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VOL. 29 NO. 10                                                                           OCTOBER 2021

      From The Manager                                                                                      Save The Date

      By Kathleen O’Donovan,                             transaction to have been recorded at least 30 years prior
      General Manager                                    to the time when marketability is being determined.”      Our next community Shred Event will take
                                                            In layman’s terms, there was concern that the   place on Wednesday, November 17th from 10am-
         This  summer  has  been                         Association’s Documents had possibly expired. Through   1pm.
      a productive one for                               the diligence of the committee and a legal opinion received      For everyone’s safety, this shred event will be
      Boca Pointe, we continue                           from Sachs, Sax, Caplan stating that the 2002 restatement   contactless. ALL  DRIVERS ARE TO  REMAIN
      to move forward  with                              of the Documents met the MRTA requirements. The Board   INSIDE  THEIR  VEHICLES.  Please  place
      maintenance projects                               approved and accepted the legal opinion into the official   shredding boxes/bags inside your trunk. When you
      throughout the property                            records of the BPCA at the September Board Meeting.   pull up, please pop your trunk and an attendant
      (even with the afternoon                           This process was extremely time consuming, and we   will remove the items.
      rains).  You may have                              thank everyone on the Board and the Committee for their      The event will be held at The Club at Boca
      noticed the completion of                          efforts.                                           Pointe (parking lot). For those residents that do not
      various painting projects as well as plant installations      As we leave summer behind and enter fall the Board   live on the west side, you can enter into the main gate
      and our summer /fall tree trimming has been completed   of Directors will continue working on behalf of the   on Powerline Road or through the gate on SW 18th St.
      in anticipation of our holiday lighting installation.   residents of Boca Pointe. The new 2022-2023 Budget   and proceed to the guest lane with photo ID. Please
         The Board of Directors has been busy as well, over the   will be adopted in the upcoming weeks, which despite   state that you are attending the Shred Event for entry.
      summer the Ad-Hoc Legal Committee became aware of a   some contractual increases is expected to remain flat due   Follow the signs indicating where the MicroShred
      potential MRTA issue with the Association’s Documents.   to the payment in full of the Renaissance Project loan.   truck will be parked.
      Florida’s Marketable Record  Title Act (MRTA) was   Our new Reserve Study was received which will provide      Please note: Paper only,  5 boxes or bags per
      passed in order to liberate real property from older title   for a more accurate projection of replacement expenses   household. No plastic or metal, no media devices
      defects by prescribing a 30-year limitations period on   over the next few years.                     (hard drives, USB drives), no x-rays, CD’s, DVD’s
      certain matters of title. As stated in Florida Statute Section      We are looking forward to hosting our Annual Flu Shot   or cardboard.
      720.04, “a marketable record title is free and clear of   Clinic and Shred Event, the end of Hurricane Season on      Let MicroShred destroy your unwanted personal
      all estates, interests, claims or charges, the existence of   November  30th,  seeing our  Northern  Residents return   documents safely and securely! 
      which depends upon any act, title transaction, event or   to Boca Pointe and the Lighting of the property for the
      omission that occurred before the effective date of the root   Holiday Season.
      of title.” Florida Statute Section describes “root of title”      Be well, and please do not hesitate to contact us in the
      as “any title transaction purporting to create or transfer   Management Office if we may be of service. 
      the estate claimed by any person and which is the last title

         Flu Shot Clinic

            The Boca Pointe Community                       The clinic will be held on Wednesday, October 27th   Please Help
         Association is pleased to                       at the BPCA Management office located at 6909 SW
         announce that we are again                      18th Street, Suite A120 in the Boardwalk shopping      Prior to COVID, Boca Pointe residents were
         partnering with Walgreens to                    plaza. Appointments will be taken from 10am-2pm.   donating their unused, extra clothing to the homeless.
         host a Flu Shot Clinic for Boca                 Please call the BPCA office (561) 395-7551 to schedule   The homeless shelters are now able to accept clothing
         Pointe residents to provide Flu                 your appointment. Appointments are mandatory to    again. Please bring any clean, unused clothing that
         and Pneumonia vaccines. At                      ensure Walgreens has a sufficient supply of serum as   you would like to donate. The drop off location is at
         this time the Shingrix (Shingles)               well as professionals to administer the shots in a timely   the BPCA office located at 6909 SW 18th St., Suite
         and COVID-19 immunizations                      fashion. Please bring your insurance card with you and   A120 in the Boardwalk shopping plaza. Due to the
         will not be offered.                            we ask that you wear a mask inside the building.   generosity of Boca Pointe residents, many homeless
            For insurance purposes, the Pneumonia shot must      If you require a high dose of serum (Immune boosting   have been given very much needed clothes. Let’s
         be approved prior to the day of the clinic. There is a   meant for those 65 and older), you must inform us when   continue helping those less fortunate. Thank you!! 
         form that will need to be filled out for your insurance   scheduling your appointment.
         company’s advance approval. Forms are available      Walgreens will accept Medicare Part B as well as
         at the BPCA office so we may send it to Walgreens,   many private insurance policies. All billing for the
         who will submit the form to your insurance company   immunizations will be processed through each resident’s
         for approval. Please keep in mind when scheduling a   respective insurance company by Walgreens.   Watch Your Speed!
         Pneumonia shot that you may not have it within 14      We would like to thank Walgreens for providing this
         days of a COVID-19 shot.                        opportunity to our Boca Pointe residents. 
                                                                                                               Speeding fines
                                                                                                            were suspended due
                                                                                                            to COVID-19 but will
                                                                                                            resume in January 2021.
                                                                                                            Fine schedule: 6-20
                                                                                                            mph over the limit $50
                                                                                                            and more than 21 mph
                                                                                                            over the limit $100.
                                                                                                            Please obey the posted
                                                                                  Happy Halloween           speed limit signs and
                                                                                                            drive safely! 
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