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      It’s All A Bunch Of Garbage

      By William A. Gralnick                             years for plastic bags to decompose. That’s about the same   discarded every year in the good ole USA. And the answer
                                                         time as it took the Egyptians to build the Great Pyramid.   is? 450 years per diaper.
         Unlike today’s kids who                         When you come back from Publix having shopped for the      These numbers will only grow and eventually we’ll run
      only have to tote plastic                          week, how many plastic bags do you have to toss out?   out of landfill space. Other than filling up things like the
      bags and containers to the                         Multiply that number of bags by let’s say the average, 15   Grand Canyon we must be determined and creative. Don’t
      curb, we, when we were                             years. If you want to really go for it, how many houses   use plastic bags, use reusable ones. Use cloth diapers. Break
      their age, had to work out,                        are in your neighborhood or in your town? Now we’re   the paper towel habit. Get involved socially and politically.
      lift weights or do something to make us stronger. The garbage   into some advanced math.             Don’t be just another citizen contributing to the suicide of
      we schlepped was in steel cans. I don’t know why, but unlike      Nylon is used for more than stockings. It is in all kinds of   us and the planet that hosts us.
      today when there are plastic rolling racks for the plastic bins,   things, like fishing lines. Thirty to forty years is the answer      Interested in more?; www.
      we dragged the cans to the curb, often scaring the driveway   for that one. Your work boots too worn to give away so you
      and cement along the way. Watching the garbage men was   toss’em? The soles take 65 years to decompose lasting as long   rates; and finally
      awe inspiring. They’d hoist that can, carry it to the back of   as the life span of an African elephant. Here’s one that’s hard
      the garbage eating truck, then dump and bounce. The bounce   to get one’s mind around. Leather and Styrofoam cups—50      Columnist  and  author  Bill  Gralnick  was  born  and
      was the smacking of the can against the lip of the crater into   years each. I remind you that’s 50 years for each one.  raised in Brooklyn. His latest book, titled “The War of
      which the garbage went so they weren’t giving you back the      We’ll close with some goodies. Soda cans: 140 years. A   the Itchy Balls and Other Tales from Brooklyn,” offers
      same garbage you gave them.                        glass bottle? One MILLION years. And the grand slam? Baby   more memories. His writings can be found at https://www.
         Not surprisingly there were garbage strikes. Cans lined   diapers of which it is estimated that more than 27 billion are 
      the streets in all the boroughs. The strikes were usually in hot
      weather, so it wasn’t long before the stench pervaded every
      nook and cranny of life. This was what usually brought a                                                        Norbert Graber, R. Ph.
      solution to the strike. And that was the sum total of it. Like                                                 and Lynn Graber, R. Ph.
      robots on a certain day, we did our garbage routine and were
      met by robots who took it away. Yes there were incinerators,
      and the citizens were becoming aware of the thick, billowing
      smoke that came from them, and the oily black exhaust from
      trucks, and what became known as smog. We got to thinking
      about solutions to that, but the garbage not so much.
         It seems suddenly, but obviously not, we had a garbage
      problem. As part of the on-going diplomatic hissing match
      between China and the US, China stopped taking our
      garbage. Just how much could the Jersey landfills hold? In
      fact, how much could the 300 plus landfills in the nation
      hold? And while they were holding it, what were the contents
      doing to the air we breathe and the water we drink? Now we
      have a real mess on our hands.
         It is very difficult to get people excited about solving the
      garbage problem. What was that wonderful Jonathan Winters
      movie about the funeral business? Wealthy families found
      out that Forest Lawn Cemetery was out of burial space, so                                                                       FREE
      Winters started a burial in space business. Yes there are those    Family Owned & Operated                                 LOCAL DELIVERY
      looking for a nearby black hole in space into which we can   SERVING BOCA POINTE AND OUR COMMUNITY SINCE 2001                Free for prescription
      dump the world’s garbage or dump onto the sun and so on.                                                                        drugs only
         I recently found a creative way to raise conscientiousness   •  Easy Prescription Transfer  •  Prescriptions Filled Fast
      about this issue. Keep reading.                      •  All Medicare Part D Plans Accepted •  Professional Compounding   FAST, FRIENDLY SERVICE
         First, an overview. According to the Duke University   •  Most Private Insurance Plans For   •  Orthopedic & Surgical   SPECIAL ORDERS WELCOME
      Sustainability project Americans toss four pounds of trash   Prescription Drugs Accepted   Supplies
      a day per person. The math for you then is simple. Then   Including United Healthcare   •  Nebulizers & Supplies       HIGHEST-QUALITY MEDICINES
      multiply that number by 350,000,000. Then remind yourself      and Tricare              •  Compression Stockings           & HEALTH PRODUCTS
      that this is only your family, and this is only America. There                     561-391-6336
      are 120 nations represented at the United Nations.
         Where does all that stuff go? The answer for the vast                        22191 Powerline Road • Boca Raton
      majority of it is one word: Landfills.             SW Corner of Palmetto & Powerline • Mon-Fri 9am to 6pm • Sat 9am to 3pm • Closed Sun
      tells you that landfills are the second largest source of                      
      human produced methane release into the air, methane
      being a gas that traps heat twenty-five times more than
      does carbon dioxide. There are 3,500 landfills in America,
      a few are not too far from where you are reading this.
      Remember as trash increases so does the need for more
      landfills therefore more methane.
         Let’s look at some specifics. Those paper towels we rip
      off so routinely from their holders instead of using sponges
      or rags that are washable and re-usable, they take upwards
      of a month to decompose. Have a yen for fruit? That orange
      peel or banana peel will be with us for about five weeks. FYI
      it would take less time to binge watch every episode of Law
      and Order or renew your passport than decomposition of the   Scott Cohen is Here to Help!
      towels or fruit waste.
         Are you a cigarette smoker? Upwards of five years for   Your fellow Boca Pointe Resident is available to
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