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      Meet Your Neighbor

      By Alisa Lebensohn, Esq.                           semester, leading to two years of service. Though his basic   relations, so Mr. Katz eventually found himself at Eli Lilly
                                                         training was in Florida, he soon found himself in the South   in Indianapolis, where he proceeded to work for 30 years.
         This month I interviewed former CDS resident Harold   Pacific, first in Hawaii and then on the island of Cebu, in   He retired relatively young due to partial hearing loss, but
      Katz. Mr. Katz is well known to many of us through his   the Philippines.                            soon found himself in high demand as a snowbird, when he
      popular monthly column at the Boca Pointe Viewpointe      Ever the modest reporter, Mr. Katz claims that his tour   worked as a pharmacist at every CVS store in Boca Raton
      newspaper, which has been running for over 12 years,   was “mostly routine”, and lacked a dramatic survival story;   and all 8 CVS stores in Cape Cod during the off season.
      and covers topics as diverse as LGBT community     instead, he mostly served as U.S. “cannon fodder”, i.e. a      After  the loss of his  wife, Mr. Katz spent  another
      vulnerabilities and optimal recycling methods. Though Mr.   body to fill the ranks. Nonetheless, he was able to recount   two years in Costa Del Sol, but found himself spending
      Katz left Costa Del Sol a few years ago to move next door   at least one vignette of protecting the troups from a native   a fair amount of time gardening and keeping up the
      to Edgewater, his presence left an indelible impression.   canoeist, who, while traveling between islands, erroneously   property, which took time away from his numerous
      I recall shortly after moving into this neighborhood, I   came too close to the U.S. base; Mr. Katz redirected him, and   other interests, including research, writing, exercising,
      attended a board meeting at which Mr. Katz spoke. He   averted disaster. More poignantly than his interactions with   and spiritual pursuits at local congregation B’nai Torah.
      had an elegant, unassuming yet gently powerful presence   the locals, however, were the stories Mr. Katz recounted of   Having  researched  numerous  senior  living  options  for
      that  stood  out;  his  manner  of  speaking  was  respectful   disputes amongst the U.S. cross cultural servicemen. Eight to   a Viewpointe article “So you are thinking about moving
      and elicited respect back to him, not from a place of   a tent proved to be one man too many when Mr. Katz found   into senior living”, Mr. Katz realized that just next door
      intimidation, but rather, from the unmistakable, rare   himself debating some “deep Southern gentlemen” about race   to CDS, Edgewater at Boca Pointe offered a  plethora
      quality of true class. Mr. Katz’s easy congeniality lends   relations. Clearly, the 1940s offered a very different social   of social and cultural opportunities, a well-appointed
      credibility to his monthly articles in the Viewpointe, which   consciousness than 2021.              physical space, as well as culinary options which rated
      essentially serves as his voice in the community. I decided      In October 2021 it will be 75 years since Mr. Katz got   an average of 8, higher than any of the 9 other places he
      that Mr. Katz was worthy of a bit of spotlight from his   out of the service. Once peace was declared, he returned   reviewed. He has been happily living at Edgewater for
      former neighbors, many of whom speak of him fondly.  to Connecticut, completed his pharmaceutical studies,   the past few years, making new friends and maintaining
         Mr. Katz recently celebrated his 95th birthday, a feat   and started working the retail grind, back when a typical   old ones, focusing on his morning routine of exercise (30
      which lends itself to considerable reflection. His story   Walgreens workday was 7 am to 11 pm. The pharmacies   minutes upper body training, 250 revolutions on the floor
      started out in Bridgeport, Connecticut, where he was born   doubled as soda shoppes in those days, and Mr. Katz can   bike and ten minutes of band work), followed by breakfast
      and bred. His mother, practical and wise, suggested that   proudly recall his stint as a “soda jerk” (apparently, being   and communal prayer, and his never-ending pursuit of
      he identify a career path which would “be productive and   a jerk was a good thing in those days!) Soon thereafter,   knowledge, both acquired and shared.
