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Page 12, Viewpointe                                                 October 2021
      From The Desk Of Vice Mayor Weinroth

      No increase in property tax                        More job openings than                            facilities such as the convention center and courthouses.
                                                                                                           The county has contracted with a private company who
      rate                                               unemployed                                        will install and maintain the stations, charging market
                                                                                                           rates for its users.
         For the  11th straight                             The county’s unemployment rate was reported at just      As the vice-chair of the Palm Beach County
      year, the Board of County                          4.7% for August, well below national and state averages.   Transportation Planning Agency, I will continue to
      Commissioners voted to                             There are more job openings than unemployed for the   advocate for new and innovative technology in addressing
      maintain the current tax rate                      second consecutive month –  37,267 job openings vs.   future transportation challenges.
      at the 4.78 millage rate which                     35,320 unemployed people according to CareerSource
      is the tax rate per $1,000 of                      Palm Beach County that offers services for both business   Fun things to do in Palm
      your real property’s “taxable”                     and job seekers. Some of its services include career
      value. Due to the increase                         counseling, business coaching, training programs, and  Beach County
      in property values, this will                      employment assistance.
      generate a 5.6% increase                              For more information, visit     The county’s website features a unique page that
      in tax revenue generating                                                                            provides links to over 50 websites such as museums,
      a total of $1.1 billion.                           Lien Amnesty Program                              sporting and entertainment venues, natural areas and so
      Notwithstanding the recent surge in property values, the                                             much more.
      taxable value of residential real estate protected by homestead      A Code Enforcement Lien Amnesty Program was      It is a resourceful one-stop opportunity to explore
      will only increase by a maximum of 1.4%.           recently approved by the Board for residential and   the best of everything Palm Beach County has to offer
         Property taxes represent 63% of the county’s general   nonresidential property owners located in unincorporated   at
      fund revenue source. Other sources include excess fund   Palm Beach County.
      assets over liabilities (17%), intergovernmental revenues      This is a terrific program providing property and   Nonprofit highlight: Junior
      such as grants (13%), licenses, permits and fees (3%) and   lien holders with an opportunity to have their entire
      charges for services (3%).                         outstanding lien balance forgiven.                League of Boca Raton
         The budget process presented us with a number of      In addition to other requirements, the subject property
      challenges as a result of the pandemic which caused a $74   must be in full compliance with all county codes to have      Congratulations to the Junior League of Boca Raton
      million decrease in revenues compared to prepandemic   the outstanding lien balance forgiven.  The deadline   (JLBR) on its 50th Anniversary!
      fiscal year 2019. The areas most negatively impacted were   to apply is November 30, 2021 and must include a      Since its inception in 1971, JLBR has provided over
      revenue generated by gas taxes, half-cent sales tax, and   nonrefundable $250 application fee.       a million hours of community service; and each year,
      parks and recreation fees.                            For more information, please contact Marie Jasmin at   donates $250,000 to community projects.
         The Board was able to offset these losses with $46.4   (561) 355-4010.                               JLBR consists of over 600 members who are
      million from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)                                                     committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the
      funds for eligible expenses (such as capital improvement   New electric vehicle charging             potential of women and improving the community
      projects). This was a small portion of the $291 million in                                           through the effective action of trained volunteers.
      ARPA funds the county received.                    stations at Governmental                             Some key projects of the Junior League of Boca Raton
         In the next few months, the Board will discuss ARPA                                               include founding the Boca Raton Historical Society,
      funding priorities which need to be set by 2024 and spent  Center                                    restoring Singing Pines, and founding the Junior League
      by 2026 with a focus on impactful, long-term projects                                                of Boca Raton Diaper Bank.
      concerning infrastructure, cybersecurity/broadband, housing,      The county recently installed electric vehicle (EV)      For more information, visit
      hunger relief and more.                            charging stations at the Governmental Center parking garage      If you require assistance, please contact our office
         We anticipate a gradual return of county revenues to   in West Palm Beach for the public and county employees.   at 561-355-2204 and/or email me at rweinroth@
      prepandemic levels over the next five years.          Moving forward, this pilot program will include the 
                                                         installation of additional charging stations at other county

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        property. Also, you must clean up and properly dispose                                    100% satisfaction
        of pet waste when your pet relieves itself. Knowing and                          SB           guaranteeD!                       Only a
        abiding by our community’s animal-related ordinances                                                                         Call away!
        will help make our neighborhood a better place for    561-279-2460 Boca Raton
        everyone. Thank you! 
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