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      Combat Bone Loss With Exercise And Nutrition

      By Oris Martin,                                    related bone loss, they are more
      Fitness Director Acts Retirement Life Communities  likely to have osteoporosis. Both
                                                         women and men with smaller
         Exercise is arguably one of the essential factors to good   frames and bulk are at greater
      health. However, when looking at reasons why we exercise,   risk, although a man’s chance
      rarely do we think of the important role it plays in maintaining   of developing osteoporosis is
      healthy bone mass. Nearly fifty percent of women over the age of   less than a woman’s, it increases
      fifty break a bone because of osteoporosis, a disease characterized   significantly after the age of 70.
      by low bone mass that increases the risk of fractures. There are      Race/Family History – Your race plays a significant role
      over 10 million in the US who have been diagnosed with this   in whether you develop this bone disease. Both Caucasian
      disease and 80 percent of them are women.          and Asian women and men are at a higher risk than those of
         There are a number of risk factors associated with   African American or Mexican American heritage. Your risk also
      osteoporosis. Some can be modified but others are unavoidable:  increases if either of your parents has osteoporosis or a history
         Sex/Age/Body Size – Women are more likely to develop   of hip fractures.                          a diet low in calcium and vitamin D greatly increases the risk of
      osteoporosis because they have lower bone mass during      The modifiable factors are diet, and lifestyle – Beginning in   osteoporosis and hip fractures. They also found excessive dieting
      their peak years, meaning that when they experience age-  childhood and continuing into later life, researchers found that   and/or insufficient protein intake increases your risk of bone loss
                                                                                                           and osteoporosis. Excessive drinking and cigarette smoking are
      Meet Your Next-Door Neighbors                                                                        also associated with increased risk.
                                                                                                             A healthy lifestyle is key to maintaining strong bones.

      Catching up with Boca Pointe                       being alone. This year, all of us                 Low levels of physical activity are associated with accelerated
                                                                                                           bone loss. Exercise, especially weight-bearing activity such as
      residents who moved to                             enjoyed the important services                    walking, running, and strength training, can slow bone loss and
                                                         and amazing food.”
                                                                                                           reduce your risk of fractures.
      Edgewater at Boca Pointe                             like they give us happy pills.                    are not aware of because the seeds are planted years earlier. Here
                                                           “Everybody is so nice. It’s
                                                                                                             Osteoporosis is a slow and insidious disease that many people
         Former Boca Pointe residents Faye Bernstein Cohen and   We’re all so happy,” Faye                 are the two main things you should be doing to reduce your risk
      Mike Rossi moved to Edgewater at Boca Pointe, an Acts   laughed. The couple jumped                   of developing osteoporosis:
      Retirement-Life Community, in February and it didn’t take them   into an array of activities and        1. Exercise regularly – Add strength training to your exercise
      long to acclimate to their new home. “I tell all my Boca Pointe   found it easy to make friends.     routine at least twice a week, focusing on the larger muscles in
      friends, I feel like I’m living at a resort with the most beautiful   “From the first week I was     your back, chest and legs. If you’re older work on improving
      suite,” said Fay. “We have exercise classes, bridge games,   playing bridge and eating               your balance which can prevent falls and fractures.
      wonderful dinners, and lots of friends. I love it.”  dinner with different people                       2. Eat a diet high in calcium, vitamin D, and protein –
         “We moved in here because we are getting older and it gives   every night. It’s been fun. Also, I didn’t expect the food to be   Calcium and vitamin D are found in milk and milk products
      peace of mind to our children who want to see we are protected in   this good,” she added.           such as yogurt and cheese. Non-diary “milks” such as soy and
      case of health concerns,” Mike said, “We felt Edgewater would      “The lifestyle is great here because we have the freedom to   oat milk also have added calcium. Other foods such as fatty fish,
      be the ideal place to spend the rest of our lives. The activities are   do what we want, when we want,” Mike said. “You keep your   eggs and liver are natural sources of vitamin D. If you’re not sure
      wonderful and the food is great, too.”             same friends coming here and make wonderful new friends too.”  that you’re eating a balanced diet, consult a nutritionist. Many
         Last month, Fay and Mike were grateful to spend the Jewish      Edgewater at Boca Pointe is hosting an event exclusively for   health insurance plans cover the cost of a consultation.
      holidays, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, at their new home.   Boca Pointe residents to learn more about the Acts community      Over the years I’ve often heard women say they shy away
      “Edgewater had the greatest abbreviated service and wonderful   and connect (or reconnect) with former Boca Pointe residents. It   from using weights over fears of gaining huge muscles and
      traditional foods. It was absolutely the best Jewish holidays I’ve   will be held on Thursday, October 28 at 11:30 a.m. and RSVPs   looking “too masculine.” However, strength training should be
      ever had,” Faye said. “In the past, I would go on cruises over the   are required. To learn more about the event or Edgewater at Boca   part of your exercise regimen as it strengthens bones and muscles
      holidays because with no family nearby, I did not look forward to   Pointe, call 561-465-7011.      which is essential to prevent osteoporosis. 
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