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       Feng Shui

      By Dra. Milagros Gutierrez de Herrera              and educational objectives and culminates in the expected   which successes are pursued for those involved. It is very
                                                         goals, for personal and family development and therefore   important both for this millenary science, the FENG SHUI,
      Dear Readers:                                      of the community environment.                     and to energize the space and that there is harmony, that it
         Welcome back to the fascinating world of this ancient      The area EDUCATION is located in the Northeast sector   is the closest thing to a classroom, that is, that the users,
      science, as is the FENG SHUI. In this installment we are   of the room or place chosen for this educational space.  especially if they are young children, understand that when
      at school, therefore, today we are going to talk about the      Generally, children perform their academic homework,   you are there it is to perform your homework, that you have
      area of the EDUCATION, especially in our homes.    in  their  room, study  or  area  designated  for  it,  where   all the necessary materials and therefore the stay INVITE,
         Education is a very important link in the chain of the   they decorate with a table, desk, shelf or library, chair   to be at ease so that when you fulfill them you can feel the
      integral formation of children, which is why families feel   or armchair, work materials, such as: pencils, colors,   pleasure of what you have achieved.
      that the future of future generations rests on it.  stationery,  technological  tools, such  as  tv, computers,      It is worth noting that some clients ask me that their
         As an educator, I consider that for states and nations it   tablets, and a long etcetera, depending on the number of   children have their homework area in their bedroom, an
      should be a priority, but in our article we will refer to the   users and the degree courses. In addition to academics,   issue that should be avoided if possible, since the room
      family sphere, since it is for the Boca Pointe community,   many combine other extracurricular activities, which   should be a space for rest and relaxation, which they can
      where we want to make a positive impact, with our   require some specific material, all this makes up this site   enjoy at the appropriate time. Like the kitchen table, a
      monthly orientations.                              as the place dedicated to educational tasks, all this brief   frequent place of use, due to its proximity to those who
         Let us locate this area in our houses and homes in order   description, is for the purpose of thinking or rethinking   help it but not very convenient.
      to seek harmony and that energy, that is, the CHI, promotes   how the area in question should be set.     It should be noted that order and cleanliness are
      in our children, whether they are pre-school or university, an      What is this statement about? Because we must create   IMPORTANT, to the point that they can work and then at
      “engine” that encourages and induces towards achievements   an environment or atmosphere typical of the activity for   the end of the activity, put everything in its proper place.
                                                                                                             area, if the light in the room is low, it is advisable to place
                                                                                                             Lighting plays a preponderant role in the EDUCATION
                                                                                              ª            a faceted glass globe so that when it turns, it “illuminates”

                                                                                                           the area and radiates energy or CHI.

                                                                                                             As for the recommended colors for this area are: the
                                                                                                           earth, since the Northeast sector is governed by the earth
                                                                                                           element, hence you can use brown colors and derivatives
         Two Boca Raton Offices: 151 N. Ocean Blvd. • 21073 Powerline Rd. #63                              such as: yellow, green, brown and their mixtures with
                                                                                                           they are orange, beige, yellow and green in their various
        “dedicated to Results”                                             SOLD 7917 Travelers Tree Dr.    shades.
                                                                           SOLD 4776 Sierra Lane
                                                                                                             On the other hand, the objects to decorate this area are

                                                                           SOLD 22991 Clear Echo Dr, #86   intimately related to the space in question, hence diplomas,
         Boca Pointe Resident & equity MeMBeR                              SOLD 23291 FeatherPalm Ct.
                                                                           SOLD 22652 Esplanada Circle W.   trophies, titles, decorations, medals should be placed, and
                                                                           SOLD 7675 Via Grande            all that represents a recognition of participation in an
                                                   SOLD                    SOLD 7880 Travelers Tree Dr     event, be it academic, sports, which significantly creates
                                                                           SOLD 6670 Villa Sonrisa
                                                                                                           an energy of achievements and successes, which will serve
                                                                           SOLD 7647 Cinebar Dr. #24U
                                                                           SOLD 7460 La Paz #106           to stimulate the energy of the place and thus the CHI, will
                                                                                                           be conducive to users.
                                                      Caravelle            SOLD 7379 Panache Way              Likewise, the location of desks and tables should be
                                                     3/3 2 car garage
                                  Selling all          $595,000                                            in the Northeast cardinal point, as already explained, and
                                   of Palm                                    SOLD                         that you never have a door or window on your back, as
                                   Beach &                                                                 this will  bring complications  and problems, and  even
                                   Broward            SOLD                                                 serious ones. People using this area should sit with a solid
                                                                                   BOCa GlaDeS
                                   County                                    2/2 Condo Updated, lake view!  wall behind the person to support the studies. Also avoid
                                                                               Great Location!! $269,000   arrows such as books and open book shelves behind the
                                                      MerIDIaNa                                            user, for which you must have glass or wooden doors.
                                                3/3 1 Car Garage. Stunning!   SOLD                            BALANCE SHOULD ALWAYS BE YOUR GUIDE
        Ilene Polito                                                                                       WHEN APPLYING THE FENG SHUI CURES.
                                                                                                             Until the next installment, wishing you a better quality

        (561) 302-6669                           penDing                           3 Bdrms + Den           of life and with it a better mental health. Do not hesitate to
                                                                                                           contact us to tell us about your experiences when applying
        ILENE@BOCAHOME.COM                             PaNaCHe                  2 Car Garage $595,940      the cures or for a diagnosis.
                                                                                  Golf Course view
        Dedicated to Results                           $460,000                 SOLD                         Shui. Email: 
                                                                                                             Dr. Milagros Gutierrez de Herrera, Specialist in Feng
            I make you feel right at home        Coming Soon
           because customer satisfaction              Costa Brava                                          Your Driver
               IS my highest priority!                 4 bdrm!                     Caravelle                 Airport Car Service
                                                                               3/3 Updated $585,000            WPB, FLL, MIA
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                                                                          6234 BRAVA WAY,
        Robin Donegan                   6676 QUieT WAVe                 LiSTeD AT $649,900
                                             TRAiL 55,
        REALTOR                         SOLD for $660,000          Two-story, single family home, 3 BR, 2BA,
                                                                    plus loft located on a private cul-de-sac
                                       Centrally located, impeccably
        (561) 451-6615                 maintained, 2100 square foot 3   with a beautiful private pool and patio
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          AnALYSiS OF YOUR HOMe’S VALUe.                       SOLD   7635 CineBAR DRiVe                    EXERCISE                        Kittens/cats
                                                                                                                                            birds/fish & more
                                                                                                            fEEDINg, mEDIcAL coNDITIoNS
                                                               SOLD   7890 BLACK OnYX LAne
                                                                                                                                             Reptiles & More!
                                                                                                            VACATION & TRAVEL Pet & House Care

                                                               SOLD   23265 MiRABeLLA CiRCLe n              SUNSHINE PET PALS

                                                                                                            WE WORK WITH MEDICAL CONDITIONS

                    (561) 451-6615                             SOLD   6601 HAWAiiAn AVenUe                  oUr 14  YEAr - 26 YEAr bocA PoINTE rESIDENT
                                                                                                             13 Yr Boca Pointe Resident - NAPPS - Pet First Aid
                                                               SOLD   7233 pROMenADe #302
                                                               SOLD   7872 SeViLLe pLACe #2404
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                                                                                                                      INSUrED - boNDED - LIcENSED
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