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      Book Review from page 6                            was a family of loggers, but her father turned away after   autobiographical, depicts her personal challenges and
                                                         being confronted with a particular dangerous experience   disappointments, but reveals and shares her passion for
      tree is a complete picture of the game, which depicts all   and chose the more peaceful life of a commercial grocer.   the forests and her advanced studies in forest planning.
      possible states and the path between them” and celebrates   But she was imbued with a profound love, turned on by the   She studied soil, dealing with pesticides and weeds,
      the coherent integration of roots, trunk, and leaves--  activist movement inspired by the work of Rachel Carson.   reforestation, but majoring in Statistics gave her an
      comprising their fearful symmetry. “Your life is a tree,   She knew it was her destiny to pursue forestry, and she   advantage in her experiments with forest management.
      is what I’m basically saying.”                     worked for the commercial enterprises like Weyerhaeuser   And her most notable achievement was the explication
         Suzanne Simard author of Finding the Mother Tree,   and Monsanto which hired her in their stated effort to   of the role of the Mother Trees like the Douglas fir and
      well understands the geometry of tree and moreover   switch directions from “clear cut” i.e. obliterating whole   how  to  understand  and  appreciate  their  fundamental
      the symbiosis with its environment. She grew up in a   ranges. Instead “free to grow” implemented the best   purpose in nature of propagation and preservation. While
      rural farmland in British Columbia, Canada--following   practices for the welfare and protection of the trees and   it is commonly accepted that trees are in competition
      generations of loggers. From childhood, she pursued   the environment. But her interests were less suited to   for survival, her research enabled her to uncover the
      the outdoor life, hiking, hunting, fishing, and the   and did not coalesce with commercial logging practices,   mycorrhizal fungi, an underworld cooperative World
      family profession of logging and has devoted her life to   and she continued to work first for the Canadian forestry   Wide  Web in which diverse species communicate
      researching the biology of trees. Though of the gentler   service and then pursued advanced studies in ecology   altruistically through chemical exchanges. You might
      sex, she experienced firsthand the hardscrabble life   earning first and advanced degrees. She married Don, a   be reminded, as I was, of my discussion of neural
      working long hours and experiencing the toll that loggers   colleague in the same field and together they built their   networks emanating from the brain in last month’s Book
      face, veritable danger of working your fingers to the bone   log cabin and started a family with two daughters.  Review, and she acknowledges that the “mycorrhizal
      and immediate family members losing fingers, ears. Hers      Her lovely book, with moving photographs, and   network is a facsimile of a neural network, the molecules
                                                                                                           moving among trees (exchanging carbon) were like
                                                                                                           neurotransmitters.” Her radical view of the wisdom of
         Nutrition For Seniors                                                                             Mother Trees  was  viewed  skeptically  by  many  in  the
                                                                                                           academic community. But she now is a sought-after
                                                                                                           lecturer—and making progress in having her views
         Submitted by Stratford Court                    and E to defend against cell damage linked to cancer   accepted by the academic as well as non-academic
                                                         and a variety of diseases. They should also be sure get   worlds. We now are beginning to glimmer nature’s unseen
            As people get older,  maintaining good nutrition   enough Vitamin D and calcium to keep bones strong   truths flowing deep within the soil; modern scientific
         can bring new challenges. Recognizing this, the   and folic acid to retain mental acuity and reduce   methodology happily wedded to the veritable beliefs of
         U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Human Nutrition   the risk of stroke and heart disease. The researchers   Indigenous people.
         Research Center on Aging has adapted its famous   recommend such nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables
         food pyramid for older adults. The modified pyramid   as spinach and romaine lettuce, sweet potatoes and      Dr.  Ronald  J.  Meyers,  a  resident  of  La  Paz,  is  an
         can help make sure that you are getting enough of the   squash, strawberries and peaches.         Emeritus Professor of English. 
         nutrients that are essential for healthy living.     The last major difference in customizing the food
            At the base of the food pyramid for seniors is eight,   pyramid for seniors is the additional focus on fiber.
         8-ounce glasses of fluid a day. That’s because seniors’   High-fiber diets not only reduce bowel troubles, but are   Stamp and Coin Club
         reduced sense of thirst can lead to dehydration. You   associated with lower cholesterol levels and reduced
         can meet your two-quart daily quota with juices, milk,   risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer. Common
         and noncaffeinated beverages as well as water. Alcohol   sources of fiber are whole grain products, whole fruits     Boca Raton Stamp & Coin Club asks you to start
         and drinks with caffeine can actually cause the body   and vegetables, and beans and lentils.       a new hobby.
         to lose fluids and become dehydrated, so drink them   Get Your Copy of the Modified Food Pyramid for     Visit with us at the Stratford Courts Auditorium
         sparingly.                                      Older Adults                                        located at 6343 Via Sonrisa del Sur, off S.W. 18th
            The Department of Agriculture researchers also      Get more information about the Modified Food   Street, between Powerline Road and Military Trail.
         emphasize the need for seniors to eat foods rich in   Pyramid for Older Adults and the foods you can eat     We meet the second and fourth Thursday each month
         vitamins and minerals. Seniors should be careful to   when following it. Download your copy of the guide   at 7 p.m. Please call membership coordinator Harvey
         maintain their intake of antioxidants like Vitamin C   at   Golinger at (561) 752-4922. 

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