      earn [him] a living in good times and bad.” This led him   Mr. Katz met his one true love, Doris Pomerance, the      Mr. Katz’s latest passion is recycling, a subject about
      to embark on a course of pharmaceutical study at UConn…  woman with whom he shared nearly 65 years of marriage   which his feelings run deep. He shared some of those
      which was brought to a sudden halt by the onset of World   and raised three children (two boys and a girl). Needless   feelings with me: “We as Boca Pointe residents cannot
      War II. Mr. Katz was drafted into the army after his first   to say, the 7 to 11 shift was not conducive to good marital   do anything directly about the California fires, the mid-
                                                                                                           west tornadoes, the rising sea levels worldwide, nor the
         YOU have a choice who YOUR Physical Therapist can be.                                             hurricanes that have missed us but struck others. The one
                                                                                                           thing we can do in our small way (as people around the
                    Outpatient Physical Therapy in your home.                                              world are doing) is recycle the stuff that is clogging our
                                                                                                           seas, waterways and landfills and by so doing put more
                                     YES we come to YOU!                                                   oxygen into the air and take more carbon out of it. ...a
                                                                                                           worthy goal for our kids, grandkids, and beyond.”
                                                                                                              I asked Mr. Katz to reveal his thoughts regarding the
        - Orthopedic & Sports Injuries                       - Manual Therapy, Soft Tissue & Joint         pandemic, aging, and what he has learned in this long
        - Pre/Post-Surgical Rehabilitation                                              - Mobilization     and colorful life. As to COVID, he has adapted well,
        - Chronic Pain & Aches                                             - Vestibular Rehabilitation     Zoom-ing with the best of us, and he honors the prevailing
                                                                  - Balance/Fall Prevention Training
        - Strains/Sprains                                        - Therapeutic / Corrective Exercise       recommendations regarding vaccination and masking (“Go
                                                                                                           with the science,” he says, “and when that proves wrong,
        - Headaches and Migraines                                          - Jaw Dysfunction & Pain        go with the newer science”). As to ageing, he clearly feels
                                                                                                           blessed to be here, takes not a moment for granted, and makes
                Dr. Jenna Platt, DPT                                 10 years of Experience                the most of the considerable gifts with which he has been
              Experience the highest quality care on YOUR road to recovery!                                blessed, i.e. good health, a clever mind, and a desire to fully
                                                                                                           partake in all that life has to offer. Sadly, he has noticed a
                                                                                                           tendency of younger adults to judge him unfavorably owing
                                                                                                           to nothing more than his aging appearance (which, I must say
                                                                                                           is dashing irrespective of age!); he recently was a reluctant
          OFFICE 561-907-8866                                                MEDICARE PART B/              party to a fender bender, resulting from a young woman’s
                                                  PRIVATE PAY ACCEPTED             distracted cellphone use while backing out of a parking spot;
                                               See Google Reviews                                          the police essentially discounted Mr. Katz’s version for no
                                                                                                           reason other than his grey hair and hearing aid, issuing a
                                                                                                           violation which for some reason did not make it into his
                                                                                                           hand, resulting in a late fine. Oh, the crime of being old! It
                                                                                                           does have its share of unanticipated charges, apparently.
                                                                                                              Ultimately, Mr. Katz’s message is this: “Maintain
                                                                                                           humility.  This  is  a  great  world  with  a  lot  of  good,
                                                                                                           accomplished people. Find your place and position, and
                                                                                                           work it humbly. Be thankful that you are here. Have no
                                                                                                           regrets. Live fully.” Indeed!

                                                                                                              The author resides in Costa Del Sol, and is a practicing
                                                                                                           attorney in Palm Beach and Broward Counties. She moved to
                                                                                                           South Florida from New York ten years ago with her young
                           Jeffrey S. Fromowitz, M.D., F.A.A.D.                                            daughter. Contact her at 
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