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      From The Desk Of from page 1                       • Bicyclists must ride single file in narrow bike lanes and   an educational tool to help understand how anti-Semitism
                                                         no more than two abreast in wider lanes.          manifests in our community.
         As the working group continues to meet, we anticipate   • Cyclists are required to stop at stop signs.     There is no place for any form of hatred in our public
      an update of these deliberations next month.       • Motor vehicles must allow groups of 10 cyclists to travel   institutions and anti-Semitism should be treated no
         Additionally,  state  legislators  are  planning  on   through an intersection together.          differently.
      introducing legislation that will address various   • New test questions related to bicycle and pedestrian   Nonprofit highlight:Palm Beach County Food Bank
      regulations including reinspections, condo associations   safety are on Florida driver’s license exam.     Since established in 2012, the Palm Beach County
      and more.                                          • The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles   Food Bank has grown into an important organization that
         I would like to thank county fire rescue personnel and   is being mandated to provide a public awareness campaign   donates food to nearly 200 partnering agencies - including
      social workers who are currently providing assistance   informing motorists about the required safety precautions.  food pantries, soup kitchens, residential facilities, and
      and aid in the Surfside community. As we continue to      These new laws are intended to reduce accidents and   other social service organizations right here in our county.
      watch this tragic event unfold, we are grateful to these   fatalities which unfortunately have continued to increase.      With the opening of their new facility in Lake Worth
      professionals who play such a critical role in disasters   In 2020, 11 bicyclists died in the county, more than double   Beach, the organization will now be able to distribute
      such as Surfside.                                  the number of bicycle fatalities in 2019. For more details,   more than 11 million pounds of food annually, reaching
      Emergency volunteers needed                        visit     nearly 300,000 county residents.
         When disasters hit, volunteers play an essential role   Resolution against anti-Semitism             To learn more about PBC Food Bank and their programs,
      especially in conjunction with the county’s Community      I recently initiated a resolution in support of the   please call 561-670-2518 or visit
      Emergency Response Team (CERT). Participants receive   International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s Working      Please contact our office if you require assistance at 561-
      training in fire safety, light search and rescue and   Definition of Anti-Semitism that was unanimously   355-2204 and/or email me at 
      disaster medical operations. With this training, CERT   approved by the Board. The resolution, requested by the
      members give critical support to first responders, provide   American Jewish Committee Palm Beach, provides a
      immediate assistance to victims, and organize volunteers   working definition of anti-Semitism and will be used as
      at disaster sites.
         As we  have seen in Surfside,  disaster can strike
      anywhere and at any time. Basic safety and disaster skills
      can mean the difference between life and death. For more
      information on how to volunteer to become part of a
      CERT team, please call 561-712-6400.
      New bike safety laws
         Important new state laws governing bicycle safety
      became effective July 1, 2021. Some highlights include
      the following:
      •  Motorists  are  allowed  to  safely  pass  cyclists  in  no
      passing zones.

        Lease Renewals

           Renters- If you plan to renew your lease at Boca
        Pointe, please provide the BPCA Management
        office a copy of your renewal lease and vehicle
        registration prior to your lease expiration date.
        Both  items are  needed to  ensure  that your
        transponder does not get deactivated when the
        lease ends. Please email to
          Thank you! 

                  Please Be

                         have the

                         right of




           The transponders that you use to gain entry through the   AFFORDABLE & RELIABLE IN-HOME CARE
        gates work off of batteries. The batteries are built into the
        device and cannot be replaced. At the end of their life, the
        entire device must be replaced. Most of our devices have   Companion Care    Personal Care    Live-In Care    Respite Care
        been in use for over five years now and are beginning to
        fail. If your device is no longer working properly, it may be     Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care     Surgery Recovery Care
        time for you to purchase a new one. Replacement devices
        are sold at the discounted price of $50. Please call for an
                                                                                                                Reba Cole, RN
        appointment (561) 395-7551. Driver’s license and vehicle             Your Local Representative:
        registration required. 

                    $75.00 - New transponder
                $50.00 - Replacement transponder                                (561)-860-1897
                $5.00 - Transponder plastic holder
          **Homeowners, tenants and club members will be
         issued a transponder to the village they reside in and
          into the Boca Pointe Club if they are a member**
                                                             Call your local representative, or visit us at

          ACCEPTABLE FORMS OF PAYMENT                                          to schedule your FREE In-Home Consultation
               NO REFUNDS ARE ISSUED
                                                                 Whitsyms In-Home Care is licensed to operate in Florida: 30210978, 30211390, 30211293, 30211382, 30211226
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