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      Boca Raton Public Library’s Art Exhibit, “Facing It,”

      By Lydia Spitalny, On View Through September 30th

         The Boca Raton Public Library presents a new art exhibit,
      “Facing It,” by Lydia Spitalny. Visitors to the Art in Public
      Places area of the Downtown Library will enjoy Spitalny’s
      bold, colorful, Picasso-inspired works.
         Spitalny was born in Surrey, England, and came to the
      United States with her family in 1998 to pursue an amateur
      golf career. On a kite-surfing trip to Málaga, Spain, her
      love for the arts grew while spending hours looking at the
      art and sculptures at the Museo Picasso. Upon her return
      home, her acrylics and paintbrushes were always close at
      hand. Spitalny painted anything she could get her hands on:
      wine boxes, shoes, bags, mirrors and more. Notes Spitalny,
      “I love painting and creating art and one-of-a kind jewelry.
      It is my true passion in life.” After Hurricane Dorian, she
      hand-painted a line of shirts, donating 100% of the proceeds
      to those in need in the Bahamas.
         “Facing It,” a free exhibit, runs through September 30th
      at the Downtown Library, 400 NW 2nd Avenue. It is open
      during regular library hours.
      “Puppy Pals–The Comedic Stunt Dog Show”

      Coming to Boca September 25th, Delray the 26th

      “Sit, stay, and get ready for a howling good time!”                                                  America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent, these “from
                                                                                                           shelter to showbiz” doggos perform challenging stunts,
         That’s the inside tip from audiences who have seen the                                            including jumping rope, climbing ladders… and back flips!
      “Puppy Pals” show created by Wesley Williams, starring                                                  The  Tri County Animal Rescue will be holding
      performing pooches–most of them rescued and adopted                                                  a fundraiser in conjunction with the “Puppy Pals”
      by Williams himself. “So professional. It’s amazing,” was                                            performance at the Mizner Park venue.
      the reaction by actress Sofia Vergara. “Puppy Pals” will                                                Tickets for both the Boca and Delray performances
      bound onto the stage at the Mizner Park Cultural Center                                              priced at $35/$25 depending on seating, and can be
      on September 25th, and at the Delray Beach Playhouse on                                              purchased online at
      September 26th. Both performances will take place at 1 pm.                                           and The Mizner Park
         Filled with surprises and canine comedy, this is a show                                           Cultural Arts Center is located at 201 Plaza Real, in Boca.
      suitable for all audiences: adults, children, and dog lovers!                                        The Delray Beach Playhouse is located at 950 NW 9th
      Williams executes challenging and comical tricks in an                                               Street, in Delray Beach.
      atmosphere of controlled chaos. Having performed on both       Wesley Williams and Cash

      Mayor’s Update:

      Proactive Efforts After the Surfside Tragedy

      Scott  Singer  is  the  35th  Mayor                once the plan is reviewed they will have necessary time to   effort. Other jurisdictions, including Palm Beach County,
      of Boca Raton. A South Florida                     correct any problems. Additional time can be provided by   are now looking at work on similar ordinances. The first
      native, attorney, mediator and small               the city’s building official to ensure that there is no time   function of government is public safety, and this measure
      business owner, Scott and his wife,                crunch for larger projects that require more work.   is an important step to enhance the excellent work of
      Bella, live in Broken Sound with their                Transparency is key. The ordinance provides that not   our building professionals, who are already proactive in
      two young children.                                only final reports, but also draft reports will be provided   anticipating and preventing problems.
         At our August 24th meeting,                     to the city and made publicly available. This enhances      I stated I was committed to fast-tracking these efforts
      the  Boca  Raton  City  Council                    safety by ensuring that interim issues can be identified and   for greater safeguards, and we have now delivered. As we
      unanimously adopted the state’s                    addressed. It also lets individual condo owners know the   ramp up this program over the coming months, we will
      first  building  recertification  ordinance  since  the  tragic   status of reports, inspections and restoration efforts. Our   continue to refine our procedures to enhance safety and
      collapse of the Champlain Towers South condominium   ordinance should provide calm, stability and confidence   facilitate easier compliance. We look forward to continued
      in nearby Surfside. Last month in this column, I detailed   to residents and potential buyers about the strength of the   work to constant improvement of best practices. We will
      our proactive efforts on this matter. Since the ordinance   buildings and the Boca Raton market.     continue to be proactive for the health, safety, and welfare
      was introduced for discussion, we made further revisions      This ordinance was improved through collaboration with   of our residents, businesses, and visitors.
      to respond to helpful comments from condo associations,   residents, associations like the Beach Condo Association      As always, please share your thoughts or comments by
      engineers, management companies, residents and other   of Boca Raton, engineers and other building professionals,   email at, and stay connected for more
      professionals. Here is a recap of what is now a more   all of whom had representatives to speak in support of this   news @ScottSingerUSA on all social media platforms.
      stringent set of requirements than those currently in place
      anywhere else, but yielded to ensure time for compliance
      and enhanced safety.
         First, our ordinance shortens the time for initial
      recertification to 30 years, instead of the 40 years used
      in Miami-Dade or Broward counties, with subsequent
      recertifications every 10 years. The ordinance applies to
      buildings of greater than three stories or fifty feet in height,
      or those whose occupancy is greater than 500 people. In
      Boca Raton, about 240 buildings qualify. Staff will phase
      in the initial set of recertifications over a four-year period,
      starting with the barrier island and moving westward.
         Drawing on lessons from other places and resident
      feedback, this ordinance ensures plenty of time for
      compliance. Building associations and owners will receive
      a notice at least one year before the deadline, and staff
      plans to provide additional notices as reminders. Building
      representatives will obtain reports from professional
      engineers on the integrity of structural and electrical
      systems. If any repairs are necessary, the building owner
      will submit a plan within 30 days to correct the repairs, and
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