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                   Annual Anchorage Aweigh Fishing Tournament

                                                                  Report and Photos by Penny Sheltz
        Fifty boats were entered into                     Prizes were awarded after the event at a family-friendly
      the annual North Palm Beach                       barbecue.
      Anchorage Aweigh  fishing                           Sponsors  included:  Farmer’s Table,  Cod  &  Capers
      tournament with inshore and                       Seafood, La Bamba Restaurant, Jersey Mike’s Subs, Sea
      offshore prizes.                                  Tow, Heritage ’76 Corp., Isiminger & Stubbs Engineering,
        This event was for the                          Kauff’s Signs and more.
      whole family with junior and
      adult divisions.  There was
      also a Kids’ Fishing Derby at
      the park from 2 to 3 p.m.

         Surfing The Pink

                Wave! Rosé

              By Laura Berrio, Freelance Writer/Blogger

         Rosé  is  on  the  rise!
       The market for rosé wines
       has more than doubled
       in the last decade. There
       is a whole new group of
       wine drinkers who pick
       “pink” for their preferred
       wine. Who is this group of
       consumers? Millennials.
         Younger consumers
       prefer sweeter rosé. This
       reminds me of the pink
       wine cooler days of my youth! The Millennials have
       played a large role in creating the “pink” image in social
       media for rosé wines. The popularity of this segment led
       Italy to create a National Rosé Day. It is all the rage right
       now to get all wine enthusiasts to think pink!
         Another reason for the rise in popularity is that rosé
       works well in spring and summer. It can be enjoyed
       anywhere and can be mixed into cocktails.
         A decade ago rosé only consisted of sweeter wines.
       Now the variety of rosé spans bone dry to sweet, cheap to
       expensive, and simple to complex. The color and source
       has also changed. The “pink” wine from California is now
       very pale pink and primarily from Provence.
         I recommend trying a variety of rosé to find your
       favorite. A couple of my favorites rosés under $20 are
       Rosa di Germina (dry) and Rosa Regale (sweet).
         Pick up a rosé for your next occasion
       and “surf the pink wave!”
         ~Keep the conversation going and
       the wine flowing
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