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      The Sleeping Giant Awakens

      By Harold Katz, R.Ph.                                                                                medical effort by pharmacists will be well received.
                                                                                                              7. The number of pharmacists with different ethnic
         Everyone is aware of the                                                                          backgrounds has increased dramatically. This makes
      life-saving work done by                                                                             counselling with local minority populations even better.
      doctors, nurses, and first-                                                                             For all of the above reasons, the future of pharmacy
      responders during all phases                                                                         looks bright. “The sleeping giant has awakened and is
      of the pandemic attack. Not                                                                          ready to serve.” The predicted shortage of doctors and
      as widely known, however, is                                                                         nurses may well be ameliorated somewhat by the corner
      that once the President enlisted                                                                     drug store or big box pharmacist as a source of help or
      and authorized their help, the                                                                       direction. This close relationship already exists in many
      nations’ pharmacists joined the                                                                      areas…perhaps more so in rural parts of the country. By
      coronavirus battle. Even though they were late entries into                                          virtue of their education and commitment, they stand ready
      the fray, by early August, pharmacists had administered                                              to serve the nation. Medicare and insurance companies be
      80 million doses of vaccine, about 25% of the total doses                                            alerted. Let’s make pharmacists full-fledged members of
      injected. Furthermore, when the rapid test for COVID-19                                              the health team!!
      became available, this same segment of the health team
      “stepped up to the table” and offered this test as well.                                                Harold Katz R.Ph., Edgewater Estates. The writer is a
         Pharmacists  from  big  box  stores  as  well  as  small                                          retired pharmacist, having been licensed in four states. 
      chains’ stores, and independent pharmacies, all took
      part. As soon as they could acquire equipment for proper                                    Paid Advertisement
      storage of the vaccine and make special arrangements for
      sterile administration, their mission began.            To Avoid Probate, Be Sure ALL Accounts Have Beneficiaries
         And why not? Some facts that Boca Pointers may not
         1. Ninety percent of the population of this country is                                               As an additional homework assignment (for extra credit!),
      located within 5 miles of a pharmacy.               By Martin Zevin, Attorney                       consider pre-need plans with a funeral home or cremation society.
         2. Many pharmacies were already offering influenza      Probate costs thousands of               You are paying in advance for your cremation or burial.  This
      vaccine in season, and other vaccines as well.      dollars in attorney’s fees and court            eliminates enormous stress and financial pressure from your
                                                                                                          Personal Representative. He or she just has to make one phone call.
                                                          costs.  It can take a year or longer.
         3. Pharmacists are well qualified for this effort. For   It is an unnecessary burden to put      The company with whom you signed the contract picks up your
      the last four decades, graduates of pharmacy colleges   on your loved ones.                         body and takes care of the rest.  This can be particularly beneficial
      in this country earned a PharmD certificate (Doctorate       Some people mistakenly believe         if you wish to be buried out of state.  All arrangements have been
      in Pharmacy). It is a six-year course. Additionally, post-  that just  having a  Florida Will       prepaid, including with the out of state funeral home.  Without the
                                                                                                          pre-need contract, your Personal Representative would be at the
                                                          avoids Probate.  This is not true. A
      graduate studies are required annually for renewal of their   Will only names who will inherit      mercy of a Florida and an out-of state company to make immediate
      pharmacy license.                                   your Estate and who will be the                 decisions, almost always at a much higher cost than what you paid
         4. In several published studies in which pharmacists   Personal Representative (Executor).       when you were alive.  If you do sign a pre-need plan, be sure your
                                                                                                          Personal Representative has a copy.  While this has nothing to do
      monitored and advised diabetic patients (in conjunction   If you do your homework, your Executor will have very little to do   with avoiding probate, it does make things so much easier (and less
                                                          and almost nothing to pay.
      with their doctor), the patients’ control of their diabetes       This is your most important homework assignment: name   costly) on your loved ones.
      was superior. Similar results were obtained in studies   primary and contingent beneficiaries on ALL accounts.  If you       This article does not discuss ways to avoid probate on your home
      involving monitoring patients with high blood pressure   have individual accounts, such as IRA’s or regular accounts in   or any other real estate you own.  Please refer to other articles I
                                                                                                          have written recently, which discuss Revocable Living Trusts, Life
      and elevated cholesterol levels. All these studies resulted   your name alone, designate at least one primary beneficiary and   Estate Deeds and other options.  Also not discussed here are the
                                                          one contingent beneficiary.  Beneficiaries are also known as:
      in better patient control and fewer hospital visits.  payable on death (p.o.d.), transfer on death (t.o.d.) or in trust for   advanced care directives (Power of Attorney, Health Care Surrogate
         5. Today’s pharmacy and today’s pharmacist are a far   (i.t.f.).  In some banks, checking accounts are not allowed to have   and Living Will) to protect you if you become incapacitated.
      cry from the drug store of post-World War II, with its soda   beneficiaries.  In that case, add someone you trust as joint on the       Do everything you can do now, while you are alive and legally
                                                                                                          competent. You will be giving your loved ones less stress,
                                                          checking account.  That will allow the person to write checks if you
      fountain and sundries, but even then, it was a focal point   become incapacitated.  Upon your death, your joint account holder   financially and emotionally. You will be giving yourself the greatest
      in any neighborhood.                                can use what’s left to pay for funeral expenses, Death Certificates,   gift of all: peace of mind.
         6. For several years, in polls taken to compare   etc.  Anything left over will go to that person without probate.      During this current time of “social distancing,” I have been
      businesses to their customers and professionals to their       If you have joint accounts (with a spouse, significant other, child,   consulting with clients via phone, e- mail and regular mail.  In the
                                                                                                          past, my free initial consultation would normally be a personal
                                                          etc.), be sure to name beneficiaries if you should die in a common
      patients, the patient/pharmacist relationship was first or   accident, or if one of you dies and the survivor forgets to name a   meeting. Please feel free to call me for a free phone consultation
      high on the list. This strong bond portends that future   beneficiary.                              regarding any issues pertaining to Will, Trusts, Deeds, Probate,
                                                              ALL accounts applies to banks, brokers, investments, life   Power of Attorney or Health Care Surrogate.  I am also available
                                                          insurance: anything with a cash value when you die.  In my practice,     for a free consultation regarding personal injury claims or to explain
                                                                                                          car insurance coverage.  Call me at (954) 569-4878.  My address
                                                          I often have to probate the proceeds of a life insurance policy.
        Are You Watching                                  Typically, the husband named his wife as primary beneficiary but   is 3275 W. Hillsboro Blvd., Suite 204, Deerfield Beach, Fl. 33442.
                                                                                                           My web site is and my e-mail address is
                                                          with no alternates. The wife dies first and then he dies.  With no
        Your Speed?                                       contingent beneficiaries, there must be probate.

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