee meet with the recipient of the violation   guests and properties within Boca Pointe. We encourage
         20 mph      Promenade Drive                     notice via Zoom, listen to the case, ask questions, and   you all to drive safely. 
         The fining schedule will be as follows per calendar   then decide whether a violation did occur, and/or if there
      year for 1st and 2nd violations:                   were unusual or extreme circumstances that warrant either
         $ 50        6 - 20 mph over speed limit         voiding the violation notice or upholding the fine.
         $ 100       more than 21 over the limit            The committee operates based on the rules of the
       Traffic Hawk And Road Safety

      By Justin Mocha, Director of Security              are collectively doing so at lower speeds. Vehicles travelling   things when serious accidents do occur, whether it is on our
                                                         > 41MPH on Boca Pointe Drive, for example, have gone   roads or not. The month of June, unfortunately, saw two such
         Road Safety has been one of the primary focuses of   from a somewhat frequent occurrence to relatively rare.  accidents take place on Powerline Road and SW 18th Street
      our Access Control Committee in the recent past. This has      A reduction in vehicle speed is directly correlated with   within Boca Pointe borders. One of these accidents sadly
      resulted in the deployment of Traffic Hawk and its associated   a reduction in vehicle related accidents, injuries and deaths.   resulted in the death of a motorcyclist. The other resulted in
      processes. We have been keeping speed data for years, now,   Drivers who are actively mindful of their speed are less likely   damage to an FPL light pole that required extensive repairs.
      and have large sample sizes to analyze in order to determine   to be engaging in other causative behaviors like distracted   As motorists, cyclists and pedestrians we all have a part to
      the program’s effectiveness.                       driving, or aggressive driving. These drivers are also more   play when it comes to reducing the likelihood of accidents
         Speeding percentage has been reduced drastically   likely to be observant of their surroundings, more likely to   like this occurring. This purpose is at the core of the Traffic
      from 2018 to 2021 (pre and post Traffic Hawk). During   notice pedestrians and cyclists or dangerous road conditions   Hawk program and all traffic calming solutions.
      most hours of the day, we see an average of at least 50%   such as potholes or debris.                  Please observe the speed limits on Boca Pointe roads,
      reduction in speeding, and the vehicles which are speeding      We should all be reminded of the importance of these   drive safely and observantly, and it will go a long way. 
      From The Desk Of Vice Mayor Weinroth                                                                  Please Help

         Within days following                              At the July board meeting, the Board of County
      the disaster in Surfside,                          Commissioners (Board) directed staff to continue to evaluate      Prior to COVID, Boca Pointe residents were
      Palm Beach County officials                        the safety of certain building types in the unincorporated   donating their unused, extra clothing to the homeless.
      formed a working group                             area of Palm Beach County. They also requested staff draft   The homeless shelters are now able to accept clothing
      consisting  of the  League                         a letter to condominium boards encouraging them to assess   again. Please bring any clean, unused clothing that you
      of Cities, county and                              the structural integrity of their buildings.       would like to donate. The drop off location is at the
      municipal building officials,                         The county has no current reinspection requirement;   BPCA office located at 6909 SW 18th St., Suite A120 in
      fire marshals and engineers                        however, its code enforcement officials respond to   the Boardwalk shopping plaza. Due to the generosity of
      to evaluate reinspection                           complaints and alerts of potential unsafe building conditions   Boca Pointe residents, many homeless have been given
      options for tall buildings                         when brought to their attention.                   very much needed clothes. Let’s continue helping those
      including timelines, building                                                                         less fortunate. Thank you!! 
      height and location.                               From The Desk Of on page 2

                                                                                      Watch Your Speed!

                                                                                        Speeding fines were suspended due to COVID-19 but
                                                                                     have resumed. Fine schedule: 6-20 mph over the limit
                                                                                     $50 and more than 21 mph over the limit $100. Please
                                                                                     obey the posted speed limit signs and drive safely! 
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