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      More Conservation Strategies

      To Build A Sustainable Future!

      By Steve Handwerker                                in threat of extinction today. The concept of creating   level has risen by more than 6 inches since. More than a
                                                         “preserves” must be replaced by the understanding of the   third of the earth’s land surface is devoted to agriculture.
         The recent pandemic                             need to engage a world of environmental stewards. This   Industrial fishing fleets operate across more than half
      provides clear evidence                            requires a global perspective. For example the high seas,   the ocean. What can we do about this?!? We can reduce
      of the fact that: our fate is                      the vast oceans that lie beyond any nation’s territorial   resource and energy consumption at home and use various
      inextricably linked to the                         waters have been basically lawless.               recycling, and reusing processes. In addition reducing
      biodiversity that surrounds                           It is NATURE that sustains us and we must work to   energy  consumption  on  the road  as well  as using  less
      us.  Insects  pollinate  our                       sustain HER. More than 75% of food crops rely on insects   plastics will help also. Making smart seafood choices and
      crops; oceans feed us;                             and animals for pollination. Forestry and fisheries support   choosing pollinator-friendly garden products is another
      forests provide us with                            at least 50+ million jobs. More than 70% of cancer drugs   way YOU can make a difference!! YOU!! can make a
      resources and shelter. When                        are derived from nature. More than 2 billion people rely   difference…
      nature suffers human well-being follows. The health   on wood fuel for energy. Coral reefs buffer shorelines
      of our waters and lands and people are all part of a   against 97% of energy from waves, storms and floods!!!      Steven E. Handwerker Ph.D. D.div, RM
      homeodynamic and integrated whole. Since the late 19th      The threats to species and their habitats are growing!      Board Certified Licensed Psychologist
      century the world has lost approximately 50% of its   For example, 75% of lands have been severely altered by      50 years experience
      coral reefs and other critical ecosystems like wetlands   human actions! More than 3+ billion acres of forest have REVISED. II
      and tropical forests. About ONE MILLION species are   been lost in the last 3 centuries. The average global sea      Books and Blogs 
      Experience The Ultimate Stranger Things

      Laser Light Experience At The Mizner Park

      Amphitheater On November 13

       By Hillary Reynolds                               blankets. Folding chairs will be available on-site for rent.      For more information, visit Stranger Things Laser
                                                            Stranger Things is a Netflix series about the mysterious   Experience  Tickets Nov 13, 2021 Boca Raton, FL |
       DJ Laz and DJ Johnny Quest to Spin Favorite 80s Tunes   and sudden vanishing of a young boy. The people of the   Ticketmaster. 
       After the Show                                    small town begin to uncover secrets of a government lab,
          Experience the 80s tunes from the hit show, Stranger   portals to another world and sinister monsters. The boy’s
       Things, in laser and visual effect at the Mizner Park   mother desperately tries to find him, convinced he is in   Golf Carts
       Amphitheater, 590 Plaza Real, on Saturday, November   grave danger, while the police chief searches for answers.
       13 at 7 p.m. Following the show, DJ Laz and DJ Johnny      Fans can’t get enough of the retro vibe of the hit series
       Quest will keep the party going with favorite songs from   Stranger Things. Take a trip to the upside-down world in   Please Drive
       the 1980s.                                        safety. Experience the 80s tunes and soundscapes from the   Carefully!
          Tickets, ranging from $25 to $45, are available at   show reinterpreted in brilliant laser light and visual effects.
       Stranger Things Lazer Experience Tickets Nov 13, 2021   See intense beams zoom over your head as you freak out
       Boca Raton, FL | Ticketmaster. Bring your own chairs and   to Stranger Things.

                                                                                                             HoUSE - coNDo cHEcK SErVIcES
                                                                                                             SUNSHINE PET PALS
                                                                                                                 “cUSTomIzED for YoUr HomE”

                                                                                                               PreMIer LovIng Pet & hoMe CAre

                                                                                                                  In Your hoMe - For Your BeSt FrIenDS
                                                                                                                     Premier Loving Pet & Home Care
                                                                                                                   In Your Home - For Your Best Friends
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                                                                                                            ExErcISE & TrAININg
                                                                                                            EXERCISE                        Kittens/cats
                                                                                                            fEEDINg, mEDIcAL coNDITIoNS
                                                                                                            TRAINING                        birds/fish & more
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                                                                                                            VACATION & TRAVEL Pet & House Care
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                                                                                                            WE WORK WITH MEDICAL CONDITIONS

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