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Our Village Voice

        VOL. 32 NO. 8                                                                             AUGUST 2021

       Commissioner’s Update                                                                                Bill’s Box

      Learning From Our Rich                             shore of the Loxahatchee River, Culpepper described how   By Bill Thompson
                                                         essential policies took shape during his terms in office. He
      History                                            worked to establish bulkhead lines along the Loxahatchee River   Not Gloom And Doom
                                                         to thwart continued efforts to fill in vast areas of the river for     Lord knows we get
      By County Commissioner                             development. In 1970, pollution of the river was a big problem   an excess of disturbing
      Maria Marino                                       caused by sewage releases into the water. He, on behalf of the   ne ws from  a  da i l y
        Recently, I had the                              county, and four surrounding municipal governments formed   24/7 bombardment by
      distinct privilege of sitting                      the Loxahatchee River Council, which achieved legislation to   commercial news. It is
      down with former elected                           form the Loxahatchee River Environmental Control District,   thought to be a major factor
      official and North County                          the wastewater collection, treatment and sewer installation   in our stress levels. Most of
      historian, Robert F. “Bobby”                       utility serving Juno Beach, all of Jupiter, eastern portions of   us recognize that tragedies and wide-sweeping deadly
      Culpepper. Mr. Culpepper                           Jupiter Farms, and north into Martin County.       viruses play a negative role in how we feel. It is ironic
      served as Jupiter’s mayor from                       Public access to beaches was always a priority for Culpepper,   that well intended news reporters are compelled to meet
      1966 to 1968, and as county                        and through a $6 million bond issuance in 1969, he negotiated   company revenue wants by hard-hitting overreaching
      commissioner for District 1 from 1968 to 1976.     the purchase of the remaining undeveloped parcels of coastline   repetition that overinforms us and keeps us coming
        A Korean War veteran, Culpepper shared with me his vast   south of the Jupiter Inlet from the DuBois family. Those lands   back for more.  That dichotomy educates  while
      knowledge of the county. One of his favorite quotes is from   now comprise DuBois Park, one of the most popular waterfront   damaging our inner peace.
      President Harry Truman who said, “The only thing new in this   parks in South Florida.                  Nonetheless, sometimes I follow that stampede to
      world, is the history that you don’t know.” Culpepper enjoys     Commissioner Culpepper also used his keen negotiation   mention news items simply to remind some of us who
      talking about how Palm Beach County has grown over the   skills and genial manner with local property owners to acquire   may not be fully aware of new dangers. When things
      past 60 years, and while he and I come from different political   a site to meet community recreational and health clinic needs   look better, and we feel too safe and put bad times
      persuasions, we agree on many important issues, including the   for minority and low-income families at what is now the West   behind us, no hear, no see.
      preservation of natural areas and wetlands, comprehensive land   Jupiter Recreation Center and ballfields.    I am writing this on July 20; however, it is highly
      use strategies, and providing parks and recreational facilities     In 1972, the county’s first comprehensive land use plan was   likely that it will apply as you read it. Over recent
      for our residents. His family members lovingly tease him that   approved which, among many policies established, designated   days, I have learned that residents of some states are
      he has multiple stories within a story.                                                               dismissing COVID-19 as a threat. Large numbers of
        From his lovely historic circa-1900s home on the south   Commissioner’s Update on page 2            citizens of Mississippi, Alabama, and Arkansas have
                                                                                                            been the subjects of alarm. Disaffected and misled
       Town Of Jupiter News                                                                                 people who refuse to be vaccinated against COVID-19
                                                                                                            threaten not only themselves but their neighbors and
                                                                                                            families and you and me. Arkansas is in the forefront
      By Ilan Kaufer,                                    Building Recertification Proposal
      Jupiter Vice Mayor                                   In light of the tragedy at Surfside, in July I proposed   Bill’s Box on page 5
        I hope you are having a                          that the Town staff work on developing recommendations
      great August, and everyone                         for a process for the recertification of local buildings. Palm
      enjoyed a fun summer! For                          Beach County currently does not have a recertification
      all those with kids back in                        process and it important that we evaluate what processes
      school, I hope it is a great start                 should be in place to ensure the structural integrity of
      to the school year! Please find                    local buildings. We should work with other cities, the
      below some updates on recent                       county, condo property owner associations, engineering
      Council activity.                                  and construction representatives, and all other impacted
      Central Boulevard Road                             stakeholders to ensure the safety and welfare of our                                  Thursday,
      Changes                                            residents and businesses. I am grateful that my proposal                              August 26
        As many of you are aware, Palm Beach County recently   received support from my colleagues and our staff will be
      redesigned the intersection of Central Boulevard and   working on bringing back recommendations to the Council.
      University. The new configuration has caused some confusion   I look forward to your feedback on this important topic.
      and safety challenges. I have received comments and concerns   School Crossings
      from many of you and am working with our staff to provide     With school starting up, please make sure to slow down
      that information and recommendations to the county on what   and obey speed limits in the school zones! With so many
      they should do to respond to resident concerns. The Town traffic   families walking and biking to school, it is important we
      engineer has been in communication with the county staff about   all make sure to keep to those speed limits, so everyone
      resident concerns and provided specific requests based on his   stays safe!
      expertise aimed at improving the safety of the intersection     Thank you for keeping up to date on these activities. Please
      including, but not limited to: larger and more visible signage   make sure to follow me on social media on Facebook at www.
      to reduce vehicle speed upon approach of the intersection, and and on Twitter @CouncilorKaufer for
      changes to lane markings. The overall goal of the county project   more frequent updates. Please reach out with any questions
      is to enhance safety at the intersection, and I will continue to   or comments. If you have any comments, questions, or
      provide your concerns to the county and provide information   concerns, about these initiatives or any other Town matters,
      on changes they make to address those concerns.    please email me at

                                                                                     REPORT SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY IMMEDIATELY

                                                                                          TO THE JUPITER POLICE DEPARTMENT
                                                                                                           (561) 799-4445

                                                                                                 Use 911 for emergencies only. Lock car doors.
                                                                                                       Do not leave valuables in the car.
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