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                                                               arT haPPeninGs

                Lighthouse ArtCenter Exhibition Crosses Cultures

                                                                   Sept. 7 To Oct. 29

      Opening Reception: Thursday, Sept. 9, 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.
        Lighthouse ArtCenter  (LAC)  welcomes  visitors  to
      experience a wide variety of media and cultures through
      a collection of visual art that celebrates artists from near
      and  far. Art Across  Cultures  features  two  concurrent
      exhibitions:  Women  in  the  Visual Arts  and Art  by
      Aboriginal People. The  exhibitions are  in  person with
      art available for purchase. Admission is free to members
      and  $5  for  nonmembers.  For  more  information,  visit
        Women in the
      Visual Arts (WITVA)
      i s  a   n o n p r o f i t
      organization  whose
      mission is to support
      professional women
      artists in South Florida.                                                                                            Suzanne Barton, Mythical Maiden III
      The  organization                                 Abbe L. Kalman, Flare Up          Nadine Saitlin, Go Go, acrylic on paper Underwater, fine art mixed media
      includes over 200
      artists and art lovers.                           art styles range from                                Art by Aboriginal
      The  juried  Women                                abstract to naturalistic                           People  features a
      in  the  Visual  Arts                             and include paintings,                             private collection
      exhibition features                               photography, jewelry                               of paintings and
      a variety of media                                and other mixed                                    wood carvings
      created by select                                 media. Much of the                                 primarily made by
      WITVA members. The  Hartman, Woman I              artists’ work is inspired                          prominent  female
                                                        by the natural beauty                              Aboriginal artists
                                                        of South Florida and                               from the central
                                                        includes  landscapes,                              desert region of the
                                                        ocean  scenes,  sea                                Northern Territory
                                                        turtles and whimsical                              of Australia.  The
                                                        mermaids.           Lois Barton, Headed to the Hop   Aboriginal paintings
                                                                                                           use a dot technique
                                                                                                           that  creates  a  3-D
                                                                                                           effect and  a sense
                                                                                                           of movement and
                                                                                                           rhythm. The  dot
      Merry Renert, A Rose, mixed  Nadel Nance, Royal Secrets,                                             paintings tell stories
      media                    mixed media collage                                                         with hidden symbols   My Land Dreaming by Jeanie
                                                                                                           that have a deeper   Nungarrayi, acrylic on canvas
                                                                                                           meaning about
                                                                                                           Aboriginal life. The back of the paintings reveals the artists’
                                                        Mary Christou,  Spirit of  Marsha Blandy, Celebration   location and the meaning behind the painting. The art has
                                                        Exploration, necklace    Three                     been ethically sourced and certified.

                                                                                                           Art Happenings on page 5

      Moon  at  My  Window by  Sami Davidson, Channeling
      Eileen Shaloum           Monet, acrylic

                                                                                       The Heart of Hobe Sound
                                                                Est. 1926

                                                                WE ARE OPEN                                                WE are YOUR

                                                                                                                       Community Church
                                                                  WE ARE BACK WITH                                  All Visitors Welcome

                                                                  NO RESERVATIONS                                  We Invite You to Worship with Us
                                                                       FOR SEATING.                                   Every Sunday at 10:30 a.m.

      Micheline Matouk, Fog, acrylic
                                                                    FULL SERVICE.....
                                                               We will offer the same degree of care and               Give us a call or visit our
                                                                  concern to our members and guests                  website for more information.
                                                                 as we have been during this pandemic.                    (772) 546-5043
                                                              We lift up in PRAYER those of our area that 
                                                                        were effected by the Virus

                                                                           Starting June 6th
                                                                         Same time 10:30 am
                                                                 Service will remain on FACEBOOK LIVE

                                                                            11933 SE Juno Crescent • Hobe Sound, Florida 33455
      Debbie Rubin, Lighthouse
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