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                                                                               PEACEFUL, FRIENDLY, COMMUNITY ATMOSPHERE

        VOL. 24 NO. 9                                                                          SEPTEMBER 2021

                                                              TequesTa Profile

                 The Stuart Air Show Boasts Best Show Yet When

                                It Returns To The Skies Nov. 12 To 14

        The Stuart Air Show is back in 2021 to
      highlight performances from more elite
      aerial performers than ever before.
      This beloved regional event was
      sidelined in 2019 by heavy flooding,
      which was preceded by the tragic pre-show crash of Dr.
      Joseph Masessa. The Stuart Air Show was able to have a
      successful 2020 event, making the 2021 air show possible!
        The show features two United States Air Force military
      fighter jets; the F-16 Demo Team (“Viper”), and the A-10C     Back by popular demand is the opening evening twilight   a Top Gun: Maverick theme this year, with the new flick set
      Thunderbolt II (“The Warhog”). In addition, for the first time   air show and Dirty Flight Suit Party on Nov. 12. Guests will   to release on Nov. 19.
      in North America, Red Bull Pilot Aaron Fitzgerald will do   be able to experience an amazing pyrotechnic and firework
      barrel loops and fly inverted in a BO 105 C helicopter.   show, and live entertainment. The Dirty Flight Suit Party is   Tequesta Profile on page 3

                                   TequesTa sPoTliGhT                                                                Good Works

                            Dancers, It’s Time To                                                                   Wild Pants

                             Shake And Shimmy!                                                                         Is Back!

                       West Palm Beach Police Athletic League’s                                               Unbuckle your
                           Ballroom Blitz Planned For Sept. 17                                              creativity  for The

                              In-person event sold-out; fans can vote for their dancer online               Arc of Palm Beach
                                                                                                            County’s annual Wild
                                                                                                            Pants  “fun-raiser.”
        The dance duos have been                                                                            The Arc  is  looking
      paired  up,  and  the  dance                                                                          for  supporters  to
      genres have been chosen.                                                                              s how  of f their
      Now,  it’s  time  to  practice,                                                                       style in celebration
      practice and practice some                                                                            of   di f fe re nc e s,
      more  for  the  West  Palm                                                                            i n no v a t i o n ,   a n d
      Beach  Police Athletic                                                                                community spirit.
      League’s  (PAL)  Annual                                                                                 Throughout the
      Ballroom Blitz.                                                                                       month  of  October,
        Having returned to                                                                                  Wild Pants participants
      its  former  popularity,                                                                              will zip up their loony
      following  a  COVID-19-                                                                               pantaloons,  strut
      related  pause  in  2020,  the                                                                        their silly slacks, and  Tyson and Ender Mutchler
      Ballroom  Blitz  is  sold-                                                                            engage in peer-to-peer
      out,  but  fans  will  have  an  Carmine Colella  Robert Norvell           Cara Debock                fundraising to support The Arc’s vital programs for
                                                                                                            people with disabilities. This year’s models will compete
                                                                                 opportunity to bid on their   to top the $89,000 raised on the virtual runway in 2020.
                                                                                 favorite dancer online. The     “The last 18 months have been a roller coaster for
                                                                                 blitz will welcome six pairs   many, but The Arc is a constant for our clients and their
                                                                                 to the dance floor on Friday,   families. They rely on us every day, and we need the
                                                                                 Sept. 17. The event begins   community’s support to keep living out our mission,”
                                                                                 with  cocktails  at  6  p.m.,   said Kimberly McCarten, president and CEO of The Arc
                                                                                 followed by dinner and the   of Palm Beach County.
                                                                                 competition at 7 p.m.
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