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      Crazy Weather

       By Judith Levy                                       Back to my closet I find nothing I pick seems to suit   feel just fine. When I finally get to my destination there
                                                         the funk I find myself in because of the crummy weather.   are no parking spaces close to where I’m going and
          It’s so difficult to make                      Now I want to stay home. I’m unhappy about leaving my   unfortunately I have left my umbrella in the trunk of the
       plans for the day because I                       domicile and then what do you know, the sun comes out.   car. Does it make sense to go to the trunk in this downpour
       never know how to dress.                          Well, I’m not going to change again, so out I go. The sweat   and retrieve the umbrella or just make a run for it trying
       At first it seems warm and                        off my brow as I start the motor in my hot car is awful.   to sprint quickly through the raindrops? Sprint? Lately
       sunny, a good day to go out,                      The steering wheel is almost unholdable. I find I’m driving   I’m moving slower than ever. Well, I decide to just sit in
       so I reach for a light summery                    right into the blazing sun and putting down the visor and   my car rather than get soaked and lo and behold, the sun
       outfit and suddenly I hear                        quickly adjusting my sunglasses is little or no help at all.   comes out. It’s a lovely day and my spirits leap all the
       thunder, well I think I heard                        Suddenly the skies open up. The windshield wipers   way up to the rainbow I see, and I’m happy to be out and
       it, so I wait to be certain and                   can’t keep up with the deluge and which lane to choose   not stuck in the house. Oh, I just love living in Florida in
       nothing repeats, so I go on with my dressing. When I’m fully   is another problem. The lane to the right has huge puddles   spite of the crazy weather, don’t you?
       garbed, wearing a new top I’ve been saving for a sky blue day,   that show up unexpectedly and splash with a thunderous
       the heavens open up, so now I don’t want to waste my outfit   bang on my window and startle me and the lane to the      Judith Levy is the New York Times best-selling author
       or go anywhere, I just want to stay home. But alas, I have a   left will just bring cars behind me honking impatiently   of  GRANDMOTHER  REMEMBERS,  which  has  sold
       doctor’s appointment which I waited weeks to get so I have   because I drive too slowly. I don’t think so, but they do.  over four million copies and has been translated into five
       no choice and I must go out. The open shoes I have on won’t      Now I  really  wish  I  were  home  in  spite  of  the   languages  and  the  mega  best-seller  GRANDFATHER
       do and I’d better take off these capri pants too.  doctor’s appointment I’m sorry I made because today I   REMEMBERS, published by HarperCollins.
      Five Dimensions Of Building A Sustainable Culture And Lifestyle

      By Steve Handwerker                                political science, business, or anthropology. The second way   Local and indigenous people have a key role in the design,
                                                         to provide support is to move from footprint to influence,   and implementation of any conservation project and effort!!
         First  step,  as  always,                       partners, friends, consumers and voters and legislators.   Last and certainly not the least significant factor is to BE
      is becoming aware of the                           Institutions and individuals need to look beyond themselves   CREATIVE! Constantly learning to navigate the complex
      various issues to be addressed.                    to a more encompassing view putting the conservation of   challenges in front of us and putting the vision of an inclusive,
      The crucial areas are: Our                         resources as a priority. The third factor is government, that is   people centered form of conservation effort will, create a
      natural parks and forests                          community and market based solutions can thrive and endure   synergy for building a culture of sustainability. Please let
      worldwide; Food and                                in the context of well-informed government regulations and   me know your thoughts about these vital issues.
      commodities resources and                          programs and those programs must respect the rights and
      ways of utilization; Emissions                     needs of people and the environment. Partnership with local      Dr. Steven E. Handwerker Ph.D D.Div, Board Certified
      reduction; Endangered                              and federal government is a new movement! The fourth   Licensed Clinical Psychologist 45 years. International
      species and biodiversity; the human condition/overpopulation   component of our sustainability objective is to put YOU, all   Association for the Advancement of Human Welfare, Inc.
      and resource use and waste. In relation to these areas of   people, at the heart of everything! We need to have greater   (501-c-3 since 1997) Books, Poetry
      concern there are five ways to address sustainability.  depth and discipline in community based conservation.   and Blog. 
         We need to take an overview of each area, the state of
      ecosystem balance in any area of concern. This is called
      system level thinking which considers economics, ecology,

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