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      Space-Themed Photo Adventure Raises $18,000 For Charity

        The Out of This World interactive, pop-up exhibit at The   About The Gardens Mall
      Gardens Mall launched fun, education, and generosity. The     The Gardens Mall is
      six-week, space-themed display raised more than $18,000 for   located one mile east of I-95
      Give Kids The World Village.                       on PGA Boulevard in Palm
        The Gardens Mall partnered with the Kennedy Space Center   Beach  Gardens,  Fla.  The
      Visitor Complex to produce the walk-through exhibit. Guests   luxurious, 1.4-million-square-
      learned historical facts about space exploration and got to picture   foot, super-regional shopping
      themselves as astronauts walking on the moon and visiting Mars.   center features more than 150
      At the end of the journey, visitors had a chance to name a star   world-class retail specialty
      in the solar system.                               shops and restaurants. It is
        “This was a hands-on learning experience that had the   anchored by Nordstrom, Saks
      dual benefit of helping a Florida-based charity,” said Whitney   Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s,
      Pettis Jester, director of marketing and merchant relations at   and Macy’s. The Gardens
      The Gardens Mall. “Guests were really excited and inspired,   Mall is owned and managed
      so we extended the exhibit a few weeks, which also helped the   by The Forbes Company. For
      nonprofit. Mission accomplished!”                  more information about The
        All proceeds from Out of This World were donated to Give   Gardens Mall, call (561) 775-
      Kids The World Village. The nonprofit resort in Central Florida   7750 or visit the mall online at
      offers weeklong, cost-free vacations to critically ill children, and
      their families, from around the world. Since 1989, Give Kids
      The World Village has welcomed nearly 200,000 families.   Photos by The Gardens Mall  Out of This World space suit   Out of This World shuttle experience
      Three Ways To Start School Strong

      By Jim Forgan, Ph.D.,                                Third, create routines and seek proactive support. Kids   reduces stress and saves time. Finally, when you see your
      School Psychologist                                perform best when they have a predictable daily routine that   child struggle, contact a tutor, counselor, or skills coach such
        Most kids start school                           includes being organized. Establish a homework schedule,   as those at Beyond
      with the intention of having                       have a consistent place for the backpack, use technology to     We can help you help find out why your child struggles.
      a great year but sometimes                         set getting ready in the morning reminders. Having routines   Call (561) 625-4125 or visit
      their intentions don’t match
      their actions and kids start to
      struggle. Some kids struggle
      academically while others                                                                            Leaving Your Employer?
      have social struggles. Either                                                                        Understand Your 401(k) Options.
      way, these struggles can leave
      your child feeling frustrated,                                                                       At Edward Jones, we can explain options for your
      developing a negative school attitude, and interfering with                                          401(k), including leaving the money in your former
      your child’s performance.                                                                            employer’s plan, moving it to your new employer’s
        First, get to know your child’s teacher(s). This is especially                                     plan,  rolling it over  to an individual Retirement
      important if your child has an IEP or 504 Plan because                                               Account (IRA) or cashing out the account subject to
      you want the teacher to know how to best help your child.                                            tax consequences.
      All parents should consider writing the teacher(s) a short
      letter explaining your child’s strengths and needs. I was a                                          To learn more, call today.
      classroom teacher and when I received a letter it helped me
      understand and support the child faster. I knew if a child was
      a worrier, had math struggles, a history of bullying, as well
      as kids’ strengths.                                                 Sally S Stahl, AAMS®
        Second, build your child’s mindset that he or she can do          Financial Advisor             
                                                                                                                           P I S   r e

      hard things with effort. Teach your child to have grit, which       1851 W Indiantown Rd Ste 106
      is sticking with a task until completion. (Angela Duckworth         Jupiter, FL 33458
      has a great TED Talk on grit.) Notice the small things that         561-748-7600
      your child did that took effort. If it took effort for your child
      to pick up pinecones in the yard before it is mowed, comment
      on how he stuck with a task that was boring and took effort.
      Ask him what he was saying to himself as he worked. Did
      he say, “This sucks” or “I can do it and I’m helping out.”
      Hopefully the latter and then say, “Can you tell yourself that
      when you have a hard task in school?”                     CAMPBELL AND KARLIK, P.A.
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